Monday, November 30, 2015


What a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.  Elle and Walker were out of school all week.  We took them to Tupelo one day and met up with some friends another day before the actual Thanksgiving Day.  

On Thanksgiving we woke up and got dressed.  Elle wanted to get dressed quickly that morning.  Then we hung around and relaxed and watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. Elle is finally starting to show a little more enthusiasm about the parade.  It is one of my top favorite things about the holiday.  Annie got into town right as the parade was beginning and I was glad she was there to watch it with us.  My mom got into town about an hour after that.  
Elle and Walker were having some sweet moments playing together.

Elle getting some cuddles with Nannee.

Early afternoon Kenny's parents got in to town from Fairhope and the whole gang was here.  We spent the afternoon together as a family watching football, playing with the kids, taking golf cart rides and getting the food all together for the meal.
Elle and Walker with Gramma
CeCe and Walker playing with some of our favorite toys.
Sitting down for our Thanksgiving feast.
Walker enjoying his first real Thanksgiving meal.  He was only a few weeks old last year.
Kenny getting some kisses.

Walker with his PopPop
Enjoying some dessert with Daddy.

Before bed Elle snuggled up with me to watch Christmas movies.  We were both worn out but I offered to scratch her arm to get her to sit with me and ate up the cuddles.

The next morning Kenny's parents got up and headed back to Fairhope around lunch, My mom, sister and I did a bunch a stuff around my house that needed to get done and also decorated Walker and Elle's trees.  They were the last two to get done. I was waiting to do them because I decided on each of their themes and my mom collected lots of ornaments for each of them.  Elle's tree theme is angels and Walker's is modes of transportation.  Pictures to come soon!  That night Kenny sent me, my mom and my sister to see Mockingjay and the movie was awesome!
Elle unwrapping her tree ornaments.  Never mind the Victoria's Secret bag.  
Nothing came from there.
Just had to include this picture because it is so funny to me.  Walker can get 
really mad about things sometimes!

Annie had to leave Saturday morning although she intended to stay.  The person who was supposed to be dog sitting flaked on her so she wasn't able to go to the Egg Bowl with us.  But tune in tomorrow for the Egg Bowl post! We had lots of fun!

Friday, November 20, 2015


On Thursday Kenny and I were invited to come to Elle's class for her Thanksgiving Feast.  I love any excuse to come to Elle's school.  I love seeing her with her friends and her teachers and their little world.  All the parents signed up to bring some part of the feast.  I brought green beans and also a chicken nugget platter for the kids in case they preferred that over turkey.

Once we were there the kids sang some songs for us.  They were all dressed in their Indian head dresses and had decorated shirts to look like Indian costumes.  They all had Indian names that Mrs. Suzanne helped them come up with.  Elle's name was Snow Cloud.  I have no idea where she came up with that.

After they sang and we prayed everyone helped themselves.  The feast was delicious and we were so happy to enjoy it with Elle.  After ate and had dessert the kids all went outside to play.  It was such a pretty day and all the parents watched them play and visited and then we left so the kids could finish their day at school.

Here are some pictures from our fun morning feasting!
When I first got there Mrs. Suzanne was reading all the indians a book.  
Elle was so excited I was there.  Look at that smile.
Little Snow Cloud
Singing the parents some songs.

Daddy and Elle
Elle and Mommy

There were some Thanksgiving props nearby and we had the best time with them!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


This past weekend Mississippi State geared up and played Alabama.  We had big hopes of winning but and that did not happen. The game was a 2:30 kickoff my personal fave kickoff time. The weather was amazing so we still had a great time tailgating all morning and afternoon and taking Elle to the game.

Friday morning we were all decked out in our Maroon for Maroon Friday.  Minus Elle who they really should let wear Maroon on game weekends.  We attempted to get a family picture before we all went our separate ways that morning.
Happy Maroon Friday from the Laceys.
Walker is completely obsessed with Kenny's computer so anytime Kenny sits at the coffee table and works he attracts a curious little boy.  I thought they looked so cute in the maroon and they were chatting to each other.  
Dude high five!

As I have mentioned before I take Elle for a treat every Friday to celebrate the end of the week.  This past Friday we braved the crazy game traffic and went for a cookie at Insomnia. She picked a very melted and gooey chocolate cookie.
Enjoying her messy cookie!

Despite the result of the game it was one of the more fun days of tailgating.  Elle was excited to wear her cheerleading uniform and to cheer on the Bulldogs.  She also loves the part of the game where they play Don't Stop Believing and everyone waves their phones around.
Elle with two of her good friends- Mary Kenway, Elle and Abigail
Me with two of my close friends Sarah and Christina
Our core tailgate crew for the last two seasons.  The girls were not feeling the picture. 
I took this picture when we were walking up to the ramp to the game.  These two 
are just too much sometimes.
The family ringing our bells!

The boys being lazy the Sunday morning after game day.  Bottles in the bed are the best!

Monday, November 16, 2015


Walker turned the big 1 on a Monday but the weekend before we spent a low key weekend together as a family and my sister came in town so I want to include a few pictures from those days too.  

That Friday afternoon we went out for Elle's weekly Friday treat as a family.  We went to Holli's sweet tooth and then walked over to Tokros to get Elle and Kenny's hair cut.  They get their hair cut by the same girl (Christy) that has cut my hair since college.  While she was cutting their hair I asked her if she would trim a couple of longish pieces on Walker's little head.  She did so graciously and I joked with her that this wasn't his true first hair cut because it was so on the fly.  But she kept his little snips for me and gave me a little date card and then took a picture of me, Elle and Walker.  Kenny thought we were being silly so wouldn't get in the picture.  
 Look at my little man.  Looks so much older just from a little trim.

Saturday was really rainy and yuck.  It rained all day.  Annie and I did get out for a few errands but mostly we all hung out at home and watched football.  Luckily there were some really good games on. We all went for breakfast at the country club in the morning.
 We took some pictures while we waited.

 Elle and Nannee coloring together while we watched football.

So Monday was the big day! Our precious little baby boy was turning one year old! I know I already did a flashback with some pictures but I did lots of reminiscing that day!  It is hard to believe that he was so little and how he has grown over the year. We don't do a whole lot for first birthdays but we did make sure that Walker felt loved and celebrated.  Every time someone sang Happy Birthday he would get this look on his face like why do people keep singing this song to me.  Elle had school but Kenny and I took Walker to lunch to spend a little time with him.
He enjoyed playing with his truck and a bagel with ham egg and cheese and some fruit.

In the evening we had a family dinner together and let Walker open his presents which Elle was very happy to help with.  We got him a train that rolls and plays music and a fire truck.  He likes things with wheels right now.  He is also loving anything that plays music because he has started dancing and I love it!
 Opening and playing with presents.

 After dinner we plopped Walker in his high chair for his birthday cupcake.  Proving once again that he is totally different than Elle he went for that cupcake full force.  It was immediate and he ate the entire thing.  Double fisting and eating all of it.  Making a HUGE mess in the process.  Sweet boy.  When we gave Elle her first birthday cupcake she daintily swiped at the icing once.  Licked it.  Took a small bite of the cake party and was done.  She still to this day isn't the biggest sweet eater. Not our Walker though.
 His first couple of bites.
 Two hands full of cupcake.
 This picture reminds me of Bruce in Matilda when he eats the chocolate cake.
Finishing up and headed for an unplanned dip in the tub.

While it was a simple day celebrating Walker's first birthday it was still very special.  We are so very proud of Walker and love him so immensely.  I am so grateful to have him in our family and to see how he has carved out a place.  Elle has changed so much as his big sister and he adores her.  Walker Happy First Birthday! We love you!

And since the post is a week late I took him to the doctor today for his well visit and shots. Sniff sniff.  I thought I would include his stats since there is no way I would remember them otherwise.  He is a growing boy!