Friday, September 28, 2012


- FALL TV LINEUP! Who is excited about all the new tv shows being back.  Here is a list of some of my favorites.  I majorly heart my DVR. I have also been kind of enjoying X Factor.  I really like Simon Cowell.  And I cannot wait for Downton Abbey to start.  I am also kind of proud that most of these shows are not reality.  This is a step up for me.
- Treme
- Glee
- Greys Anatomy
- 2 Broke Girls
- Modern Family
- Survivor
- Battle of the Seasons Challenge
- American Horror Story (will be on soon)
- Walking Dead (will be on soon)
- Breaking Amish
- PACI ANXIETY - It is time.  It is time for us to get rid of the paci.  Elle really only takes it for naps and bedtime.  But she is waking at night because she cannot find it and I know this would stop if we just got rid of it all together.  BUT, here is the thing.  I really like having it as a back up on road trips and in public situations like footballs games or outings. She is almost two.  It is time.  I know she isn't one of those kids that has it in her mouth constantly (nothing wrong with that :)) I am just nervous.  Now it is carving a few days where I think I can forfeit the sleep.

- Kenny and I went to see Trouble With the Curve.  It was nice to have a date and the movie was good.  Although Clint Eastwood is getting old and his voice kind of reminds me of Batman's.  Justin Timberlake is so cute. That is all.

BEAUTIFUL CREATURES - Have yall heard of it?  Read it?  It is supposedly the new hot Young Adult series.  My friend Susan talked me into reading it.  The movie comes out this winter (you can watch the trailer hereand it looks really good. Lots of famous people are cast in it.  The book was good,  not completely sold but good.  I reserved the next book at the library and I am excited to go pick it up and start reading to see what I think.  

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Click the MLS number above if you are like me and would totally love to peek inside someone's home and see how they have it decorated and what it looks like. I love looking at houses for sell for that exact reason. Come on! I know you are going to click.  Just promise you will spread the word that this cute little home is for sell and they will love it just as much as we do!

To the housing market we go.  Yes.  Our cute little precious house is on the market.  Kenny and I prepared the house to go on the market back in April and then decided at the last minute to not list it.  But we decided last week that we wanted to give it a go.  It is kind of an open ended situation.  We know we will most likely be moving away from Memphis.  We do not know where.  We do not know when.  We know nothing.  We are literally flying by the seat of our pants at this point. If it sells sooner rather than later who knows where we will end up.  It is all just a wait and see game.

I love our house.  It is is the first and only house Kenny and I have bought and it is where we brought home our first child.  It will always hold a special place in my heart and a place that holds so many memories.  I can only hope a new couple/family can enjoy it the way we have.

Last night we had our first showing. It was only up on the Internet for 24 hours so we were encouraged. . Originally our realtor called to ask if they could come between 8:15- 9:15.  I just laughed when he asked me.  We normally put Elle down at 7:30. They ended up changing the appointment to 5:30.    Let me tell you! It is serious work trying to get a house show ready when you have a toddler running around you.  Then you have to pile the entire family up in the car dog included.  Then, where do you go?  We ended up going to dinner but since it is so warm out we had to park right in front of the restaurant and leave the car running so Lena would stay cool. When we were done with dinner and headed back home the people were just pulling off when we turned on our street.  I guess it is a good thing that they stayed for a little while.  Although it is weird to have people going through your home.  I have to be honest, with an impending move and guests I don't know my OCD is a smidge out of control right now.  I hope things will be settled soon enough.

Until then we will just keep flying by the seat of our pants! I will be sure to keep all of my loyal readers updated!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Things have been a little crazy at the Lacey household the past couple of weeks.  Promise to fill you in this week.  But in the meantime here are some of life's little events that have kept us going day to day.  
(mostly featuring Elle of course)

 Oh my goodness are we obsessed with kitty cats.  (Also know as meow meows in these parts.) So I had to get her this movie.  She was so excited and held on to it the entire shopping trip.
 Enjoying the kitties.  She doesn't sit down and watch an entire movie.  Instead she just wanders in and out and gets excited every time she sees another "meow meow."
 I ordered a new little dress for Elle to wear to a football game.  One of my sorority sisters, Whitney Hull made it and I am so happy with it.  I cannot wait for Elle to wear it! Let me know if you want one and I can put her in touch with you.
 Obviously we take SEC football VERY seriously in this house.  So when UT and Florida are playing at the same time as Mississippi State then what are we to do?  Well we just stream one of the game on our computer and watch both.  Elle loves cheering on the Bulldogs with us.
 Getting ready to go to "school" PDO one morning.  At this point it is time to say goodbye to most of the spring clothes.  I get sad after every season because I have to put all her little clothes away.  
Another trip to the zoo.  We love the Memphis Zoo so much and as Elle gets older it is even more fun. Here we are looking at the sheep (baa baas)
 Trying to hold it together one morning before we went into school.  These teary eyes were killing me.  She has separation anxiety when I first drop her off.  She gets sad when we pull into the parking lot.  Screams when we get into the classroom and I quickly leave.  Her teachers say she is fine five minutes later and the rest of the day.  Sigh.
Elle brought home a cold to share with everyone the last few days.  The first night she comes down with something she always cries and fusses all night.  This was that night.  I've learned that she just wants to be cuddled.  It makes me sad but I love it all at the same time.
Friday night, Kenny and I had a fabulous date night.  We went to a nice dinner and then went to see Billy Elliott at the Orpheum. We saw the play when we were in Chicago and loved it.  We were excited to see it again .  It was very good and it was a great night.

My mom was in town this past weekend and Kenny spent some daddy daughter time with Elle while  my mom, my sister and I all went shopping and to get pedicures.  Saturday night we went to Ciao Bella for dinner to celebrate my birthday a month late.  I had my favorite meal and then we decided to stop by Muddy's on the way home. Elle couldn't make up her mind.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Dear Elle

It is 7:06 PM and I just put you down to sleep in your crib.  Before I put you down we read stories while you drank your milk.  You pointed out all the different animals in the story and we laughed and smiled at the gorilla letting all the animals at the zoo out of their cages.

After we finished reading I asked if you were ready to go night night and you shook your head yes.  Then you put your fingers to your lips and began to whisper night night...shhhhh.  I asked if I could have a hug and you snuggled into my arms and layed your head on my shoulders.  You moved your little hand so it was resting on my arm so that you could tap in unison as we rocked.  Then we rocked.

Oh how your daddy and I are eating up these affectionate times you are having lately. Your Daddy does bedtime most nights so I especially cherish these night time routines when I get them. You haven't always been this affectionate so to have you lay in our arms and let us rock you is just pure joy.  The whole world stops when you are in my arms like that.  I tear up every time because I know how much I will yearn for these moments one day.  My heart already aches just thinking about it.

So we just rock.  I rub your head and your back and whisper in your ear how much I love you.  I never want you to forget it.  I love you so much.  Daddy loves you so much.  You are our world right now. We want a brother or sister for you but right now there is only you and I am so incredibly grateful to have you. In my eyes you are my perfect little girl who is growing up so fast.

You didn't fall asleep tonight while I rocked you.  You never do.  So I can only hope you are enjoying your cuddles with me as much as I do. I quietly asked if you were ready to go night night again and you sat up and looked at me and shook your head yes only after leaning in to give me a kiss.

I picked you up, kissing your cheek, still whispering in your ear how much I loved you. I put you down in your crib handing you your paci and your lovey and finished tucking you in by covering you with a pink blanket that was mine as a baby. I turned off the light and blew you a kiss just like I always do and closed the door.

Good night my sweet little girl.  I hope one day you read this letter and realize how I never took a moment with you for granted.  We love you so much.


Monday, September 10, 2012


This week Mississippi State squared off against Auburn. With it being an 11:00 game we thought it would be a great opportunity to take Elle and see how she liked it and held up. 

All in all it was a fantastic day spent as a family.  While the morning games do make it a bit tough to get everyone ready and out of the house ( the rain didn't help either) Elle was a trooper and I am thrilled to say we were able to watch every single minute of our team beat Auburn 28-10!  Please know it was not easy and most of the third quarter was spent walking back and forth watching Elle walk in the breezeway above our seats. Thank goodness for our humongous jumbo tron because I still was able to see most of the game that way.

Below is what you will might call picture overload.  But since this blog serves as my only mode of scrap booking then just bear with me.
Enjoying a muffin at the tailgate before the game.  Needed to fuel up in 
order to get ready for all the excitement.
Elle received a cowbell for Christmas but this was really the first time she played with it.  
Can I just say that it made me so happy to see her ringing that cowbell.  I can't really 
say she "respected the bell" but hopefully no huge penalties were incurred.  And thankfully 
this kept her pretty happy through the first quarter.
Third quarter.  Elle and I spent most of the time walking back and forth, back and forth.  
She is still loving all this walking stuff and wants to get her practice in.  I have to admit it 
was pretty cute watching her waddle along in that cute little dress and like I said I still got to watch most of the game while we did so.

Start of the fourth quarter we thought we were about to have to leave until this little girl and Elle became besties. Thank goodness for this little girl! She entertained Elle and Elle was just mimicking her and they were cheering and dancing.  We were so happy they were having fun and were so happy to get to stay until the very end.  I was sure to thank the little girl and her mother for being so very sweet to our little girl and making her first game really special.
 Elle was soooooooo tired.  She only naps in her crib, pack n play and her car seat.  She fell 
asleep on Kenny while we walked out of the stadium.  All the fun totally wiped her out.
When we got back to the tailgate Kenny sat down and took advantage of the 
napping.  We needed her to sleep as long as possible if we were going to get to stay at 
the tailgate. Don't worry I brought him a plate of snacks and a drink.  Luckily she did nap 
for a little while and seemed to wake up with a second wind.

Photo shoot with Frances.  He is 8 months old and is our friends' Megan and Patrick's 
little boy. We share a condo with them for all the games so Elle and Frances 
will be great friends as they grow up going to games.  
 We walked down to a little noodle bowl restaurant in the Cotton 
District for dinner Saturday night.  Elle was perusing the menu.

 Then she remembered how tired she was.
Enjoying a PB sandwhich and some reading on the way home 
from Starkville.  We were all still so tired.

So taking a 20 month old to a extremely loud football game and all day tailgate party is a whole lot of work but depending on the times of the game we will definitely do it again.  Kenny and I loved sharing our love for Mississippi State with Elle and can't wait to make more memories with her there as she grows up.

Friday, September 7, 2012


So after a fantastic night camping we headed back to Seattle in the morning to spend the rest of our vacation with Susan and Andrew and John who is now five months old.  I was happy to get baby cuddles all weekend and quality time with a bestie who lives across the country.

On Saturday since Kenny and I were kind of worn out from The Gorge we decided to just hang out in Upper Queen Ann.  That is where Susan and Andrew live and  I am obsessed with it.  The views, the shops, the pedestrian lifestyle, the ice cream shop that has the most amazing flavors.  I want to move there yesterday. Plus the people in Seattle and Queen Anne are sooooo nice and friendly.  Everyone is young, has a dog and a baby it seemed like. 

That night we relaxed and grilled out and watched football.  Mississippi State won their first game! Go Bulldogs!
This view overlooking Mt. Rainier, the beautiful city of city of Seattle, the Space Needle and one of the many gorgeous lakes around there is about a 5 minute walk from their house.  
Out for a walk. Different day. Same view.

Sunday, we braved the crowds downtown and did a little sight seeing.  We went down to Pikes Place Public Market and ate at this little restaurant called Lowell's overlooking the water that we visited last time I was in Seattle.  They have amazing clam chowder that I was dying for Kenny to experience. And we found out their fish and chips were awesome too.
Can we just call this "the dress of the summer." I have worn it over and over and on every single vacation.  Love. Wasn't the weather just gorgeous?

That night Susan and Andrew got a babysitter and the four of us all went to dinner at this fabulous little restaurant called The Pink Door.  We sat on their patio overlooking the water and the Ferris wheel on the pier and watch the sunset. The pictures don't do the view justice. It was a fun night catching up with their friends.  I am past hoping they move back to Memphis.  We are just going to move to Seattle!
Telling you.  Pictures don't even begin to capture it.
Me sipping on my thyme Moscow mule.  
Now if you notice in this picture Susan is holding my Moscow mule.  That is because promptly after each of us taking a sip of each drink we decided we liked the other person's drink better and switched.  No big thang.
 Susan and Andrew

On our last day in Seattle before catching a horrendous red eye flight back to Memphis, we grabbed some breakfast and then decided to be complete tourists.  We booked some tickets on the Ride The Ducks.  It was so fun.  We saw a lot of Seattle and then got to take a cruise in Lake Union where I saw the real Sleepless In Seattle houseboat. Cool right?
Kenny bought us all some quackers.  So we had to take silly pictures.
View from the water on Lake Union.  It was chilly but I loved all the houseboats 
and parks we saw from there.
After the tour we stopped in the very first Starbucks ever to buy some souvenirs and Kenny ordered his first pumpkin spice latte of the season from there.  Neat.

It really was a fantastic vacation for so many reasons.  While it was tough to come back to Memphis with a heat index of 100 degrees, we were still thrilled to pick Elle up from Parents Day Out.  We missed her so much.  She was so excited when she saw us come through the door.  We brought her lots of presents from our trip.

And just have to say we are so grateful to my mom for taking such good care of Elle while we are gone.  We are so lucky to have my mom, my sister and Kenny's parents who love spending time with Elle so Kenny and I can have quality time together!

Thursday, September 6, 2012


So obviously I have been a little absent from this blog.  But for some of it I have an excellent excuse.  Kenny and I went out West for an extended Labor Day weekend.  I know it seems like we travel a ton.  We planned this trip planned since I visited my friend Susan in January.  Then Kenny booked my trip to Las Vegas on a whim.  So we have been really busy this summer.  This trip takes the cake. 

We flew in to Seattle late Thursday night and got to Susan's house and just crashed.  Friday morning we were up bright in early to check off  a huge bucket list item for Kenny.  Go to The Gorge Amphitheatre! Now Kenny would of loved to see his favorite band ever.  You can click here to read about them) But we compromised and bought tickets to see the Dave Matthews Band. 

The drive from Seattle to the Gorge was one of the prettiest drives I have ever taken. We drove through huge mountains and passed tons of huge windmills in the desert once we were out of the mountains.

We had a hotel room booked for months but decided last week that it would be so much more fun to camp.  Good golly I am so glad we made that decision.  It was so gorgeous and we made lots and lots of friends with our neighbors.  People were so friendly there.  

The camping, the people, the concert, the WEATHER, the time spent with Kenny.  It all was beautiful and amazing.  I am so happy we were able to do it and can't wait to go back at some point.  The pictures don't really do the majesty of it all justice but I have to include some of these for memory sake.
The one bummer of the trip. We got a ticket on the way.  Despite kindly asking the guy not to give us the ticket, we still got one.  We were driving Susan's car so at least the Trooper didn't give us any grief about that.
Quickly got the tent all set up.  We bought this tent for Bonnaroo (we went for four years, a blog post in itself. Even I can't believe I lived through it) and it has held up so well for us.  We slept pretty comfortably.  The temperature went down to around 50 degrees but we stayed pretty warm with simple gear.
Gorgeous sky overlooking the canyons and some of our campground.
Taking it all in.
We took this picture pulling out of the campgrounds to leave on Saturday morning.  Isn't the sky the most brilliant blue.  I could camp here forever.
Walking into the venue you come up over this hill and have this "aaaaaaaaaaaaah" moment because it is so pretty. I promise it is so vast the pictures just don't do it justice.
Sun is starting to set.

Sun setting and waiting for Dave to start.  We were surprised to get to see The Avett Brothers open up. We liked them a lot.

Blurriest picture ever.  I think we can thank the guy sitting behind us who we made friends with.  He was having a really drunk good time. Still had to include it.