Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Well heeeeeelllloooo there! Its been a while. Things have been a little crazy over here at the Lacey houeshold. When we started gearing up for May we knew we were in for it. We had multiple bachelor/bachelorette parties, a wedding that includes an extended stay in New Orleans, and a guys weekend to boot. We knew we were going to be busy with a capital B.

Then life threw us a wrench. Our beloved Lena got sick. Really sick. Without giving you the long story of how it all went down. We have endured three weeks of ups and downs, three surgeries, kelly green vomit in my house(yes kelly green), parts of her bowels dying and being removed, her not eating for 10 days, the vet calling me at work to tell me that Kenny and I needed to come put her down,a full day of crying(I have never cried so much in my life) over that decision, and then a week of part agony, part extreme joy while she recovered as doctors, vet techs and everyone else sat back and watched in disbelief and finally one extremely happy and emotional homecoming. It has been a roller coaster.

A roller coaster where I also might have decided that in my stressed out manic state that it might be good idea to trim the hedges with an electric hedge trimmer while Kenny was out of town and then hacked through my hand with said hedge trimmer. Earning my sister and I 12 hours in the ER and me 15 stitches in my hand. Like I said it has been wild here.

Lena has been around for as long as Kenny and I have well...existed. Kenny and I started dating in September and we got Lena in April. And now here we are almost eight years later, there has never been Kenny and me without Lena. All the more reason that these three weeks where she lived at the vet, our house was a lonely place. WE have never been dogless. Ever. People might think we are crazy, but we have no children at this point and we love and cherish Lena deeply.

But through all of this, Kenny and I have been amazed at the life lessons that we have learned in the last few weeks. All from an integral part of our family. Our dog.

Thank you to everyone for all the texts, prayers, calls, emails, thoughts, check ins to see how our girl was doing. Everything. Lena is doing extremely well and while we are still veeeery paranoid and almost can't believe it. We are so thankful for everyday that we get to come home and see her happy face filled with unconditional love.