Tuesday, October 27, 2015


This past weekend I had a bunch of my college friends in town for our annual reunion weekend. Our friends Megan and Patrick and their two little boys finally made it up to a game and stayed at our house.  Normally they come to almost all of the games and stay with us but two kids will keep you busy. We were also throwing a small sprinkle shower for my friend Rachael who is having her second little baby. So some of the husbands set up a separate tailgate for the reunion group and Elle and I went back and forth between our normal tailgate and the reunion tailgate.  It was a fun Saturday spent tailgating!
Most of the group but missing some of the kids. Walker stays in at home with our game 
babysitter Zo so he wasn't in the picture. 

Elle had so much fun and was super pumped to go into the game.  We were playing Kentucky and we were excited for a SEC matchup. Elle had the best time at the game.  Ringing her cow bell and cheering for the Bulldogs.  We love taking her to the ballgame and cannot wait to take Walker too!
These two peas in a pod at the ballgame.
Kenny showing Elle where Dak was.
Me and my sweet Bulldog loving girl!
Our family of cowbells.

Sunday was Kenny's birthday and we were excited to celebrate with him as a family.  In the morning I got up and made a big breakfast for us and the Martinezes.  I made a huge pan of scrambled eggs and a cinnamon roll breakfast casserole that is always a hit.  
Everyone enjoying their breakfast!

After the kids played for a while, Megan and Patrick loaded up and hit the road back for the coast.  Elle had been complaining of a ear infection for a few days so I decided to take her back to the doctor. She had a double ear infection while Kenny was at market and it just doesn't seem to want to go away.  So we started a new type of antibiotic.  Hoping that does the trick.  Especially since I had to go pick her up from school on Monday because she didn't feel good and said her ear was hurting.  When we got home from the doctor we let Kenny open his presents from us.
Elle assisting in the unwrapping.
Daddy and Elle posing with the gift she chose for Kenny's birthday. When I picked Elle up from school on Friday and told her we were going to pick something out for Daddy's birthday and asked her what she wanted to get him. She immediately said she wanted to get him to a bow tie.  So I took her to the men's clothing store and she picked one out that she thought he would love.  It was the cutest thing ever. He did love it! We can't wait for him to wear it!
Ice Cream Birthday Cake for the win!
Kenny making his birthday wish!

After Walker woke up from his nap we took the kids up to the country club to paint pumpkins and decorate Halloween cookies. Elle had lots of fun and the rest of us enjoyed watching and hanging out.
Elle painting her pumpkin
Elle decorating her cookie.
Had to get one with Mommy and Walker who was more worried about 
grabbing someone else's cookie off the table.
Elle enjoying her cookie.

Sunday night we spent the night hanging out with just the four of us and grilling steaks, opening a nice bottle of wine and having family dinner.  It was exactly what Kenny requested for his birthday and it was a great day spent celebrating him!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Another reasons we came to Memphis for the weekend is so I could take Elle to Cinderella.  The Orpheum has a fantastic season this year and we plan to take Elle to several of the plays.  I was so incredibly sad when we realized that Kenny would be at market for this play and he would not be able to go.  He was sad too.  

Of course Elle is familiar with the story of Cinderella but we have also been listening to the Rodgers and Hamemrstein Broadway Musical Soundtrack. She was so cute.  On the way to Memphis she was asking me how they would manage to change Cinderella's dress on stage.  I thought that was so smart that she already knew that it was going to be something special.  "Maybe it will be magic."

Elle in her sweet princess dress all ready to head downtown.

I decided at the last minute that I wanted to take Elle downtown for a quick lunch before the play.  I honestly planned to hop into the Lenny's Sub Shop right across the street from the Orpheum but they were closed.  Knowing the Majestic would be completely packed we walked over to Aldo's pizza for a little pizza by the slice. Aldo's was opening on Main Street right as we were moving away.  We had the best time at this restaurant.  We sat by the window and watched the trolleys and city buses go by on the cobblestone road.  A kids meal there comes with a piece of pizza and a mini canoli at the end and they bring a ball of floured pizza dough to play with. Elle loved it so much.  The pizza was delish too!
Selfie with Mommy.
Cheese pizza!
Playing with her pizza dough.
Enjoying her cannoli.  She decided she wanted to just lick out the inside.  

Next it was time to go to the Orpheum for the play!  
We had to get a picture in front of the Cinderella sign.  I am thinking 
this needs to be a tradition over the years.
A solo shot in front of the sign. 
The set on the stage was so neat and Elle was loving it.

The play was great and Elle loved almost every minute of it. She got a little restless in the middle of the second act.  But other than that she was enthralled.  She sat on the edge of her seat with anticipation waiting to see how Cinderella's dress changed.  There were several neat costume changes in the play. During intermission she  got up and paced the aisle to "stretch" her legs.  She did great.  I am looking forward to many many many more plays with her and I am so happy to share my love of musicals with her.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


I took the kids to Memphis this weekend to break up Kenny's long market trip and to take Elle to see Cinderella at the Orpheum.  Friday night we just put the kids to bed and hung out together watching television. Saturday was an absolutely beautiful day so me and my mom and sister took the kids to the Memphis Zoo.  I miss having this zoo close by so much.  It is a great zoo and Elle just loves it.  Walker enjoyed it too and I look forward to taking him more as he gets older.  
Elle's request was to see the lions and the big cats.  So we headed there first. 
CeCe and Elle checking them out.
The zoo was decorated for Halloween and their zoo boo event.  
So we took advantage and took a few pictures.
Walker and CeCe checking out the choo chop train.
Elle pushing Walker in the stroller as she likes to do and Walker 
pretending to know how to give himself a bottle.
Elle loves the kimono dragons. We have to see them every time.  
Watching the hippo with Nannee.  The hippos were on the move on this day.  We were able to watch both of them swim, get out of the water and walk to another pool.  It was so neat.  I have never seen them move so much!
It was chilly at some points in the day so we made sure Walker was cozy.
Elle and this carasouel.  So many memories of her riding on it when we lived in Memphis.  
She wanted me to ride next to her.  Love my sweet girl.
Family shot minus Daddy.  We missed him!
Elle hitching a ride with Nannee.
We stopped to feed the giraffes.  Elle loved this and 
Walker was completely enamored by them! Look at that tongue!
Walker watching the giraffes.
Sharing some together time on Sunday morning.
Walker is the laziest little bottle eater but this was sweet.

Monday, October 19, 2015


We've been so busy this fall season and have missed a couple of the home games.  After last year, football seems almost like an afterthought.  I am not really sure why that is.  Before football season started I wasn't sure I had even recovered from last years season.  It was so wild.  This season has been more low key and relaxing.  I am very grateful for this. This post is a little late but last weekend we were playing an out of conference team and kickoff was at 3.  We had our family pictures that morning and then packed up and headed out for the tailgate.   A lot of our good friends tailgate at the tailgate next to ours and Elle was happy to have a lot of girls to play on this particular tailgating day.  

She was having so much fun that at game time we decided we would wait to go into the game.  Then our friends and I sat down and started watching the game the game on television and Elle was so content that we ended up not going in at all.  It ended up being really fun.  We finally headed home early evening to relieve our sweet babysitter Zo and to put Elle to bed.  It was a great day. Here are a few pictures from the day.
Me, Margaret and Sarah.
Elle just doing a little coloring at the tailgate before her friends arrived.
Taking a breather and getting hydrating.  Please check out Elle's elbows.  
She was filthy but having the best time.
Sweet friends.
It ended up being all little girls at the tailgate.   

Friday, October 16, 2015


Last week Elle stayed after school every day for the academy's cheer camp.  After school the cheerleaders pick up the participating little girls from their class and they have a clinic to learn cheers to perform at that Friday's football game.  So Monday through Thursday Elle was at school until 5 PM! I missed her like crazy! We go to bed early so I felt like I barely saw her all week.  But she was having an absolute blast. She was so incredibly tired but had lots of fun.  In the evenings she was usually too tired to show us anything she was learning but in the mornings she would pop out of bed first thing and start showing us her cheers.  It was so cute!  

On Friday I was able to pick her up at normal time and I took her for our Friday treat.  On this day she chose Coldstone ice cream.  Then that evening we went t o the home football game because all the girls who went to Cheer Camp were performing at half time. Elle was super excited!  We were due at the game around 7 and the bottom let out around 6.  Lightening and thunder and pouring rain.  Luckily it left and as quickly as it came.  We were relieved because Elle would of been devastated.  The only consequence was frizzy hair and we could handle that.

We found Elle's cheerleader and all her friends and the girls were having the best time running around and playing before it was time to perform.  Our cheer was pretty short but they did a little dance number too.  The Pre-K girls performed with the kindergartners.  They do this camp up to fourth or fifth grade I think. So a lot of years ahead if Elle wants to do it each year!

Okay here we go with some cute pics from that day and night!
Elle enjoying her Friday treat with Mommy.  I love this time with her! Especially this week when I mussed her so much!
So proud to sport her Cheer Camp shirt!
Posing with Daddy.
Giving Daddy a big hug! I said I would use this picture in her Senior Program 
if she decides to cheer in high school.
Doing a cheer pose with Mommy.  
Piper, Mary Kenway, Elle and Cate

Most of the Pre-K girls that were in the camp.

Sitting in the stands with Daddy and Mommy.  
Getting ready to do her cheer out on the field.  She got very serious about it.  That is very Elle.

It was a great week.  Elle had lots of fun and we all enjoyed the performance night.  I see many years of Cheer Camp in our future!