Monday, February 24, 2014


We had a low key weekend of Bulldog sports.  Friday night we had our friends over for pizza and to let their little girls play with Elle.  The girls had so much fun and it was nice catching up with our friends who we had not seen in a couple of weeks. Elle stayed up way past her bedtime and we payed for it a little on Saturday.
This is how I had to set her up one morning so that I could take a shower.  I have come to believe that children don't know how good they have it! We wait on them hand and foot.  So funny.
Enjoying our new neighborhood and the warmer weather by taking our baby for a stroll.

Saturday morning we enjoyed a nice slow morning.  I cooked a big breakfast and then Elle and I got out to look at some paint colors for a night stand my mom and I are painting for Elle's room.  We are using Annie chalk paint so I had to go familiarize myself with the colors.  After that I decided to do some shopping because I am in serious needs of knick knacks and things to decorate with.
I picked up this pretty horse at Sprout.

Saturday afternoon we headed to The Hump for one of our final basketball games of the season. The game wasn't so great but Elle still loves the games.
Walking with daddy into the game.
The second we sat down she asked for popcorn.  This child.  She loves loves loves her some popcorn.  Just like Daddy.  Look at her stuffing it in.
Still going for it.  It keeps her very occupied and happy so she can eat popcorn the entire game if she wants to.

I took Elle to the bathroom and we ran into Bully.  She loves Bully so much.  I was so mad when I realized I did not have my phone with me but luckily my friend Mary Brooke and her MIL were standing right there and were nice enough to take a picture for us. Elle was too shy to take a picture of just her and bully but she did want to take one with me.  But then she couldn't stop looking at him to smile for the picture.  
So enamored with Bully.
Around noon on Saturday, Elle started telling me she was tired.  We pushed on to the basketball game but the second we got int the car she was out.

Sunday we went for brunch at our favorite restaurant Restaurant Tyler.  It was so yummy.  Then we headed to the baseball game!
Enjoying her macaroni and cheese.  They have the best macaroni and cheese!

It was such a beautiful day for a baseball game and to be outside.  The team did not play well at all but we still had a great time!

Another day. Another box of popcorn!
This face. Ha!

This weekend has me totally ready for Spring and this morning I am hearing the words Polar Vortex again.  Noooooooooo!!!


Last week we headed to Memphis for a few days for some doctors appointments.  I am so busy when we go to Memphis because I always have so much to do. I need to hit up a Target always and then usually a few other stores.  I need to see my sister, I need to see my friends, then we have the doctors appointments and then we always try to get Elle and her good friend Loftin together to play.

If you have been reading for very long then you know Loftin and Elle have been play dating it up for a very long time.  It is so funny because Elle was such a late walker.  We would come over and play in their back yard all the time and Loftin would just run circles around Elle while she crawled around in the grass and got dirty.  Regardless they still love each other dearly and play together so well.  It also is fun because Lindsay (Loftin's mom) and I became good friends so it is always fun to just come hang out.

The weather was beautiful the other day and we probably over stayed our welcome but Elle was having such a good time and getting dirty.  Something we don't do all too often and she was loving it!
Going for a spin! It still boggles my mind that they make toys that involve children behind a wheel and driving.

Elle was so confused by the dirt but thrilled by it too.
Waiting on their picnic lunch,
Enjoyed their picnic lunch and the lovely day and then....boys will be boys.
Filthy feet!

Elle and I are so lucky to have friends like Loftin and Lindsay!(and the rest of the Boggan family)

Friday, February 21, 2014


Happy Belated Valentine's.  We don't usually celebrate Valentine's a whole lot.  We might cook out and get each other a card.  But this year with it two days after our big move it took all the effort we had to even get each other cards.  Kenny did get Elle a card and a balloon which she was absolutely thrilled with.  She is still carrying around that balloon.  So looks like a balloon was the perfect happy for her.

Even after moving I did manage to get Elle's put together for her Parents Day Out party.  I tried to come up with something that did not involve candy.  I found these little monster stress balls on Oriental Trading Company and designed the little card I attached myself. I was happy with the way they turned out.
Happy Valentine's from Elle!

Elle was so excited to show me her Valentine's Bag from all her friends.  She got a bunch of cute things.  She was anxious to open a candy bracelet.  She has never had one before and it confused her a little.  She could not get the candy off at first and then when I showed her that she could wear it too. Well that just blew her mind.
I can eat this and wear this?

Pleased as punch with her balloon from Daddy. And in the background total chaos.
After two or three days of unpacking my back was just shot.  By the end of the day I could barely get into boxes or pick up the wrapping paper on the floor.  So I decided to make it into a really awesome game for Elle.  Let's pick up the paper and stuff it into bags.  Wow!  Isn't this sooooo much fun! She thought it was a blast and it was big help to me.  She lost interest after 5 minutes but a lot of paper still got put into the trash so win win!
Playing our really fun game!
Stuffing it into the trash can.

I am a little behind on this post but we are pretty much settled in.  I have one last box to unpack.  It is so nice to be home and have so many of our things back with us that have been in storage or have been in boxes for the last month.  We are loving the new house!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


This might be really boring but I wanted to document our empty house before we move in. With it being brand new it will never ever be this clean and pristine again.  Plus right now it is a blank slate.  My plan for this house because we plan on staying here for a long while is to decorate intentionally.  I have several pieces from my grandmother's house, my mother's house and from estate sales that I am going to bring in and put them where I think I want them before I decide what color I want to paint them or refinish them.  I plan to take my time picking curtains and art and all the other things.  We aren't rushing out to buy a bunch of new furniture.  We are just going to take our time.  I want this house to be mine and full of things I love and that takes time and money.  So being intentional about it all is my goal.

It is hard to take iPhone pictures that really let you get an idea of how the house is but oh well.Plus the lighting is terrible but I knew we were about to start moving stuff in and this was the last time it would be empty for me to take pictures.  I did not even bother to take any pictures of the bedrooms because they are just rooms. Walls windows, closets. 

When you walk in it is all one room pretty much.  Kitchen dining and den are all one room. 
Left top: Kitchen standing in the dining room. Left Bottom: Dining area (looks small but we will be getting a large farm table for the area-stupid iphone. Right-closer view of kitchen
Left top: downstairs guest bath  Right top: downstairs guest room Bottom: Part of the den.
This is all normal house stuff but some of the things I am most excited about. Top Left: Pantry Bottom Left: Mud bench (and the wall is grey on the stairs.  It looks green.  It is not.) Right: Laundry room
Top Left: Master Bedroom Top Right: Hallway going to master closet and master bath.
Bottom Left and Right: Master bath
Bonus Room/Bedroom which will be an additional family room and playroom.
Left: Landing at top of the stairs where we plan to put Kenny's desk and make a sitting area. Right Top: Elle's half of the Jack and Jill Bathroom upstairs.  The other half is identical.  Bottom Right:  Elle's closet.  Lucky girl.
Back patio which we will build a stone fireplace in the fall.  We plan to have an outdoor sectional and of course a TV so we can watch Mississippi State football in the fall.  

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Yes that is right.  We are officially homeowners again! It feels kind of surreal.  Tomorrow will be our last day in the condo.  The movers arrive Wednesday morning.  I am praying the weather holds out.  There is a possibility of snow and ice tomorrow and I absolutely do not want to spend another day eating off of paper plates and squeezing through boxes. In the meantime I am completely devoting myself to Olympic coverage to keep my mind off of it all. Be sure to tune in tomorrow for an official iPhone picture home tour.  

Thursday we went to Elle's new favorite thing.  Open gym at the gymnastics facility here in Starkville.  A lot her friends from her PDO class come and she loves it so much.  It only lasts an hour and that hour flies by.  We have so much fun!
It is nice because they blow up some smaller bouncy things.  So often we have to skip these at events because they are crowded and there are a lot of bigger kids on them and it is scary for Elle.  This one is perfect.
Foam Pit progress.  She got her head stuck after she willingly let me throw her in the very first time we went to open gym and she hasn't been back in since until this week.  She was so proud of herself.  

After I picked Elle up from PDO on Friday we headed to Hattiesburg to spend the weekend.  Kenny was gone all last week for market and I needed a break plus I had a hair appointment.  It was a low key weekend with my mom.  We got take out.  Watched the Opening Ceremonies, shopped for furniture and a few other items for the new house and just hung out. Elle enjoyed spending some time with CeCe.
My mom keeps a box full of my grandmother's costume jewelry to play with at her house. 
And of course we stopped by Jody's Bakery for a duck cookie.  I think I like their cookies more than she does.
Furniture shopping and cheesing it up with CeCe.

Our closing meeting with the attorney was early afternoon on Monday.  Elle was done with PDO and I felt confident she would do okay if we brought her.  Of course we came armed with an arsenal of snacks, drinks and electronics but everyone doted on her and how well she behaved.  I can't take much credit.  The pictures are cute though.
Here we are watching a little Caillou on the iphone.  We love those headphones.  Our sweet mortgage lender, Darlene getting a kick out of it all. Not sure why she is making that face.
Totally engrossed.
When we dropped by the house after closing so I could drop some stuff off. The builders and our new across the street neighbors (they are the same) had left left us some happies.  We received a beautiful piece of pottery and they were so sweet and got Elle a new bunny.  Tamra thought she might need a new friend on her first night in her new room.  She adores it and did not let go of it the rest of the day and night.
Giving her new bunny a squeeze.

House tour tomorrow!

Friday, February 7, 2014


So have I mentioned the last few days that it has been super cold this winter?  Global warming is wreaking total havoc on the south.  I joked with Kenny that one day our children's children will live in a frozen tundra.  I hope no!  Starkville even got a small dusting of snow one morning.  I wasn't really all that excited about.  I really hate the cold.  But Elle was so excited.  She was convinced Elsa from Frozen made it snow.
Trying to catch snow flakes with her tongue.  Naturally.

I bought this silly hat for Elle at Walgreens before the freezing cold Egg Bowl.  She insisted on wearing it on this freezing cold morning on the way to Bible Study.
I posted this picture on Instagram and had to include it. I do not think Kenny could dote on one little girl any more.

This past weekend I needed a little girl time after Kenny being gone for so long for market.  He gladly let me run off to Memphis with Sara for shopping, a wonderful dinner downtown and Wicked at the Orpheum.  He was happy to have some time with Elle too.
He took this sweet picture of Elle on Friday when she got home from school.  She was so proud of her sun.  Also, please notice how we are living right now.  Total mess of packed boxes.  So ready to move!
Waiting on Wicked to start.  We were sitting front row.  I have seen Wicked before but this performance was so much better.  The girl playing Elphaba was amazing!

Saturday morning, Kenny texted me telling me that Elle was running a fever and not feeling well at all. She very rarely gets sick. This might of been her third fever ever.  I gave instructions on what medicine to go get.  Kenny went to get it and then picked up some donuts he had promised her before going home.  As soon as they got home, she threw up for her first time ever.  She was so pitiful.
Look at that face.  She felt so terrible. Makes me so sad.

She ran a fever all weekend and started to feel better if we were keeping her fever down. Monday morning she was still running a fever so I took her to see the doctor.  She was so excited to have a checkup. Ha! You can tell she doesn't have a whole lot of bad experiences with doctors.
Waiting on the doctor to come in and give her her checkup.

A double ear infection and now she is happily taking her bubble gum medicine.  Hoping it all goes away soon! Go away winter!

Thursday, February 6, 2014


That's right! Let's just keep rolling on with this hodge podge of daily life.  To start off...oh how we are loving to dress up.  I knew this day would come and I so looked forward to it. While sometimes it can be a small pain to put on and take off the dresses it is all still so worth it to hear and see the stories and pretend games she comes up with.  It makes me laugh constantly and we have so much fun.

She got three dresses from my mom for Christmas from Little Adventures and they are wonderful!  A little pricey but so worth it.  Easy to take on and off, soft not scratchy and washable. I plan to buy more from them. We have also bought other much less expensive ones. They are still fun.
Playing Snow White on this day.  I had to get her some other dresses though because while this is one of the prettier dresses, Snow White is my least favorite princess.

Since it has been so cold we try to get outside when it is at least a nice warm 40 degrees!
One of my favorite pictures as of late. I love these two so incredibly much!

I am also so grateful to have started making some good friends here in Starkville.  You might remember at times I was feeling pretty lonely.  We are settled in now and I will say that even having just a few friends makes all the difference.  What makes it even better when their children are the same age.  That makes for great play dates and some grown up visiting at times too. One of my good friends, Sara, has a little girl named Abigail.  They are in the same class at school and have become best buds. (Despite the occasional bicker) That is normal for this age right? Sara and her family live right around the corner in our new neighborhood.  I am expecting lots of fun with them this summer.
Abigail came over to play one morning so we had a picnic lunch on the floor.  

Playing dress up.  I was so relieved when Elle gladly let Abigail be Elsa.  Elsa is usually our top pick.Play dates can sometimes be stressful for Mommy.
The game day condo we rent is for sale. Please if anyone is interested in a beautiful game day condo let me know! It needs to sell!  One afternoon we had to get out for a showing so Elle and I had a fun little coffee date at my favorite coffee shop, Nine-Twenty-Nine.

Kenny recently got home from Las Vegas market.  Ugg, Las Vegas market is so long and we get so used to Kenny being home after the holidays.  We miss him and the days are long for me.  One night we went over to Sara in tshirts and yoga pants for pizza and to let the kids play.  Another of our friends joined us with her girls, one who is also in Elle and Abigail's class.  They have a fun little group of girls in their grade. It was fun night.
They got quiet at one point and we found them applying make up to each other.  Emily refused to be in this picture. Ha!

My mom also came in to town for the weekend while Kenny was in Vegas to help me start packing.  This was our attempt to keep Elle occupied.  This lasted all of 2 seconds. We did manage to get a ton of packing done.
Sending selfies to Daddy again.

It was kind of barely nice enough to go to the park one day.  We were dying for some fresh air.  It was chilly but Elle enjoyed a good swing. I love this picture!