Tuesday, September 13, 2016


It was time for another fun football weekend.  We were a little nervous for the bulldogs after the upset but we were still excited for our first big tailgating outing.  We really hoped for some coolish weather but it ended up being hot.  Really really hot. Because it was so hot the kids were a little listless, ran through all the drinks we brought and no one ate very much of the food.  We threw so much away before going in to the game. Oh well! We still managed to have lots of fun despite the heat.  We arranged for Walker to stay home with a sitter but Elle was super excited for the game.

We went in to the game and the Bulldogs looked great. We took a good lead against South Carolina and then went in to halftime.  Elle was holding up well and we hoped to make it at least until the fourth quarter but right at the end of the halftime show they made an announcement that there had been lightening strikes and started making everyone evacuate.  We stayed put because our seats are covered and not really vulnerable to lightening strikes but then they showed the radar report on the jumbotron and it looked like a big storm was coming and we were worried about getting stuck in the middle of it with Elle and trying to get to the car.  So we made the decision to leave the game and were so sad about it.  We ran back to the tailgate to help clean up before hurrying to our car. We did discovered that our cooler and everything in it had been stolen so that was a bummer.  

We got home just as the game was starting back after the weather delay. Elle was wound up after having some Cokes at the tailgate, so we let her stay up and watch the game with us.  We won and we all went to bed happy!

We were picture happy at the tailgate and got so many fun pictures! So here we go with a tailgate photo dump.

Me, Margaret and Foley! Headed to Napa with these girls soon!
We actually took a picture together!
Jennifer, me and Margaret
These girls went to the jumpies and came back with a bunch of Regions loot.  
Elle loved these sign things.
Sporting their sunglasses.
Tailgating with her Daddy.
Learning to accessorize for the tailgate at an early age.

Mary Kenway, Elle and Abigail.
Jay, Kenny and Jeremy
Silly faces!
Bulldogs always number one for us!
The original tailgate crew.
Margaret sent us this comparison picture.  The top picture is the game day 
that I went into labor with Walker and then this Saturday!
Cheering on the bulldogs with her new sign.
Game selfie!
Leaving the game early but happy because we were winning.

And I am going to stick these pictures down here at the end of this post for memory's sake.  Kenny went over to his old fraternity house this weekend because they recently renovated it and he wanted to see it.  So of course I started getting all kinds of pictures.  I was his fraternity's sweet heart or Dream Girl as they call it and because of that I was in their annual calendar.  These pictures are so embarrassing to me but still funny to look back on.
The composite picture.

Pike calendar!
Front of the Pike calendar. I don't think Kenny was ready.  
And I apologize for anyone doing anything vulgar in this picture.

Monday, September 5, 2016


This weekend was our first football game for the season.  I can't believe it is already time for football.  We were playing South Alabama and the game was at 11 so we decided this was the perfect opportunity to take Walker to his first game.  We also were not planning to tailgate.  We figured if he didn't do well at the game we could just leave and come home. We made plans to hang with some of our tailgate crew later that day and watch football. We never thought that we would lose the game but in a big upset we lost when it came down to a kick which our kicker missed.  It really  made us sad and is not how we wanted to start the season.  But we knew that this was a possibility because we just lost our star quarterback Dak and lots of other players.  At least our expectations are realistic now. We will always love the Bulldogs.  Just hope we are a young team that will continue to improve!

We were actually at home for the losing kick.  We got into the game early so Walker could see all the pregame stuff because that is so exciting and I always get choked out when the team runs out on the field.  As soon as the game started Walker was not having it for some reason.  Just wasn't happy.  So we took him up to the breezeway and walked around with him and held him up there.  We got him to sit in our seats for most of the second quarter because we bought some popcorn. We stayed for the half time show which Walker enjoyed and then we left a few minutes into the third quarter and came home so Walker could nap.  He promptly passed out in the car! He was so worn out!   Despite the outcome of the game we were so happy to have Walker with us for this game.  I do not think we will take him to any of the others because it was a lot of hard work keeping him remotely happy and we didn't watch ANY of the game.  But he has lots of games in his future.  He will enjoy staying home and playing with the sitter this year!
They have implemented a clear bag policy at the stadium this year.  I had to get a huge bag to carry all my stuff.  I bring stuff to entertain Elle at the games.  The clear bag makes it harder thought because it kills my element of surprise.  
We picked up Shipleys and then stopped by our tailgate just to hang for a little bit in our chairs and shade.  We have lots of friends who tailgate around us so Elle quickly found someone to play with and we passed about an hour before going into the game.
Eating her donuts and hanging with her cheerleader doll.
Walker all smiles with his donut hole!
Annie and Elle playing at the tailgate.
So happy to have my boy with me.
Mississippi State family picture! Check! Was happy we got one! 
Getting pictures with all of us is hard!
Love connection with my friend Foley's little girl Grace.  Foley was coming in the hospital to have her when we were leaving with Walker.  So they have to get married.  Naturally.
Daddy and Walker heading in to the game! Davis Wade int he background!
Walker happy for the moment.
Elle was grumpy after the walk up. Did not want to take a selfie.
Hanging out with Walker in the breezeway at the game.
Occasionally he would yell "football!"

Feeling perkier and would take a pic with Mommy!
Got to the lot our car was in and Elle wanted to be carried. Daddy 
showed off his strength and carried both of them.  
Totally wiped! He took a three hour nap and I had to wake him up.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016


I wanted to do a short post on my fun and quick girls beach trip to Rosemary.  We did all the usual stuff. Sat by the beach, drank cocktails at night and ate delicious food all while we girl talked the entire time!  We had great weather and may of stayed out way to late one night so I am still recovering!

We left early Thursday morning and had fun on the ride down there.  It goes much quicker when you don't have to stop with the kids as much.  Once we got down there we did a quick grocery store run and then went to the condo to get dressed for the night.  We went to Paradis for a cocktail and some appetizers and then went to La Crema for tapas and wine before going to bed!
Sarah and Me at Paradis

We spent a gorgeous day at the beach reading and talking and walked up to Summer Kitchen for a light lunch.  That night we got ready and went over to Alys Beach to have some pre dinner cocktails at Neat and then had dinner at George's.  After that went over to the Pearl for some drinks. It was a fun night!
Bloody Mary on the beach!
Cocktails at Neat.
Selfie at George's
Having a little too much fun at the Pearl.

The next day we were a little slow moving but eventually made our way to the beach and did more laying around.  It got cloudy in the afternoon and Sarah and I did a little shopping for our kids and I got Kenny a little happy.  We stayed out on the beach a long time even though it was cloudy.  Then we went for a late dinner at Cafe 30A.  It was so good but we were all tired.  We joked because we ended the night with coffee! 
Sarah and I both ordered this yummy lobster dish for dinner!
Enjoying our coffee and dessert!

Sunday morning we grabbed some breakfast at the Donut Hole and then hit the road.  It had been such a fun weekend but we were all ready to see our families!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Thursday morning I left early with my two friends Margaret and Sarah to spend the weekend at the beach and I will do a little post on that next.  But I am a lucky girl in that I don't have to worry at all to leave the kids for a little but because Kenny is such an amazing Daddy and never misses a beat while I am gone!  This weekend he even had a couple of curveballs in our well laid plans! I was a few hours away from arriving at the beach when Elle's school called saying Elle was in the office crying and saying she wasn't feeling well.  So Kenny had to go pick her up.  I think she maybe had a tummy ache or was missing me and just wanted to come home.  She made a pretty quick recovery and was able to return to school Friday morning.  She had a little motivation to be well because she had a fun Saturday planned.

Elle had one of her classmates birthday parties Saturday morning and I had arranged for Elle to ride with a friend.  But the friend's mom texted me Saturday morning to tell me one of her children was sick.  So I tried to find her a ride with someone else but everyone was busy with our school's huge fundraiser later that day! So Kenny rolled with the punches and loaded up with Elle (in a princess dress no less) and Walker and headed to the party to hang with all the other moms! The party ended up being lots of fun and Walker ate his way through the entire thing from what I can gather from the pictures. 

After the party they all went home to rest and a babysitter came to keep Walker so Kenny could take Elle to Starkville Academy's Rodeo Roundup.  It is held at the horse park and they have lots of different types of jumpies, a bungee trampoline thing, pony rides, a train, silent auction and lots of other things. Kenny won a birthday party package at the gymnastics place where Elle wants to have her birthday party this year so that was win win!  We have always been out of town for it but it was a big hit this year.  They stayed the entire time and Elle saw lots of her friends and was a hot sweaty mess and totally worn out by the end of it! After the rodeo Elle and Kenny picked up a pizza and went home to eat and then went to bed early! I came home Sunday afternoon to two bathed kids, laundry done and the house clean!  Kenny is the best!

Here are some pictures of their weekend!
I always love these pictures on the golf cart!
They rode up to the club Friday evening because demolition of the pool has started and they wanted to check it out.  They grabbed some dinner to go while they were there too!

Walker ate Elle's cupcake since she doesn't really care for them!

Anna and Elsa from Frozen made an appearance.
Anna painting Elle's fingernails!
Walker enjoying an enormous marshmallow. Like I said he ate his way through the party.
Working on some Frozen artwork.
Violet and Elle.  
Walker passed out after all the morning excitement.
Ready to head into the rodeo!
Pony ride!
My friends were sweet enough to take a picture of Kenny and Elle and send it to me.

Off to the jumpies!
Riding the train! Hot and sweaty but all smiles!