Wednesday, April 30, 2014


This past weekend our good friends Megan and Patrick came to visit us with their TWO little boys.  Sweet Francis and the newest addition, three month old Augustine.  This was the first time for me to meet and snuggle Mr. Augustine and he is just so cute! It is so fun to get older and add more children to the mix.  Definitely makes things a little crazier.  Football season will be a blast this year.

They got here late Friday night.  Elle was already in bed and the boys went to bed as soon as they got into the house and settled.  We stayed up to late visiting.

Saturday morning we made a big breakfast and enjoyed a relaxing morning just letting the kids play and taking golf cart rides.  We are so excited to finally have a golf cart.  We planned on buying one and then a family friend sold his house and needed a place to store his so it was a win/win!  We will keep it until they move and enjoy it immensely over the summer.
Elle is obsessed with the golf cart.  Asks to ride it all the time and no longer wants to ride in our cars.

This picture is blurry but had to include it with all the kids and me and Megan.  I know we will look back on this picture one day and just die over how little they all were.

Saturday afternoon we all headed to the baseball game.  This was Francis' first game and he was so excited.  The game was a fun one with lots of hits but with longer innings we only made it four innings.  That was still two hours!
Patrick, Francis and Augustine hanging out at the game.  Kenny and I photo bombing in the background.
And what is a baseball game without Elle eating popcorn!

Saturday night we put the kids to bed early because they were so exhausted and grilled steaks with some other friends that stopped by.  We stayed up too late again but it was worth it.

Sunday morning we let the kids watch cartoons and then headed to City Bagel for breakfast before the Martinez family headed home.
Watching a Madagascar.  Francis was obsessed with this movie.
Sweet daddy daughter picture.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Easter Morning we were so anxious to see how Elle would react to the Easter Bunny coming.  We had not really discussed the Easter Bunny all that much but she knew he was coming when she went to bed Saturday night.  Early Saturday morning we heard Elle come down the stairs but she did not come into our room right away.  She was being really quiet so we couldn't really tell what she was up to.  After a while it was the cutest thing.  She comes in and shows me this little board book she wanted so badly from the school book fair the entire time it was there.  The book was way to young for her but it was one of her favorite cartoons and she asked for it countless times.  It made the Easter Bunny's heart happy when she came in carrying that book and was so excited it was in her basket. She was really excited about everything else too!
The Easter Bunny came!
She also remembered the preschool director Mrs. Lucy having one of these chicks at the Easter Breakfast and was so excited to have them in her basket.

After she played with her Easter basket loot I gave her a bath and made her look so pretty and we all got ready for church.  Elle was excited to wear her new dress. We kept her with us at church and ended up having to leave a few minutes before the sermon was over.  She kept talking in a loud whisper and wouldn't settle down.  After leaving church we stopped and picked up fried chicken and sides (a tradition) and came home to enjoy a Easter lunch together as a family.
Twirling in our bathroom.
Elle wouldn't pose with us so this was the best we could do.

The rest of Easter Sunday was spent hiding Easter Eggs and hunting them and playing outside because it was such a beautiful day. Could not have asked for a better Easter weekend.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


On Good Friday we were invited to one of Elle's sweet friends Emily's birthday party at their farm.  It was an Easter Egg Hunt and even though it was kind of chilly and rainy we still had so much fun.  A lot of Elle's friends from school were there and alot of my friends were there.  Not to mention they were frying catfish fresh from their catfish ponds.  Yum!  It was some of the best catfish I have ever had!
Indulging in some catfish and fixins.

Hunting Easter Eggs. This turned out to be our only official Egg Hunt for this year.  We were supposed to go to our neighborhood's hunt after this party but it got cancelled because of the rain.

When we got home PopPop and Gramma had arrived for a short visit! They had not seen the house yet and were so anxious to come and see it and see Elle of course. Friday night we just grabbed a low key dinner because Elle was so worn out from playing all day.
Playing with PopPop.
Elle and Gramma before we went to breakfast on Saturday morning.

Kenny's parents left shortly after lunch time and we dyed Easter Eggs with Elle.  She really enjoyed doing it this year.  I was a nervous wreck the entire time but it was still fun.
Getting ready to dye.
Dropping them in and stirring them up.
Uh oh this one has a crack.
Admiring her work.

Saturday night we were worn out and knew we had a big Easter morning a head so we ordered pizza and ate together and all went to bed early.

Monday, April 21, 2014


On Thursday night my bible study group hosted a potluck dinner for the International Friendship House.  During the bible study Seven we gathered things that we no longer needed or wanted and brought these items to offer to the internationals that are here in Starkville who might need them. They enjoyed shopping through the things and then we all sat down and shared dinner.  The dinner was so fun. Our group prepared lasagnas, salads and rolls and some desserts.  These wonderful ladies from all over the world prepared these amazing dishes from their native countries.  It took a little culinary bravery but the food was so good and some of it spicy.  I really enjoyed getting to know these ladies.  I sat next to one from Brazil, South Korea and Thailand.  They were able to practice their English and we were able to learn more about them.

After dinner they wanted to have a fashion show of us dressed in their traditional clothing. The clothing was so beautiful. I wore a hijab.  I felt so hot and claustrophobic when I put it on.  But eventually got used to it.
My pretty friend Sara dressed up for the fashion show.

My friend Nancy and I with one of the girls from Iraq I think.
A group of my friends from Bible Study.  

It really was such a fun night.  The International Friendship House is a wonderful place really aiding and helping these families from other countries.  I can only hope I can visit again!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


For as long as Kenny and I have been together he has wanted to go to Augusta for the Masters Golf Tournament. This year furniture market just happened to end as the Masters Practice Rounds were beginning.  Kenny had no choice but to make this bucket list item happen. So after leaving market he headed for Augusta, bough a practice round pass and started living it up!

He arrived Monday morning and the weather was totally yuck. Very rainy.  Kenny was able to stay for a few hours that morning and he loved every second of it.  Then the people in charge decided to make everyone leave for the day and cancelled the practice round for that day.  Kenny was so sad.  He marveled at how beautiful the course was and seeing all the pro players.  And then he had to leave.

I couldn't bear for that to be it for him so we decided to get him a pass for Tuesday too.  He planned to come home Tuesday so he got there bright and early and left mid afternoon to head home after being gone a week and a half. We were so happy to have him home but I am just so thrilled that he was able to fulfill this dream of his of going to the Masters.  He still wants to go to the weekend days one year but like I said yesterday we enjoyed watching all the action on TV. 

Here are some pictures for memories sake.  I will caption the ones that I can ha!
Even on a rainy day the course was beautiful.


Phil Mickelson.  Kenny's favorite player.

Monday, April 14, 2014


What a fantastic Spring Weekend.  If you know anything about Mississippi State then you know that Super Bulldog Weekend is a super big deal.  We were so excited to get to enjoy it this this year because Kenny is always out of town for market.  Market was earlier this year so he was home! We stayed very busy and I had to spend majority of Sunday resting and recovering.  

We started the weekend off with some lunch at one of our favorite places, City Bagel.
Elle wanted to sit on Mommy's lap so I obliged.

Friday night we went to the first baseball game of the series against Ole Miss. With it being such a big weekend there were so many people in town and the game was absolutely slammed.  We normally sit in the chair backs because there is always room but this night we managed to get some great front row seats in the bleachers.  It is a little less relaxing with Elle but we still had lots of fun.  We did not make it for the entire game either.  But it was a great night! Now for some family selfies!
Big cheeses!
Silly faces.
Happy family supporting our Bulldogs!

Saturday morning we got up and got around early thinking we would get to Shipley's donuts and the Cotton District Arts Festival early and beat the crowd. We were dead wrong about beating the crowd.  Every family in Starkville had the same idea but that was okay.  That is my favorite thing about living in a small town.  When you go to events in town you see literally EVERYONE you know.  It is like a big party. So after we decided to just take our donut holes to go, we headed over to the Cotton District. The Junior Auxiliary had a great children's art section which Elle loved so we did that first.
Elle doing a dot flower.
Playing the bongos in the music section.

We walked around the festival for a couple of hours.  I did not really find too much I wanted to buy.  I have seen a lot of the booths and their stuff before. The food selection was amazing.  All of Starkville's restaurants were there and there were bands playing. We just had a good time visiting with friends and looking.  Around noon we headed to Davis Wade for the Maroon and White Spring Preview game. Our Bulldogs look great and I cannot wait for football season.
Sharing a bag of Skittles.

We stayed until halftime before walking back through the Cotton District to our car. We decided to forgo the baseball game that was also happening that afternoon.  But we did set another crowd record for the NCAA and won in the 10th inning! We were all so tired when we got home.  After we put Elle to bed that evening Kenny and I cooked out and went to bed ridiculously early.  I secretly love being old.  

Sunday was spent being lazy at home and all about the Masters.  Per tradition I made Kenny a big batch of egg salad and pimento cheese for sandwiches to snack on.  Be sure to tune in tomorrow to find out if my recipes compare to the real thing because Kenny got to go to two days of Practice Rounds this week!! A major bucket list item!

Monday, April 7, 2014


With Kenny STILL gone for furniture market Elle and I tried to stay super busy with friends and fun things.  It did not help that the weather this weekend was totally yuck.  But we made the best of it!

Friday afternoon after preschool we met up with one of Elle's friends, Miriam and her family for some sno cones.  This was Elle's first sno cone.  She was pretty meh about it.  But I think we will try again.  When I explained to her what a sno cone was she of course related it back to Elsa making the "sno" in Frozen.
Sno cones with friends.

Friday night we went to Mexican with two sets of friends that also had husbands out of town.  So four three year olds, two five year olds and three mommies.  We were that table but we still had fun and it was nice to get out and socialize.
Elle and Abigail keeping busy with their play packs.
We bribed the kids with jelly beans at the end if they behaved themselves through dinner.  They all really did well but things were a little crazy at jelly bean collection time.

Saturday morning we attended a pancake breakfast with the Easter Bunny at Elle's preschool.  It was so fun because all of her friends and their families were there along with her teachers.  The Easter Bunny happened to be our teacher Mrs. Meg's husband. Elle sat on the Easter Bunny's lap and got really serious.  We got an okay picture and then she cried and that was that.  However, she did love waving at the Easter Bunny when he was walking around the breakfast.  She just did not want to sit on his lap.
Enjoying the breakfast.
They had cute art the children had done that you could donate to the school and receive.  Here is Elle with her sweet art. She was so proud.
Mommy and daughter selfie.  She was being sweet.

After the pancake breakfast we headed to birthday party for our friend Kate at the gymnastics place here.
Elle and Anna Claire
The rest of the weekend we spent playing outside when it wasn't raining, baking cookies, cleaning house and watching movies.  I enjoyed my time with Elle.  I do think she is ready for Daddy to get home though. She might be a little sick of me!
I went and bought Elle this new scooter on Saturday.  It is perfect because it has 3 wheels so it is easier for her to balance. She is loving it!
And this picture is blurry I know but I just love it.  The past few mornings Elle pads down the stairs with her "aah aahs" in hand along with her sweet undies (so I can change her out of her pullup) and says "Good morning mommy!!" It makes my heart so happy.

Friday, April 4, 2014


Kenny is off at High Point Furniture market and because I am writing this at a tired moment.  Single parenting is tough tough tough.  I have reached my single parenting limit and I have many days ahead before he returns home!

However, Wednesday night made it all worth it.  Ashley Furniture had their awards banquet and Kenny was awarded the top honor, Marketing Specialist of the Year.  He was so excited and I was so incredibly proud. Doing what he does is not easy and requires so much of his time. He works hard and he deserved this award.  I was only a little sad that I could not be there to see him get the award. There is no way to have wives be there because then the surprise would be spoiled.  But so many of our friends who were there were quick to start texting me and giving me the scoop!
 Kenny with  Ron and Todd Wanek the owners and founders of Ashley Furniture.
 This is Kenny with our good friend Ryan who was also given a prestigious award for his division!

Then on top of the ginormous trophy Kenny received he was also gifted a ring that they give to certain Marketing Specialists who make certain goals.  It is absolutely huge.  The guys don't really wear them a whole lot.  Just to furniture markets and business things.  
 Kenny's monster ring.
It is like a Super Bowl Ring!  Don't start a fight with him.

What an exciting night for Kenny and for our family.  Elle and I are so proud of him.  I cannot wait for him to come home so we can have a proper celebration.

And since I am already blogging I will include a few pictures from our week in Starkville.  We've been busy.I think Elle is missing her Daddy because she begged to come sleep with me in our bed last night.  Which results in me not getting sleep.  Even though she stayed on Kenny's side of the bed and slept well I just don't sleep well if she is in the bed.
But she sure does look sweet.
 Picking flowers as we were leaving open gym at the gymnastics arena.

And then yesterday we had our last swim lesson for a while. We weren't sure if it was going to be our last swim lesson but after the lesson her teacher Mrs. Nekitta and I decided she just wasn't ready. With her not being in the pool since last summer she just is not comfortable enough in the water right now and isn't really wanting to do the things Mrs. Nekitta asks her too.  So as to not waste her time and our money we decided to wait.  She might be too young all together or we might try again later in the summer after we have been at the pool every day. We will see.  Either way I am fine with it.  I don't want to force her at this point and make her hate the water all together and ruin our summer completely.
 She would get so excited about going.  She loved the hot pools at the OCH.
She looks 13 to me in this picture.  Sigh.