Monday, September 30, 2013


I got a little behind in my updates.  So before I fill you in on what we were up to last week and this weekend I thought I would recap the game weekend against Troy.  Lots of emails were traded between friends trying to get everyone there this particular weekend (with kids) for a reunion of sorts.  Sadly, some could not make it at the lat minute but we still had a great time and it was so fun to see all the babies together.  This was the first time we have gotten all the children together.

Friday night I went to this really fun event in Downtown Starkville with some new friends.  Unwine.  All the stores stay open and you buy a wine glass and all the stores have different wines to sample and great sales.  It was pouring down rain but still so much fun.  

I got home from that later that night and our friends Megan and Patrick and their little boy Frances had arrived.

Saturday morning, we had people over for some pre-tailgating tailgating and let the kids play for  a little while!
Elle and Frances having some lunch together.
Elle taking Mack for a ride on her trike.  
After lots of playing and visiting and some very unsuccessful nap attempts (that is right no nap for Elle) we headed over to the tailgate where more friends and more babies were waiting!
Elle had so much fun at the tailgate.
Having an intense pre game conversation.
This is a picture of the back of the camera but I still love it so much.  I even love that none of the babies are looking ha! Except for sweet Frances.  So fun having them all together.

The game started at 6.  So all the boys went in for the game and we packed up the tailgate and headed back to our condo. It was just going to be so hard to take the kids to the game with it starting so close to bed time and there was no way Elle would make it not having a nap.  
We asked an inebriated college student to snap this picture as we were heading out.

Once we got back to the condo, Megan and I gave Elle and Frances a bath and we settled the all of the babies in various rooms to sleep.  Then the girls just hung out.  We even ordered a big Papa John's pizza for old times sake.  The game was  blowout so the boys arrived later and then ordered more pizza ha!

The next morning we went to City Bagel for some yummy breakfast.  Of course the kids were thrilled to feed the fish in the fish pond.
Serious business with their Daddy's .
Feeding the fish.

Such a fun weekend filled with friends!  It is so nice having everyone come to us instead of having to travel to games and then parting ways to all drive home.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


What a quick and amazing trip and I am so tired!  Friday, I drove down to the coast after getting Elle down for a nap to stay with Megan. We woke up at 4 AM to catch our flight.  We got into New York just after noon and took a cab to our hotel in Times Square. We decided to stay there because it was close to the theatres for the plays. We decided to get dressed for the rest of the day and evening and head out.  

I had really hoped we would find some time to get to Central Park because it was something we did not do last time I was there.  Lucky for me we spent almost three hours walking around and taking it all in. The weather was PERFECT for a pumpkin spice latte and a stroll.  Central Park is so beautiful and Megan and I were marveling at all the fun parks/playgrounds they had for children.  I can't wait to take Elle to play in Central Park. After working up an appetite we head to dinner at Quality Meats.  A family friend gave me some dinner recommendations and we loved everything we ate during our stay. 

After dinner we walked back to Times Square for the Newsies.  It was phenomenal.  Everything I hoped.  The boys were wondeful dancers and the talent was superb.  We did have a little scare when an elderly lady two rows behind us had some sort of episode in the middle of Act I.  Her family was trying to revive her and it and it was very sad and scary. They got her to come to and got her outside for the ambulance.  The play never stopped. We had a fantastic time at the play but were so exhausted after having to get up so early!
Looking a little tired and worn out but still loving it!

After a great nights sleep we got up and headed out for brunch at Norma's. We did take some pictures in Times Square on the way there.  Norma's menu looked amazing but I couldn't resist getting the blueberry pancakes just like I did every single day the last time I was there. This time I asked for extra devonshire cream though which made them even better. Megan got the huevos rancheros and they were delicious too and I don't even like huevos rancheros.

After that we committed to going to the Empire State building.  It was something that Megan had never done.  I did it last time I was there and was worried it would take a little while but there were virtually no lines so I am so glad we went.  The weather was beautiful and it was a wonderful view.  On the way there we took Fifth Avenue to do some window shopping and popped into a few stores. We also stopped by Rockefeller Center and saw the New York Public Library along with Carnegie Hall. 

From right to left: Early morning in times sqaure. The blueberry pancakes at Norma's - Posing by myself at Rockefeller Center Plaza - New York Public Library
Fun on top of the Empire State Building.

After lots of walking and sightseeing we made it back down to our hotel to freshen up and then walked over for Matilda.  I loved the Newsies but I loved Matilda even more.  After seeing the cast perform on the Tony's I started listening to the cast recording and fell in love with the music.  Seeing it all come to life on stage was so amazing.  The children in this cast were so talented and the little girl who played Matilda was so good I was in disbelief.  I got so sad I had to fight back tears at the end because I did not want the play to be over.  It really was that good.  
Solo shots in front of the theatre!

After dinner it was time for one last fabulous meal.  We dined at Robert.  It is on top of the Museums of Arts and Design on Columbus Circle and the view is worth it alone but the food was so so so good!  It was one of those places where you don't feel rushed and you get to enjoy your meal thoroughly. I will definitely be going back next time I visit New York. After dinner we were so worn out.  We went back to our hotel, got into bed, watched the talent portion of Miss America and fell fast asleep. 
Our last night-dinner at Robert!

The next morning it was time for an early flight so we could home to our babies and our husbands!  We were both ready to give everyone hugs and kisses. It was such a fun trip and one where I felt like we did everything (and ate everything) that we wanted to do.  It was amazing to see the plays on real life Broadway and now I am just itching to go back. Hmmm...have to talk to Kenny about planning a trip!

Friday, September 13, 2013


Hello and welcome to  Five for Friday  This one is extra special because it is New York City themed. I leave this afternoon for the coast to fly out to New York for a very quick trip. I am going with one of my closest college friends, Megan. We decided on a whim a few days after the Tony's that we needed to go see some plays! I am so thrilled! She is total foodie like me so we plan to see plays and pretty much eat our way through the city ha! So here we go!

Newsies - I grew up watching this movie with my sister and have loooooved it forever.  The music from the movie was always some of my favorite and Annie and I used to practice harmonizing together.  We never really got it down.  When I saw this was coming to Broadway I started to praying that it would make a national tour so I could catch it when it came near by.  I never dreamed I would get to see it in New York!

Matilda - Another childhood memory coming to life.  I adored this Roald Dahl book as a child and then my sister and I loved this movie too.  I really knew nothing about the music from the show until I saw them perform on the Tony's but since we booked our trip I have been listening to the soundtrack and know all the worlds to it now.  I think it is going to be such a fun show to see! 

Sightseeing - Besides plays and eating we haven't really planned anything else to do.  Anyone have any recommendations?  We won't have a whole ton of time.  Someone told me the Manhattan Boat tour is amazing and I have never seen Central Park.  So we will see what we hit up.  But please pass along anything you feel like we can't miss!

Norma's - We got a list of restaurant recommendations from a family friend for the Times Square area (that is where we are staying in) that aren't too touristy and Norma's was on the list for brunch.  Breakfast is Megan and I's favorite meal so we immediately looked it up.  My uncle and aunt took me to New York for my high school graduation present and we stayed at the Le Parker Meridien where Norma's is located and we ate there every morning.  I did not remember that this was the same place but I DO remember that their pancakes were the BEST pancakes I HAVE EVER HAD!! Told you we plan to eat our way through the city!

Husbands - Megan has a 20 month old and of course you all know I have Elle.  We are so lucky to be able to get away and have fantastic husbands that take on major Daddy duty for the full weekend. I know both Kenny and Patrick are excited to spend the time with the "babies" and have planned fun things for them to do all weekend.  Of course I always hope Kenny has a small "aha" moment of how much work and patience it takes to spend every day with a two year old.  I know he already knows.  Love you Kenny! ( Love you to Patrick!)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Oh how different this game day was from what game days are normally like for our family.  Normally we are traveling 2-3 hours back and forth from Starkville.  Staying in a rented game day condo with friends that is always lots of fun but living out of suitcases with a toddler.  We eat out every meal and we go non stop.  This particular game day was especially low key because we didn't really have any people coming in town that we knew of and did not plan to tailgate.  

Some of these pictures you have seen if you follow me on Instagram so sorry if they are repeats but wanted to have them included in the yearly blog book.

Saturday morning, we got up and I made a big breakfast and then we played and watched Disney movies in our pajamas.  We were trying to keep it calm because kick off was at 2:30 and we were worried about it being in the middle of Elle's nap time so we didn't want to do anything to tire her out.
We decided to take lots of silly pictures.
At one point I looked up and found Elle catching up with the latest gossip rag.

We did attempt to put Elle down for a very early nap.  She played quietly in her room but never slept.  That was okay.  We were just going to see how it went.  Once we we were all decked out in our maroon we drove a total of three minutes and parked closer to campus.  

We strolled onto campus and met up with a guy from Kenny's work and his family for a few minutes before going into the stadium.  I am kind of happy we didn't bother tailgating because it was soooooo hot and everyone looked a little miserable ha!
Managed to snap one picture of us.  I think this maroon dress has now officially made an appearance for the last three football seasons!  I have so many cute maroon tops but can't even fathom putting on jeans for tailgating at this point.
Elle was so excited coming into the stadium and walking to our seats.
Happy the Bulldogs were winning! Not sure what Elle is making that face for.
Elle enjoying some of her snacks that I had to speak to a supervisor to let me take in.  They wanted me to throw them away and I pleaded with them.  Told them this was the only way we would be able to stay for any amount of time.  Will definitely be hiding them better for the next game.
Don't worry we buy our fair share of hotdogs.  Elle really enjoyed hers.
This was right before we left at the end of the third quarter.  We were beating the other teams tails and the no nap afternoon and heat were catching up with us.  Elle was tired!!

And then the BEST part of the weekend.  After the game we walked out of the stadium, walked back to our car, drove home, put Elle to bed, ordered sushi take out and went to bed.  It.was.amazing.  No packing everything up.  No driving home all tired and unpacking.  Just pure family fun and then go home.  That alone might be enough for me to stay in Starkville forever!!

This will be our calmest game day for sure and most likely the only we will spend alone as a family because we already have people scheduled to crash and hang out with for all the other games which will be so fun too.  But this was the perfect first home game!

Monday, September 9, 2013


Friday night we joined some new friends for dinner at a Mexican restaurant before going to a little block party Starkville was hosting because of the home game.  We had a good time and enjoyed the small town feel of it.  It is so different being here in Starkville because we never really went to these kind of things in Memphis unless they were somewhat privately hosted because they would just be wild with such a big city and so many people.

The friends we went with have a little boy named Sutton who is the same age as Elle.  Elle makes fast friends with anyone and wanted to hold his hand the entire time.  He wasn't really into that ha!
We got Elle's face painted when we got there.  This was her first time to get her face painted and of course the second the girl finished she put her fingers in it.  Then she was so funny because she kept trying to turn her face so she could see it.  That night when we got home we had to bribe her to wash it off her face.
This pic is blurry but oh well. I still thought it was cute.

They had a band playing and Elle loved the music.

It was a nice low key night and a perfect way to kick off our first home game weekend.  Tune in tomorrow for game day!

Friday, September 6, 2013


Here we are for another  Five for Friday post! It has been a while since I have managed to do one of these so here we go with the randomness!

-PATIENCE - So patience is not something I am very good at and here lately every moment Elle and I are together requires so.much.patience.  It takes us forever to do ANYTHING these days.  To walk to the car, to grab a few things at the grocery store, to leave the house, to get to music class.  All of it takes forever.  Sometimes I feel like she is manipulating me on purpose.  Dawdling to avoid doing something that I have asked her to do, but sometimes she is just being a little girl and stopping to look at a bug or a rock or who knows what.  It is those moments that i try to not rush her or get on to her too much.  I will miss this age one day.  Repeat it again. I will miss this one day.

- GAME DAY BABY! - Tomorrow is our first home game and I cannot wait!  Kenny and I were a smidge disappointed at our showing in Texas last weekend but I am hoping for a strong win against Alcorn State. Elle is super excited and I am the most excited about taking her and having fun and feeling the energy as a family. Not sure how it is all going to go because kick off is at 2:30 and that is smack in the middle of Elle's nap time.  And after a meltdown she had the other night after not napping I am kind of terrified.  Hoping for the best for us and our Bulldogs!

- NO REALITY TELEVISION - The other night Kenny and I were talking about how terrible a lot of television is these days.  Now, I am totally guilty of loving some trashy tv.  But to my credit I DVR a lot of it and don't make Kenny suffer through it with me.  But sometimes there just isn't anything on tv and we will both end up absentmindedly watching something really ridiculous.  So Kenny made a decree.  He has decided that he will no longer watch reality television.  We want to watch sitcoms or dramas and sports.  We have made one exception because we  both like watching Survivor together.  We will see how this goes! 

IT'S COMING! ITS' COMING!- FALL! - While it is just too hot for a Pumpkin Spice Latte just yet I have the fall clothing shopping bug for me and Elle like crazy. I can't quit shopping  I also bought all the stuff to make chili and cornbread next week.  It is starting to cool off  a little and I can't wait for our first crisp cool day.  Praying that it will be on a Saturday home game because it can be kind of miserable when it is so hot. I have started thinking about what I want Elle to be for Halloween.  I have tried to ask her and she doesn't quite get the concept so I am thinking I get one more year of choosing her costume.  I bought her this precious unicorn outfit last year but we never used it because Elle wouldn't wear anything on her head.  But she has gotten over that so I might still see that fits.  

PINTEREST PET PEEVE- Since I brought up shopping I just remembered one of my biggest Pinterest pet peeves. I absolutely cannot stand when you see a cute article of clothing on Pinterest or a cute outfit and you go to click through the link to buy it and it just takes you to a dead end.  I want to buy that shirt!!! Where do I get that shirt! ARRRRRRRGH!!!  

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Geez Louise! That was a long blog break.  I guess I just did not have much to say and then it was vacation time.  So now I am back with another little vacay recap.  And don't worry.  With the start of football season things are about to get cra-razy up in here and I am not even sure I am ready for it all yet. 

I cannot not wait to see what living in Starkville is like during football season.  It is already throwing me off that we will just stroll over to campus to see our Bulldogs play Alcorn State this weekend.  This is probably a game we wouldn't go to if we had to travel but now it is just a fun weekend activity to look forward to.  Elle is already practicing her "Go Bulldogs!"

So last week we went to the beach.  You might remember we went in May with my mom and my sister.  And Elle loved it so much, we were dying to take her back so this time just the three of us went. We realized that this was our first long vacation with just us.  We had so much fun.  Elle adores the beach.  I can't wait for when we go and can spend longer than 2-3 hours actually on the beach but even so it is still so worth it.

We stayed in a different house in the same neighborhood as last time.  We love it because it has two huge pools and is right across the street from the beach.  The houses are big and are more comfortable space wise than condos.  We kept the same schedule as last time pretty much 
-Ride our bikes somewhere fun for breakfast
-Hit the beach for 2-3 hours
-Ride our bikes back home-strip Elle down naked at the front door ha!
- Kenny gives her a bath while I make lunch for Elle and sometimes us
- Elle eats lunch and watches a cartoon while we hang out and then goes down for a long nap
- Elle wakes up and we hit up Seaside for early dinner and happy hour
- Ride our bikes home and put Elle to bed.  

So relaxing!! (Well as relaxing as a vacation can be with a two year old)

At the end of the week my mom and sister decided at the last minute to join us Thursday night and stay through the weekend so that was fun too.  

Here are some pictures from the week!!
Clockwise: Elle posing at Bud N Alleys Taco Bar - Elle and me at Bud N Alleys Pizza- Elle and Daddy on the beach.
I surprised Kenny with a tee time at Camp Creek for some guy time one morning so I took Elle to the pool.  We had fun swimming and playing Ariel. Then that afternoon we took Elle to the beach.  It was nice to switch it up and go some other time than the morning.
Elle loved going to Duckies every night to look at all the toys, take a picture with the duck and to play tea party with Daddy.
Clockwise - Elle and I enjoying some beignets at our favorite restaurant in Seaside, Great Southern- Nanee and Elle getting in some cuddles - CC and Elle walking to the beach one morning- Elle and Daddy playing with the sand.
Our last full day at the beach it was cloudy the morning we went to the beach but that didn't stop us.  Elle seriously loves the beach!!
The last night Seaside hosted a Labor Day POPS orchestra concert and an amazing fabulous fireworks show.  It was all supposed to be for the 4th of July but they got rained out.  We were thrilled to reap the benefits.  It was the best night we had there.  Elle loved the concert and the fireworks were some of the best fireworks I have seen in a long time.

It was such a great week.  A perfect time to recharge our batteries and say goodbye to summer and HELLO Fall!!!