Friday, May 30, 2008


I am so excited about my weekend that I have to blog about it before it even happens. After work today I am headed to Hattiesburg. I will get there and relax. And then tomorrow my sister are going to see Sex and The City Movie. Sorry Tracy! I promise I will go see it again with you. But I just can't wait. I have all the seasons on DVD and I love this show. And from the previews I think I am going to be really happy with the way things turn out.

Then on Sunday OMG I am going to see.......drum roll please!
YES! JON AND KATE from Jon and Kate + 8. I was looking on their website and found the schedule for their speaking engagements and they were going to be in Lucedale which is only about an hour from Hattiesburg. So I had to go. When our tickets came they announced that Maddie and Cara will be there also. I am so obsessed with show and can't wait to hear anything they have to say because I am so inspired by their daily lives and how well they are raising their children. I look up to Kate so much as a mother because she does little things that make her children feel special and loved. And she is OCD like me and hilarious! For the past week I have been calling my sister everyday and counting down the days and now it is only two days away!!!

On Monday before I come back to Memphis I am getting my haircut. I am really feeling like I am going to cut a good bit this time. I will not be dying it brown but I do want to lose some length. So we will see if I wuss out! Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I consider myself to be a huge lover of food. And one of my favorite foods in the entire world is cheese. All kinds of cheese. Really stinky cheeses, really smooth cheeses, sharp cheeses, spicy get the point. So to me this picture looks so delicious!The one I am particularly eyeing is the one that looks to be a Brie that has the spicy pecans with it or maybe they are candied pecans....but really does it even matter? The other two look scrumptious as well, especially that blue cheese down at the end. And all of that crusty bread. Oh heavenly!

I got this picture from the website Serious Eats. Here is the link. The post was talking about how restaurants are now serving cheese flights like they do wine flights. It is very interesting, so go take a look if you love cheese like me.

I will just continue to drool, and dream that a plate of cheese like that one is sitting in front of me to enjoy!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


This weekend was the perfect balance of things to do and taking it easy. We started out our three day weekend by going to eat an early dinner at Boscos and then going to see the new Indiana Jones. The theatre was sold out but I really enjoyed the movie. I think Shia LaBeouf was a really good addition to the movie. I hope they continue making these movies because they really are so much fun to watch.

After the movie we were on our way home when we saw that the Redbirds game wasn't over so we decided to watch the last two innings from a roof that overlooks the field. It is a really fun thing to do. If you go on a nice night there is a nice breeze and it offers a different view. The thing is, the only place to sit is the edge of the building and this makes Kenny extremely nervous because it is a long way to fall. I think when he took this picture this was the only time he was not holding on to my arm or my shoulder. It is kind of fun to taunt him.

Saturday we were very busy. We left the house at 9 in the morning and did not get home until 9 or so that night. First we drove out to Collierville to run a few errands and went to my dad's house for a visit. Then we headed over to Shelton's birthday party. She turns one today! Happy Birthday Shelton! The theme of her birthday party was ponies and they had a real pony for the kids to ride. They had cooked out and we had a lot of fun visiting with Lauren and Lowes family and Shelton looked adorable of course. She got so many fun and cute gifts too. She is a very lucky little girl! After the party we went to my co-workers wedding. So needless to say we were exhausted at the end of the day.

Sunday we just ran a few errands and then we went to a Redbirds game that night. The Redbirds game was a lot of fun. It went into 12 innings. After the game they had a fireworks show. I love when they do fireworks. Their shows are always really long and really good. It is definitely a bonus when you go to the game. On Monday, Kenny played golf and I did some things around the house and caught up on some Tivo. I watched the season finale of Grey's Anatomy which was so good. I thought it was the best episode I had seen in a really long time and now I cannot wait for the next season. And just when I was about to give up on that show.

Friday, May 23, 2008


So last night I was in our bedroom changing into my pajamas and of course Lena followed me to keep me company. So feeling kind of bored I took the clothes that I had been wearing and played dress up. I was wearing a jean skirt and a little polo tshirt.
Doesn't she look so cute!

I think she got confused and though this was labradors 
gone wild or something. The skirt was slipping.

Kenny gave her a little help in this one.

I think Lena is over being a real girl.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Well its that time of year. Where all the good television shows are wrapping up and silly summer programming starts. This is when I like to go to the library and get books to read.

I love to read. My sister and I have always read a lot since we were younger. That is all we had to do when we were not allowed to watch television. So we were members of the summer reading program at my hometown's library and you could get prizes for all the books you read, like a free McDonalds french fry. I have very fond memories of that old library and it is funny because that old library is the building that we had our wedding reception in.

Have yall been to the Memphis Public Library? It can be kind of overwhelming. There is always a lot of people there and I can never really find the books that I go to the library to look for. So basically I just wander around in the fiction section judging books by their covers. Yes I know that is terrible. My favorite kind of books are the horror books and the mystery books. I really like to get into a book that I can't put down. Luckily when I went on Sunday I feel like I made two good choices. I remembered an author that I used to read a lot of when I was younger, Patricia Cornwell. She has a series about a forensic pathologist character. They are very good.

And then I got this book. I have already started to read it and I am enjoying the story. I would recommend it if you like these kind of books. So now as the days are longer I look forward to going home and sitting on the porch and reading or curling up on the couch. Good books are one of my favorite things about summer.

If anyone has any suggestions of authors or books that they like be sure to tell me! I am open to all kinds of literature.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


(Sorry this picture went blurry when I can scanned it)

(I love how my grandmother is peering at us. Those hats were just under the seat of the car so we put them on as a joke.)

(On our wondeful honeymoon in St. Lucia. Check out my sunburn.  I had the worst one of my life.)

Two years ago Kenny and I were getting ready to walk down the aisle. I am honestly in dismay that it has really been two years. It has been such a whirlwind. We have definitely been through some tough times in the past two years but we have persevered and I feel like we are really starting to get our footing. Looking back, our wedding was perfect and I really could not have a fonder memory. I remember thinking if our wedding weekend was a sign of how our future life was going to be then I couldn't be happier. So I want to thank anyone who had a part for making our wedding and our marriage a successful one.

I am so lucky to have Kenny as my husband. He surprises me with his strength and his drive everyday. I love you Kenny! (sorry if this is goobing anyone out!)

Happy Anniversary Kenny! I love you!


Today is my mom's birthday. Yes we got married on my mom's birthday. She was kind enough to share her big day. Isn't she pretty in this picture.

Here is a list of things about my mom:
•She is very handy and will be helping Kenny and I a whole lot when we buy our house. She is the best painter (which I am terrible at) and she also knows how to refinish furniture and tile floors.
•She has moved my sister in and out of apartments more times than I can count. It is funny, because we always manage to end up screaming at each other while we are moving because I am so weak and we have to get my sister to help.
• When she gets mad she bugs her eyes and grits her teeth. And while she is probably mad that I am posting that. It is just too funny not to mention it. (Very scary as a child though)
• She says really silly words like Jeez Ma Nelly, rump and calls people goobers when she get mad.
• She is kind of a klutz. She always has some sort of injury from falling or slipping off of something.
• There is something that is kind of crazy about my mom, my sister and me. If one of us cries, then we all cry. No matter what. My mom usually starts it though.
• She is a really good gift giver.
• She offers work advice from a boss point of view because she is a boss.
• She is very strong, and has made it through a lot of tough times in life.
• My sister and I can tell her anything and she usually doesn't even blink an eye no matter how shocking it is.
• She is a great mom and my sister and I love her lots!

Happy Birthday Mom! Hope you have a great day!

Monday, May 19, 2008


Kenny and I had planned on relaxing and having a very low key weekend. This was the first weekend we stayed in town for a long time and he is headed to Destin this coming up weekend so we planned to take it easy and just enjoy the nice weather. Well we ended up being pretty busy. WARNING: LONG POST AHEAD!

Friday night we went to Barbecue Fest. This was Kenny and I's first time to the famed festival. It was definitely an experience. People just use the festival as an excuse to get really really crazy. We walked from tent to tent and saw a lot of people we knew. Towards the end of the night we were just stopping at different tents to watch the people IN them dance. There was this triple decker platform booth that might as well been a club where you go to booty dance. They had a DJ playing all these rap songs and it was packed with people.. People were grinding and dancing wildly and we even saw an elderly lady working the pole. It was some good people watching. Sorry no pictures, I might have gotten a beating for taking pictures of these people. But there are some pictures of us at a friend of a friend's tent that had some really tasty BBQ! I found out that that is how it works. Nobody ever really know whose tent it is. It is always a friend of a friend who knows somebody. Very funny.

Saturday morning we took Lena swimming at a pond in our neighborhood. She loves swimming, but only if you throw the ball or a stick for her to go retrieve. She has to be doing something, she won't just get in the water and swim around. But we wore her out and it was such a nice day to be outside. Kenny and I were tempted to jump in with her the water looked so nice.

Saturday night we all went to a Redbirds game. This was our first game of the season and I celebrated with my own serving of BBQ nachos (YUM!) It was such a perfect night for a baseball game and the stadium was packed. Lauren and Lowe brought Shelton and had put this little Red Sox dress on her. It was so cute.

Sunday, Kenny went to play golf and I ran some errands. Then we watched P.S. I Love You which I was a little disappointed with. Everyone had talked about how good it was. I thought it was a little hokey. I also accidentally bought the movie 30 Days of Night On Demand on Saturday night so we stayed up til one watching that horrifying movie. It was really scary.

Remember how much time and money it took to get those dadgum stickers to go on our car tags. Well someone decided they needed one and broke Kenny's tag to steal his. When Kenny showed me this yesterday I was livid!

Friday, May 16, 2008


So did anyone else happen to catch the New Kids on the Block performance on the Today Show this morning. I had to go to work but you can watch their performances if you click here. I just watched the videos and I have to say it brings back some childhood memories.

When I was little I loved NKOTB. I mean I really loved them. I loved them so much I had a New Kids on the Block birthday party. All my friends came over and we played NKOTB trivia games where the lucky winner won a huge poster of the band. We watched their concert and then I had a birthday cake that had their collectors cards on it. My goodie bags had NKOTB fan pins and pencils and all kinds of stuff. I also had a huge poster of them on my wall in my bedroom. I loved it until I got a little older and always felt like they were staring at me when I was getting dressed so I took it down. (True story).

Unfortunately, after watching the videos of today's performance I am a little sad. These guys are really old! And some of them look it! When they asked who all had children all but one of the guys raised their hands. But you know who still has "it". Just a little.....Joey McIntyre. I always was a Joey girl. For those of you who don't love New Kids on the Block. He is the one on the left.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


So I had heard about this a while back but now they are airing commercials and I am so excited.

MTV and Legally Blonde are teaming up to make some casting decisions. Word is that late January and early February will see MTV casting in Los Angeles, New York, and Orlando for a new reality show designed to find Blonde’s new lead, Elle Woods. The new show will be competition-based, the winner of which will step into Laura Bell Bundy’s (the current and original Elle Woods) role.

This is all my favorite things rolled into one gigantic ball of amazingness! Legally blonde, Broadway, and reality television. The commercials they are showing make the show look so good.

Even thought I am heartbroken that I never got to see Laura Belle Bundy in this role, and that she is leaving. I think it will be so exciting to see the one girls journey to the role of a lifetime!

Monday, May 12, 2008


Kenny and I were off to Starkville this past weekend for Kenny's very good friend Chad Smith's wedding. We got there late Thursday night and stayed very busy the whole weekend.

Friday morning all the guys in the wedding got together and played golf. I enjoyed having the day off from work by going to get a pedicure and eating at City Bagel (my fave) by myself. I also did some shopping at the lodge and the bookstore and got a Mother's day gift at Giggleswick. That store really does have so much cute stuff.

Friday night they had the rehearsal dinner at Doe's Eat Place. That restaurant was not there when I graduated so I was excited to try it out. It was very very good. They do these fried dough things as their bread basket and you drizzle honey on them. I could of eaten five baskets of those things they were so yummy. After the dinner Kenny and I went and had a couple of drinks with the groom. He did not seem nervous at all and we had a good time catching up.

Saturday Kenny had a guys only brunch thing at the Veranda so I just relaxed. Oh to be in college again. It always seems like things move at such a slower pace in Starkville. It is so much easier to do nothing there. After the ceremony Saturday evening they had their reception at the Palmero Center. This was another place that was not there when I graduated. I had heard it was really a neat place from my sister(A.K.A Orientation leader A.K.A Now an Ole Miss Rebel....barf). It was a nice place. I did not get to see the new practice fields but from what I saw it is a great recruiting facility.

After the wedding a big group of us went to Bin612. I really enjoy that bar. Its so low key and there was a guy playing the guitar and we all just sat around and told stories. Good times.

I also had one of the funniest pick up lines hurled my way that night. We all got a kick out of it. This guy called me over to him and he said "I am glad I brought my library card because I am checking you out." I think that I was so stunned that those words seriously came out of his mouth that I just walked away.

The whole weekend was a lot of fun and we are so happy for Chad and Laura. Every time we leave Starkville we always talk about moving there. Maybe we could look into a time share.....they have those there right?

Thursday, May 8, 2008


That really did not take too long. I am very pleased with the whole ordeal. We are off to Starkville this weekend for Kenny's longtime friend Chad's wedding. So expect some fun pictures when we get back. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


As I was walking to my car for lunch I passed by some guys cutting the grass in a park downtown. I love the smell of freshly cut grass.  Even though sometimes I hold my breath when I smell it because I am always afraid its going to make me sick because I am allergic to all kinds of grasses. But that is besides the point.

Today I decided to chance it and I smelled the glorious smell and then I remembered something from the past......does anyone remember when The Gap used to have a perfume called Grass that smelled well....... like grass. Why would you want to smell like cut grass.  

Yes, it is a very pleasant smell but not for a perfume. While writing this post I googled "Grass" looking for an image of this silly perfume and the only links listed for Grass by Gap were on eBay.  First of all, who is still buying this perfume, and second of all who are the weird people that still have bottles of this stuff laying around.  When the smell got discontinued I doubt eBay was even invented. So they just stocked up.  Nerds. All of them nerds.

Disclaimer: If you read this and you are one of the people mentioned that likes this scent, buys this scent, or stocks up on this scent to sell it on eBay 10 years later, I am very sorry if I offended you. But honestly I still think you are a nerd.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Oh it was the best and most favorite part of the Reflector. I am so happy to see that they are still reporting some of these ridiculous happenings on the Mississippi State campus. Let's take a look shall we.......

• 9:05 a.m. Student was told by Starkville Police Department to come by the campus police department and give them a copy of a report she filed. Why are they reporting this?  Shouldn't they have the report if she already filed it.  Tax payers dollars hard at work here!

2:46 a.m. MSU Police Department officer reported a student took chewing gum out of his mouth and put it in the trunk of his patrol vehicle while parked at the Burger King parking lot.  Aww poor Mr. Police Officer got gum in his trunk.

• 3:45 p.m. Visitor was hit in the head with a golf ball at the MSU golf course. Paramedics and MSU Police responded and subject was transported to his residence by a friend. Ouch!

• 1:45 a.m. Student reported his roommate came in their room and left the shower on after he vomited, flooding several rooms at Hurst Hall. I think I would move out after that.

• 7:58 a.m. Staff reported someone pouring dish washing liquid in the gas tank of his generator at the east side coliseum parking lot. Well you should of given him a better grade.

• 2:45 p.m. Student reported placing her purse down by the Kappa Sigma House and upon returning noticed it missing. This happened to me too!!!!! But I don't really think it was any one's fault but my own.

Oh Bad Dawgs, thanks for entertaining me all those hours of class where I would have had nothing to do if it wasn't for you.  I even think some of my friends might have graced your news section and that day was such a proud day for them.  The day where you could say.......did you see I made the Bad Dawg page. Such an honor.  So here's to all the past Bad Dawgs and future Bad Dawgs to come.  I can't wait to read of all your drunken missteps.

Monday, May 5, 2008


to this
My family's baby bird (otherwise know as my little sister Annie) and yes I call her baby bird. We have a mama bird and I am big bird. Anyway.........thanks for getting me off track......our baby bird is betraying the whole flock and going to all places Ole Miss for Grad School! Keep in mind that she was very involved at State. I asked her last night when she told can you be an Orientation Leader for Mississippi State for three years and then head to Oxford!

She was supposed to be coming to Memphis to live and play with me and Kenny and she is not anymore. Sniffles. Who is going to watch our unborn children I ask you.

Now to give her a pat on the back. She is going to grad school for speech pathology and I am sure she will do great. And as my shock passed I realized that Oxford is only about an hour away. And Oxford outside of the school has its perks. They have great shopping and great music and great food like the City Grocery! And now we will have a free place to stay for big weekends like the Egg Bowl (which I have never been too). So maybe I can look past the betrayal.

And before this dreadful conversation came to an end I asked her.......
And lucky for baby bird she said ALWAYS WITH MISSISSIPPI STATE.


Friday, May 2, 2008


Words cannot explain the pure joy I felt when I got to work this morning and found this email listing the 2008 Broadway Season for the Orpheum from my stepmom. I am not exaggerating when I say I might have cried a little. I mean my excitement mounted with every single Broadway show I read. And then......the heavens and skies opened and a ray of sunlight shown down....... and there it was.....Legally Blonde and Wicked.

Do not disregard that the entire season is absolutely stellar. I mean The Color Purple....Mama Mia....Fiddler on the Roof....Avenue Q! Oh my lord, this is my dream come true. We have to get season tickets.

This really did make my day.