Monday, February 19, 2018


I probably said this last year too but Valentine's has risen to one of my favorite holidays. I realize it isn't a real holiday but I told Kenny the other day I have come to appreciate it because its not a stressful one. Not a lot of pressure to go over the top. It is one day and then its over. I enjoy helping the kids with their Valentine's and I also think the class parties are the most fun because you kid to get hand out the Valentine's to your friends. Plus even if it is cheesy it is fun to celebrate the ones you love!

A few weeks before Valentine's I picked up a few happies for the kids to put in their Valentine's buckets. I surprised them with them at their breakfast spots along with powdered donuts for breakfast!  Elle had gone with me to CVS one day when she was home sick from school and asked to pick Kenny and I each out a card and a treat. She held on to them and spent the morning decorating them for us and was so excited to present us with our Valentine's from her! It was so sweet! Walker was so incredibly pumped for Valentine's Day it was funny. I had put together his Valentine's a week prior and he had gotten his eyes on them and they had Paw Patrol Stickers with gummy bears and we explained to him that they were to hand out to his friends and he seriously could not wait. We probably talked about the Valentine's Day Party with his class every single day for 2-2 weeks!
Walker's Valentine Bucket
Junk food for breakfast!
Elle presenting Kenny with his Valentine. She knows him so well! A huge Reese's heart!
Elle's Valentine bucket.
Wrote us the sweetest cards.

My card and treat from Elle.
Elle was excited to get a mermaid barbie to replace the one 
Walker accidentally broke a week or so earlier.
Walker got some monster slippers he loved and a couple Mickey Roadster Racer cars.
Enjoying her breakfast!

My original Valentine!

Charlie got a little love and wore Elle's Valentine necklace!
Picture of Elle's Valentine's for her classmates. Her teacher 
sent home the class list and asked them to label them on their own.
Both ready to head out to school for a fun day!

I was so excited to pick Walker up and hear all about his party and also watch him go through his Valentine's bag. He couldn't help himself and started digging in the car! He probably had half his candy eaten by the time he got home. My little sweet eater! When we got home Kenny was there and we both sat down with him to go through his bag! He loved that! 
So excited for his Valentines!

Later that afternoon I went up to Elle's school so I could be with her for her class party. It was lots of fun and I enjoyed watching her attentively hand out her Valentines.

Sweet girl getting them all handed out.

Enjoying her snacks and looking forward to going through her loot!
Obligatory party selfie with my girl!

Kenny and I don't normally celebrate Valentine's much other than maybe getting some takeout but this year we made reservations for the 5 course Valentine's Day dinner at Old Waverly with the Cooks and the Walters.  It was so good and super fun to do something different and we enjoyed doing it with couples!
Picture of the water color menu. I may of been indecisive and couldn't 
decided between the desserts so I got both and ate every bite of both!
They gave all the ladies a rose on our way out.
I ordered the kids and Lacey and Cole who babysat some heart shaped pizzas for dinner! 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


This weekend we took a quick trip down to Fairhope so we could go to our favorite Mardi Gras Parade, Maids of Jubilee. We checked Elle out of school a little early and made the drive down. We pulled into town right as Gramma, PopPop, Sandy and Paul were getting downtown. So we went straight to Bone and Barrel to eat a quick dinner. After dinner we went to claim a spot so we could watch the parade. We met up with our friends the Smitherman's and their extended family so we could all stand together. We actually introduced the Sarah and Jeremy to the parade a few years ago and they have been coming ever since! It is so family friendly. We have missed the last couple of years with Walker being so small but were happy to be back this year! The floats are so pretty and the kids caught so much good stuff! They aren't just throwing beads at this one! We always come home with tons of toys, Moon Pies and other things! 

Abigail and Anna Claire made signs to hold up in the car on the way down and gave Elle one to hold which was really funny! Elle loved it! This was Walker's first time to go to the parade that he wasn't a tiny baby. We knew he would love it! But as usual for his little personality he was a little quiet the first pass the parade took although as each float passed and he realized he was getting toys thrown at him he got more and more excited and by the second pass he was totally game! Love it so much and since we got home and he's played with all his stuff he says "who threwed this to me?" He has talked about it non stop too! It was a really fun night and I am so glad that Walker is old enough now so we can make the memories year after year!
 Elle hanging out with Gramma and Aunt Sandy
Gramma love.
Family picture after the first float pass.
The whole family except Paul who was taking the picture.
Long time sweet friends Abigail and Elle.
Walker feeling a little overwhelmed.

Elle holding up her sign.

Big smiles from Walker as the night went on.

Saturday morning Gramma sent Kenny and I on our merry way for a breakfast date and some shopping. The kids played at home and then Aunt Sandy came over and they all went to see the new Peter Rabbit movie. Kenny and I had a sushi lunch at our favorite place ever before coming home to take a two hour nap until the kids got home. It was heaven.
Pop Pop putting together Elle's birthday gift from them.

Sunday morning we hit up our favorite spot The Warehouse for breakfast 
before getting on the road for home!

Walker enjoy a Valentine Little Debbie on the way home. Our sweet eater 
loves to get junky snacks on road trips!

Thursday, February 8, 2018


Saturday night was something our family had been looking forward to since they announced the date and the theme! The annual Daddy Daughter Dance. This year's theme was A Royal Ball. All the little girls were so excited for this theme. So we quickly did some online shopping and had some ball gowns sent to the house to try on.  I made sure to not influence Elle in her decision because I wanted her to love her dress. She had a strong favorite and so we went with that one and I went about accessorizing the dress for the night! I found her a little cape to wear since it was supposed to be cold and then also got her some new shoes with a little sparkle.  I also ordered a corsage with her dress color noted for Kenny to present to her the night of the dance. We also went to Claire's the Friday afternoon after school so Elle could use some of her gift cards she received for her birthday and she ended up picking out a rhinestone choker for the ball. She loved it so much she wore it all day Saturday in preparation!

The night before Kenny offered to send Elle and me to do have our nails done and we happily obliged! It was fun getting pampered together as part of the preparations.
Stopped for hot cocoa and coffee before nails.
Elle did some reading while we were there.
Pretty little corsage. 
Drying hair before the dance.

I plugged up my curling wand thinking I would be able to curl Elle's hair even though I can't really  curl my own hair. After a couple of attempts I quickly realized I may of gotten myself into trouble and texted Lacey to see if she happened to be over at Craig and Ava's. Luckily she was and came right over with her friend Carrie to save the day! She did such a great job and Elle's hair looked so pretty! After hair it was time for just the tiniest amount of mascara and blush and then we put on her dress. Daddy was getting ready so we did lots of solo pictures!
Lacey working her magic!

All ready for the ball. She loved this blue dress. She never said it 
but I think because it was so Cinderella-esque.

Few pictures in her cape too.

Kenny got all ready and then snuck out and into the car and drove the car around to the front door and rang the door bell to pick her up and give her his corsage. She loved the corsage and we had to explain to her what it was.

Lots of pictures with Daddy before they left.

Walker was dying to go to the ball too and was so sad when they left.

Reports from Kenny and Elle were that the dance was super fun. Kenny was sore the next day from all the dancing he did with Elle. Apparently she was really into the lifts and twirls that night.  After the dance they went for ice cream and then had a Daddy Daughter sleepover where they watched Leap before falling asleep. It was a perfect evening that meant so much to both of them!
Elle and her friend Audrey Caroline.

In front of the very fancy palace background.