Wednesday, March 31, 2010


So I debated blogging about this because it is not often that I get very personal on this blog. I write this blog as more of a journal as to what is going on in Kenny and I's lives to look back upon and just look at pictures and things. Nothing too serious.

But the truth is I have been struggling personally and inwardly with something the past few months. Nothing serious health wise, or family or relationships or friendships. In the grand scheme of things nothing very big at all. NOTHING BIG AT ALL. (I seriously know this in my heart) It mostly boils down to patience and faith and my lack there of at this point in time. I am a lucky girl who has an amazing husband and girlfriends who will listen to me when I am sad. But most of the time I feel kind of lonely because I don't like to talk about what I am going through. I consider myself to be a optimistic person, you know "Pull yourself up by the bootstraps and get over it."

But this past Friday I had a good cry during lunch to a listening ear of a good friend of mine. And for that I am so thankful but at the same time I still felt alone in my situation.

Jump to Friday night and I am boarding a plane for Atlanta and it was time for God to give me a message and I believe that 110%. As I go to my assigned seat my "rowmate" is a girl my age. We get settled in and we start to chat. She is also from Memphis and she is wearing a Tennessee sweatshirt so talk is easy because we both share a love for the SEC. Then all of a sudden she brings up something and starts talking of her own personal struggle. One that is exactly like mine only hers has required a great deal more patience. Immediately we both start pouring our hearts to each other. Laughing and joking about the ups and downs of what we are going through. We talked the ENTIRE plane ride about it all, among many other things like our husbands, our professions, Mississippi State being better in football this year. You get the picture.

But my heart was soothed. I felt God had placed this girl on this plane sitting next to me to tell me to that my plan is not always God's plan and that I just need to calm down and be patient. I need to trust in him and know that I am not alone. On this earth there are people who are going through much much worse things than me and for much longer. And I am not alone because I have God to turn to. Its funny. My heart raced through that entire flight because I felt like God was talking to me so directly. It really was such an experience. One that I felt that I had to share.

And I know this post has been somewhat ambiguous. But I hope that one day I can look back on it and know that I was not alone in my past struggles or my future ones.

Monday, March 29, 2010


So starting this month Kenny and I are going to have a whirlwind next few months. Crazy busy and lots of traveling. We kicked all of this off last weekend with my cousin Lindsay's wedding in Atlanta. We got into town on Thursday night and enjoyed all the festivities throughout the weekend. Her wedding was beautiful and unfortunately I was having such a good time I forgot to take my camera out. So I only have this one picture of the bride of groom that I totally stole off my other cousin Pamela's blog (the maid of honor and sister of the bride)
Lindsay was a gorgeous bride and we love her now husband Preston. We are so happy for them!

After getting home and trying to recuperate I flew BACK to Atlanta this weekend to host a bridal shower and girls night out for my friend Susan who is getting married in May in New Orleans.

When I got in late Friday night Susan picked me up to the airport and we went to her sisters house to get silverware rolled (my job) and to tie ribbons and do flower arrangements. Then we all crashed.

On Saturday we were so lucky the weather was gorgeous and we were having the shower(Linens and Lace) at this old historical home that was perfect for the party.

Susan was so happy her Mimi got to come and a lot of her family that lives in Atlanta.

After the shower we all packed up and headed Downtown to check into the W Hotel. This was on the ceiling in the lobby and it was so neat. It looked like birds in person.

We celebrated in the room before we head to the restaurant FAB for dinner.

Dinner at F.A.B was sooooo good. And for those of you that watch RHOA this is where the fight went down and the weave got pulled off. However, I gather that this is not really the kind of place where they are used to that behavior and are not proud AT ALL of that happening in their very very nice restaurant.

After dinner we went to the Drink Shop to have a few cocktails and this bar had some of the best specialty cocktails. They were yummy!!I decided this summer I am going to be really into muddled strawberry in my drinks. Ha!!

On Sunday we spent our morning in the airport before boarding a flight that made me feel yucky the rest of the day. Lots of turbulence and a few moments that felt like the plane was going to fall out of the sky which terrified me and made me feel naseous. But when I came home I found that my wonderful husband had done all the laundry, cooked an amazing meal that he had saved some for me to taste, cleaned the house, organized closets, all kinds of stuff. I am so lucky.

It has been a fun last couple of weeks and we still have so much to look forward to. Just will need lots of sleep inbetween!

Monday, March 8, 2010


So Kenny and I decided kind of last minute to take a little weekend trip to Starkville, MS this weekend. Mississippi State had a basketball game against Tennessee and it was Senior night and we just thought it would be fun. Not to mention the weather was gorgeous so a road trip was perfect.

We headed to Starkville around noon on Saturday not thinking that it would be hard to get a ticket to the basketball game. We were sadly mistaken. There were people EVERYWHERE looking for tickets and the scalpers were asking $150 for 1 ticket. Which there was no way we were going to pay that much. Not even for two. Luckily we managed to stand in line at the box office and Tennessee re-released some of their tickets and we got in. Unfortunately the Bulldogs head was nowhere near the game. SO we lost big time. But it was still fun to be back in the Hump!

After the game Kenny and I went to eat at Restaurant Tyler. I had read about this new restaurant (new as in it sure wasn't around when I was in school) in Southern Living and had been wanting to try it. It did not disappoint. Our meals were delicious. And for dessert I had the sweet potato creme brulee that was TO-DIE-FOR!

After dinner, we had planned on seeing what some of the new bars in the Cotton District had going on, but since we had a few cocktails at dinner we came back to the condo we were staying at and went to bed. It was positively blissful.

Sunday morning we took a nice little stroll to my favorite establishment in Starkville...City Bagel! Words cannot express how much I love this place and how many times I ate here in college. I was so happy to eat there for breakfast that I ordered us some lunch to eat when we got home. Kenny on his crackberry waiting on his City Bagel breakfast sand which.

On the walk home we did some landmark picture taking.

Here is the apartment I lived in the last year or two of college. It was in the Cotton District. Loved my little one bedroom (except for that summer I shared it with my sister. We even shared a bed and we hated each other the whole time)

And here is Kenny's apartment that he lived in most of the time we were dating, also in the Cotton District. So many memories in this apartment. One being when he proposed to me the day before he moved out.

Starkville and the campus have changed so much in the few years that we had been gone. In my opinion all for the better. The campus looks amazing with all the new entrance signs and landscaping and new buildings. It really is so pretty. And then Starkville the city has so many new cute bars and restaurants.

It really was such a fun overnight visit. I want to do it every weekend! Ha! Football season isn't too far away right.....?

On Sunday afternoon Kenny went to play golf and I watched the Red Carpet for the Oscars and then the award show. My favorite by far was Rachel McAdams. And I thought Kate Winslet looked really pretty.

Such a great weekend. And the weather this week is supposed to be great. Snaps!

Thursday, March 4, 2010



Last night I met up with some girlfriends of mine to eat sushi and then go see Dear John. I had not read the book. Only one of us had. But I loooooved this movie. It might be because I was in serious need of good cry after the week that I have had. But I do think this movie is just good. I was nervous because I mean who doesn't love The Notebook, and Message In A Bottle but I had recently watched Nights and Rodanthe and I thought that movie was teeeerrrible.

Since I had not read the book the movie had different story lines than I was expecting. It wasn't a super fast paced movie but wasn't too slow either. I started crying pretty early on and then just cried harder through the movie. Ha! At least I wasn't the only one. We were all crying and sniffling. Amanda Seyfried can I please have your hair, your lips, and throw in your legs too! And Channing're cute! I give this movie a A+

Don't let the crying stuff discourage you. This movie is a great chick flick/love story. And sadly it has me anticipating Nicholas Spark's next movie coming out, The Last Song. I am going to check the book out at the library today and then will probably go see the movie. I know Miley's in it. But oh well. It won't be the first movie I have seen of hers in the theatre.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Kenny and I were so excited to have a laid back weekend this weekend. Friday night we had ourselves a little date night. We went to Boscos because I was craving their Californian Pizza in a major way and then went to see Shutter Island.

I have been wanting to see Shutter Island for a really long time. The previews reminded me of Gothika. Have you seen that?? Anyway this movie was a little different that I expected it to be. It was very long and had lots of twists and turns. While I would say that its a psychological thriller its not necessarily very thrilling in a scary way. It holds your attention and by the end of it you end up liking it because you have finally figured out what is going on. Ha! I give it a good solid B.

On Saturday I ran errands and Kenny did some work. When I cam home I made Pesto Tortellini soup and put into individual servings so I can just grab them for lunch. This soup is really good and filling.

Saturday night we went over to Joe and Tracy's where Tracy (yes Tracy!!!) cooked a delicious meal! Tracy is learning to cook and she did a great job!! There were several couples over that night and we ended up splitting up boys and girls in different rooms for the entire night. Does that ever happen with yall. It was a fun night.

On Sunday Kenny and I enjoyed a little lunch out and then ran errands before I came home to nap on the couch with Lena. It was glorious. Sunday night I watched the closing ceremonies and I'm a little bummed the Olympics are over. As I get older I get so attached to the games.

And here is what we are having to eat this week.

MENU MONDAY (ahem...Tuesday)
Sunday- Weight Watchers Pinto Bean Chili (6pts for 1 1/4 cups) served with mexican cornbread muffins. This was really really good. And very easy.

Monday - Chicken and macaroni with mushrooms So I made this last night and it was TERRIBLE!!! The time it said to let it cook totally burned it and it was a charred mess. Boo. This never happens to me. So we had Holiday Ham. Ha!!

Tuesday- Honey baked chicken with brown rice and broccoli. Yall! Seriously this chicken glaze is sooooo good. I made it last week and I am making it again this week. I loved it. This time I am going to add a little more curry and do much less butter. There is no need for that. It is so easy.

Wednesday - Chili leftovers for Kenny and dinner and a movie with some girlfriends for me.

Thursday- Spud Night. I have decided that every Thursday is going to be spud night because its easy and I don't like to cook on Thursday nights. This Thursday it will be a BBQ themed Spud Night.