Tuesday, January 3, 2017


After a couple days at home we packed up the car and headed to Fairhope to celebrate Christmas with Gramma and PopPop.  The kids were super excited to get there and the car ride was pretty crazy.  I always drive so Kenny can try to get some work done in the car but he always ends up turned around backwards helping the kids with all kinds of stuff. Stage of life we are in for sure. One day they will both wear headphones and ignore us the whole time.

We finally arrived in Fairhope around lunch time. Once we settled in and had some lunch it was time to open presents! Elle and Walker got some things they were really excited about from Gramma and PopPop.  Elle's favorite gift was a food cart for her American Girl dolls that they have played with constantly since they got home and Walker got a fire truck that shoots "water balls" that he loves! Kenny and I enjoyed our gifts too!
Knocking on the door after we got there and waiting for someone to answer.
All ready to open presents.  Elle found some new nightgowns 
in her room and had already thrown them on and wearing them when it was present time.
Excited about her palace pet case.
Daddy helping Walker open up his fire truck.
Another new nightgown she loved.
Blurry because she was so excited about her food truck.
Checking it all out.
She wanted to start playing with it immediately so Kenny of course helped her.  
He is better at opening packages.  Stronger. Ha!
Walker with all his new trucks and cars.

Friday morning Kenny and I got out to have a breakfast date and to do a little shopping.  We always enjoy shopping down town Fairhope and the kids enjoy their one on one time with Gramma and PopPop.  Kenny and I went to eat at Another Broken Egg and then did some retail damage before we came back to put Walker down for a nap and then let Gramma and Elle go to the movies.   That night we were totally spoiled and went to Camelia Cafe for an early New Year's date.  It was a great meal and we were so happy to ring in the new year that way and go to bed early on the actual night!

Gramma made a big breakfast while we were gone.
Snuggles in their room while they played.
I told Elle she couldn't go to the movies unless she had a bath so they both got a scrub down.

Group pic after the kids were all clean!
Walker enjoying some pizza while he was wrapped up in one of Kenny's baby blankets as a bib.
Headed out for a date at Camelia Cafe.

Monday, January 2, 2017


Santa came during the night of course.  He brought Elle the princess guitar that she has been asking for the most. He also brought her a bunch of shopkins and also a specific My Little Pony she has been wanting.  Then Santa brought them both a really fun riding toy that has been a hit for both of the kids.  Santa brought Walker a big toy cement truck and a tool bench that he has had a lot of fun with.

We were super worried about Elle coming down in the middle of the night because it is a big issue most nights so we put a gate at the top of the stairs.  Even then we expected her to come down at 4AM.  But we were thrilled when she came down at 5 and even let us put her in our bed for another hour or so before she couldn't stand it and we woke Walker up!

So once we woke Walker up and got his pajamas changed because they were damp from his diaper we all arrived in the den to check out all the fun things Santa brought!
Santa came!
Leftover cookies from Santa.
Daddy helping Walker with his stocking.
Elle opening up some of her Shopkins.
I love this picture the most from Christmas morning.  I love how Elle has her 
little leg propped  and is holding the guitar. I love how sweet Walker is watching. 
Walker getting into opening presents.  
Elle opening one of her presents all sleepy eye.
Elle received a new Snow White dress up dress and red gloves to match.  
She was so excited she had to put it on almost immediately and wore it all day I think.
Walker playing with his tool bench.
Walker wanted to try out the guitar too.

After the kids opened their presents from us I got breakfast started and while it baked Kenny and I exchanged stockings with each other.  The last few years that is all we do and I still really enjoy it.  We always get each other an ornament and then do other small gifts.  We all sat down and had family breakfast together and then the kids spent time playing with all their new things.

Late morning my mom and sister got into town from Memphis. Elle and Walker were so excited to see them and show them their gifts too.  Then we all exchanged presents with each other.  The kids loved all the things they got from Nanee and CeCe.
Sweet picture with Elle and her Nanee.
Nanny helping Walker open up a new set of cars.
Elle with one of her new super hero girl dolls.
Kenny was super excited about his gift from Annie. A golf cart cover for the cart!
Annie got Walker a putting green which was a hit with everyone in the family!
Everyone took a turn putting on the new putting green.
Nanny sure did well shopping this Christmas because she gave Elle a Hatcnhimal too.  For look back purposes.This was the hot toy this Christmas.  They were sold out everywhere and were going for triple the cost. But I was at the West Point Walmart one day and thought I would just check and see if they had any and they had four! I snagged all four and kept one for Elle and sold the others for normal price to some of my friends.  Nannee then decided to be the one who gave it to her!
CeCe gave Walker some boy dress up clothes. A construction worker and a policeman.  
Both Elle and Walker had fun dressing up though.  I love that she 
has the police uniform over her dress.
Took a break for some lunch.

When Walker was down for a nap we decide to try and get Elle's egg to hatch.  It was really exciting at first.  You have to love on the egg, rock it and love.  Then it starts to hatch and we were super into that.  But turns out it takes a while.  Elle lost a little bit of interest so I helped it come out of its egg after a while and Elle was so happy to welcome her new little baby Hatcnhimal that she named Garrison after one of the boys in her class.
Rocking and loving on her egg.
Daddy helping to rub on the egg so it would continue to hatch!

Welcome baby Garrison!

The rest of the day was spent watching Christmas movies and tinkering with Christmas presents.  
We had our traditional chicken enchiladas for dinner. It was another great Christmas!
Had to include this picture of Walker after he enjoyed a piece of Annie's chocolate chess pie.  

Friday, December 30, 2016


We had a really great couple of days before Christmas Eve and a surprisingly relaxing Christmas Eve too.  The day before Christmas Eve we spent the morning at home and I cooked a big breakfast. Then Kenny and Walker headed out to run some errands together and Elle and I got to making some of our favorite Christmas treats that we planned to give to our family and friends.
One night our good friends and neighbors stopped by to drop off a 
Christmas present for our family and then a gift for Elle. Cate is a sweet friend of Elle's 
and brought her a picture of her and her friends from a birthday party.

The treats that we like to make are super simple and because of them being simple and delicious, it is easy to get Elle's help.  You simply place square pretzels down on a pan and place a rolo on each one. Then you stick in the oven until the roles are soft and melty and while they are soft you press a whole pecan half on each one! 
Laying down the square pretzels. Weeding out the broken pretzels.
Elle also colored a bunch of ornaments to give to her friends at each stop.
While we were making batches, Elle had some fun with Lena. Sweet Lena is so patient with the kids.
She even got a bow.
The finished product ready to go in the fridge to cool.
Packaged up in our treat bags.
Elle got dressed up as an elf to make the deliveries.
And we are off!

Christmas Eve I cooked another big breakfast and we spent time together playing outside and watching Christmas movies. Elle changed into her Princess Elena dress at some point and I was unable to convince her to change into anything else until it was time to go to church. 
Eating some lunch and watching a Christmas movie I am sure.
Walker got stripped down at some point as he usually does and 
was getting ready to go down for a nap.  I love  his get up.

Once Walker was down for his nap I got everything set up the traditional decorating Santa cookies like we do every year. We would of loved for Walker to join us for cookie decorating but made the decision to not let him because he is sugar obsessed and would of eaten waaaaay to much and it would of ended in a big fit.  So he took a good nap in preparation for Christmas Eve church and we got to decorating.
The decoration set up.
Cookie trays for everyone to decorate.
Happy to get started.
Daddy and Elle. Kenny is always super serious about his cookie decorating.
Kenny proud of his manger cookie.
Parent selfie.
Selfie with my girl.  She has a green mouth from licking the icing.
Hard at work.
Some of our finished products.

When Walker woke up from his nap it was time to get dressed for church. We went to the early Children's Service that is shorter and more geared towards kids.  We also chose to not put Walker in the nursery and manage having him with us.  I hate to take him to the nursery on Christmas Eve. Wanted him with us.  It was a little touch and go for a while but he actually quieted down during the sermon.  And anytime the pastor would say Jesus, Walker would yell Jesus.  It was pretty cute. At least to us.
All dressed for Christmas Eve Service.
Elle all dressed in her pretty Christmas dress and majorly pumped for Santa to come.
Daddy and Walker walking into church.
Managed to get a decent family picture on our way in.
Elle with her sweet friend Collier.

When we arrived home I had prepared a traditional Christmas Eve dinner that was keeping warm in the oven.  We had baked ham, mashed potatoes and bacon wrapped green beans.  I was proud of myself and felt so grown up for making a ham all on my own.  It was all really good!

The vultures couldn't stay away from the ham while I was getting everything to the table.

After dinner it was time to get ready for bed.  Walker and Ell were excited to put on their matching PJs and spend some quality time with Charlie the elf before he went back to the North Pole. They are always able to give him some snuggles each year.  
Elle loving on Charlie.
Brother and sister love with Charlie.
Obligatory pictures in front of the tree in Christmas pajamas.

Headed up to bed. 
Reading the night before Christmas.
I got some love too.