Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Overall we had really great weather the week that we were there. Last summer we had a lot of rainy days but this week we only had one rainy morning. So we had a lazy relaxing morning and then went over to the Paint a Piece Pottery place which was right across from the street from our condo.  We went like 5 minutes after they opened at 10 and managed to snag one of the last tables. There is not a lot to do in Seaside when it rains. I was happy to be able to go and paint pottery because we do it almost every time we are down there and the kids had been asking to go and we told them we would go if it rained. Walker teamed up with Kenny and they chose a piggy bank because Walker did not have a piggy bank. Elle and I were together and she chose a little cat and wanted to paint it like Charlie because she was missing him fiercely! We had a good time and managed to get out of there without any major hiccups or meltdowns and were happy with the finished products when we picked them up a couple days later!

Lazy morning before we head to paint pottery. They were being sweet for 
a millisecond so of course I wanted to try and get picture.

Working on painting their piggy bank blue.

Working on getting Charlie's white coat painted.

Putting on his black spots
Finished products ready for the oven to get nice and shiny.

After we finished at the pottery place we did some shopping and went back to the condo to watch a movie. Then that evening we went out to the amphitheater to see one of our favorite acts Huck and Lilly perform. Emma came to see us ad we had a good night just hanging out!
Hanging out waiting on Huck and Lilly to play.

Watching one of our favorite songs. Fiddler Crab don't play the Fiddle.

The next day of our vacation, Wednesday was so incredibly fun! We made plans to spend the day with the Walters. So that morning they all came over to Seaside. They were staying a little bit down the road in Nature Walk and they beached with us all day. The girls got to meet Emma and she tagged along with them too all day. They played and played and the adults relaxed and then that evening we went over to their house and the boys went and got crab legs and shrimp from Goatfeathers and we had a feast. The kids played and we all went home extremely tired!
Kenny brought us donuts from a new bakery food truck right in front of the condo. 
They were so good but so rich. Could only eat half!
I bought Elle a new swimsuit and it looked so cute on her!
Trying to catch fish which Emma was very good at!
Somebody caught a big ol crab and they were so curious about it!

Walker was content a lot of the time to just play and play and play in the sand.
Sporting his new shark goggles!

A feast of crab legs!


A couple of weeks ago we went on our annual summer vacation down to Seaside. We left Friday after lunch and stopped in Pensacola to break up our trip and then kept driving over to Seaside on Saturday morning. The place we chose to stay this summer was a great spot for our family. It was a 2 bedroom condo right on the amphitheatre loop in Seaside. Right across the street from the beach and right across the street from the amphitheater with ocean views. We have stayed here before just in a different condo! We loved it!

I have several posts that I will do on our vacation and they may be a little out of order! Oh well! 

The only downfall to our condo location was Duckies toy shop was maybe 10 feet away so the kids were dying to go there all the time! Daddy may of obliged a few times!

One night we had a movie and pizza night after a long day at the beach and had to 
get our chocolate cake from Modica! It is tradition!

Playing in the sand and the waves.

We hit up the pool the first afternoon we were there. It was very cloudy so 
everyone had left and we had the place to ourselves pretty much!
Walker officially ditched the puddle jumper floaty while we were on 
vacation and showed us that he can swim too! He looks like such a big boy without it!
Of course one night we went to get ice cream and gelato!
Walker was loving the gigantic ice cream cone.

Making Elle into a mermaid.

Matching swimsuits for the boys!

Rinsing the sand off after a long morning at the pool.
The pool had a frozen treat kitchen and grill which we loved! 
Walker got a sno cone and Elle got a Dr. Pepper float.

Walking back to the condo from the pool.
We went to breakfast at Great Southern one morning. It was delicious as always!

Elle also made several visits to Sun Dog books this year. It is super fun now that she is reading because they have so many books! She had some hard decisions to make between all the books she wanted!
She chose one of the new Babysitter Club books.
Getting ready for a day at the beach!
Carrying his boogie board out to the beach.

So meet Emma! She came strolling up to Elle on the first day to compliment her cartwheel and they were pretty much best friends for the rest of the week! Emma is from Oklahoma and very energetic and active and showed Elle all the fun things you can do at the beach.  The two of them went back and forth between our chair setups all week and we got to know Emma's sister and her parents through the days. It really made the week so much more relaxing because Elle was so content!

Hanging out on the blanket waiting on the REP play to start!

I went and picked up a coupe of our favorite cold items from Modica and this was our dinner and it was so yummy! Just seeing this picture makes me crave that shrimp salad. It is my favorite!

Jack and Missy and the kids were all in town the same weekend so we saw lots of them all week! They came over to hang out with us in the amphitheater after eating dinner and watched some of the play!
Elle was so happy to see them on the first night!