Tuesday, May 31, 2016


I am a little behind on my posts but Elle is away at Gramma Camp so I am going to do a quick post on a super fun weekend we had a couple weekends ago! Mississippi State's baseball season was wrapping up so we invited our good friends the Bairds to Starkville for the weekend so Will could go to his first game at Dudy Noble field.  Plus Elle and Lizzie are sweet friends who always completely wear themselves out playing when she comes. We officially decided on this weekend that the Bairds always bring the absolute best weather, the most competitive game and all the fun.  This weekend was no exception.  The weather was so beautiful.  Nice and cool and sunny! And the game was a big one.  We won and clenched the SEC Championship and it was an exciting game with lots of action! Here are pictures from the weekend!

Saturday morning before the Bairds got in to town, Elle and I went to her sweet friend Mary Kenway's birthday party. It was a cute party at the country club where they wore their PJs, served breakfast and played bingo.  They had the bingo ball machine that the Country Club uses on Bingo nights and it was a lot of fun.  Sometimes it is nice to have a different themed party!

Elle and the birthday girl Mary Kenway.
Elle and me gearing up for some bingo!
Elle holding up her 3 away fingers.
One of the dads calling out the numbers.
Birthday cake time!

The Bairds arrived shortly after we got home from the party and we were all ready for some lunch! We headed over to Oby's because that is their absolute favorite place to eat in Starkville.  Kenny and I do not go there all that often but it is delicious!
The crew dressed for the game and waiting to order at Obys!
In the car on the way to the game!
Headed into the game.  Mollie french braided their hair and they were excited to match!
They hit us up for sno cones as soon as we got inside the stadium.
Proud of their blue tongues!
It was such a beautiful day for baseball and the game was packed!
We ran into Lacey, our favorite Diamond girl!

Sunday morning the kids woke up early because they always do. I fed Walker and we all sat around and drank our coffee.  We all eventually managed to get up and around and went to breakfast at City Bagel and then drove out to Old Waverly to swim before they headed back to Memphis.  It was a lot of fun and the kids were wiped by Sunday night!
The girls giving Walker some love while he ate his breakfast.  He always loves the attention.
We undid the girls braids so they could have curls!
When we went out to the cars to leave, Mollie had a flat tire!  We eventually got it changed.

The kids coloring and waiting on the food at City Bagel!
Swimming before getting on the road!
Walker had fun at the pool.  He is gradually getting use to pools.  Still not his favorite thing.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


I feel like I have been talking about the final days of schools for weeks.  But they kept us very busy and we had lots of fun.  The last week of school Elle had four half days.  But the Saturday before  we went to one of the little boys in Elle's grade birthday parties.  He lives just around the corner from us and they had a big blow up water slide.  It was a cooler morning so Elle didn't love it but still had a good time seeing her friends!
Mary Kenway and Elle.
Cake time!
Piper, Mary Kenway and Elle
Walker went with us to the party and was pooped after we got home.
Kenny took Elle to a movie and dinner that Saturday night and Walker and I hung at home. I was getting ready for bed and he had some naked time! I love that baby bottom!

Sunday was playing a second round of golf in a golf tournament so we played 
at home all morning. Elle played dress up and Walker got into all the girly toys!
Walker trying to sit in a doll chair.

So I felt so sentimental during our last days of school. So of course lots of pictures!
Sweet girl headed to school on one of her last mornings.  
So excited about her summer bucket that each kid contributed something to the bucket.  There was lots of fun stuff in there that she is still pulling out.
Going through all her loot.

Wednesday after school we went to a birthday party for two little boys-one who is in Elle's class and is one of her favorites! It was at the country club and they had a jumpy.  It was a lot of fun and lots of her little friends were there.
Piper, Cate, Miriam and Elle
Sporting their Star Wars masks in support of the theme.

THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! I made sure I dragged her outside before we left to get some pictures to compare before and after.  
Here she is at the end of her Pre-K year! Her face changed a lot to me.   
All baby traces are gone.  Can't even deal.
And here she is at the beginning of her Pre-K year.  
Daddy got in on the action!I love love this picture of them!
She wanted to do bunny ears!
Walker hanging out waiting to go pick sister up.
Chik Fil A for lunch to celebrate summer starting!

Kenny took Elle to a baseball game Thursday night and 
they had the best time.  She wore these classes a lot of the time.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


We are wrapping up Elle's school year which is making me so sad.  I can't get over how quickly the year has gone by.  It makes my stomach hurt to think that if this year went by so fast how quickly the other years will go.  I can't talk about it too much because it makes me cry.  But we are still enjoying all the end of the activities. 

On Friday they had the school's annual field day. Pre-K has their field day separately.  The rest of the school has a big competition divided into two teams.  We will do that next year but this year their field day was so sweet fun.  The three classes had it on their shared playground and parents came to help and their were last of different "stations" and activities they could do.  The weather was beautiful and it was such a great morning.  Once again I was just so happy I could be there to do it all with Elle and to help.  I helped at the arts and crafts table but was able to go check in with Elle on the jumpy or whatever else she was doing. After they played all morning they came inside for a lunch from Zaxbys and then we set up an ice cream sundae bar for them.  They topped their ice cream and then they took it outside to eat it.  
They did a pirate themed week at school and Mrs. Suzanne shared this cute picture with the parents.
Elle woke up so excited for field day.  She was pumped to wear her field day t-shirt 
and to get her sunscreen on since Mrs. Suzanne had told them to lather up!
Elle, Lucy and Olivia getting ready to head outside!
The teachers were telling all of the Pre-Kers about all the the different things they could do.
Elle sported her hat that Daddy got her for a little while.
Elle and Violet.
They had a nail painting station for the girls and shaving cream big boy shave station for the boys and it was the first place Elle went.  This did not surprise me at all. The little girls loved it!
Hallie, Elle and Sallie Kate
They each had to wait their turn and then had to sit 
and wait for their nails to dry.  I was able to get a lot of pictures!
Olivia, Lucy, Cate and Hallie watching one of the little boys about to shave.
Elle, Hallie, Sallie Kate and Audrey Caroline
Elle getting her nails painted by Mrs. Amy (Hallie's Mom)
Time to dry!
Had to get my obligatory selfie with my sweet girl!
Hallie and Elle with their nails! 
Elle and Violet visiting my arts and crafts station.
Making bracelets and hats.
Elle, Ellie and Emily
Elle and Mrs. Suzanne. I am so sad that our year with her is over.  
She is totally made to teach 4 year olds and Elle just adores her.  We will miss her.
This is the boo boo table.  One of Mrs. Suzanne's quirky ideas that the kids go nuts for.  She rips up sheets and then a grown up helps them fashion it into a bandage and then they use red marker to make blood. So funny!
Elle taking a water  break and she has a serious field day demeanor
Andrey and Elle during a water break!
Elle and Ray at the water gun station.
Enjoying her lunch from Zaxby's!
Ice cream Sundaes outside on a beautiful day!