Tuesday, December 12, 2017


This weekend was a busy one spent in Memphis celebrating Christmas. We were still in Starkville on Friday. Friday afternoon we picked Elle up from school, ran a few errands and then went to see The Star as a family. It is a cute Christmas movie that tells the story of the birth of Jesus from the viewpoint of the animals that were there. We all really liked it. After the movie we went to Lost Pizza for a casual dinner and then home to bed so we could wake up and drive to Memphis.
Killing some time before the movie starts by having a photo shoot in front of the movie promo.
When we got home Kenny was holding Charlie and Elle took this picture. It makes me laugh. 

Saturday morning we woke up and got ready and hit the road around 9 for Memphis. When we got into town we went to Huey's for lunch. Elle requested Hueys because she likes blowing the toothpicks at the ceiling and she and Kenny always go there. While we were there Annie showed up to hang with us for a little bit before we all went to Enchanted Forest together.
Walker giving me some love at the restaurant.
Walker wanted to get in on the picture that I was trying to take of Daddy and Elle.
Nannee brought the kids gingerbread cookies from Muddy's.

After lunch we drove over to the Pink Palace to go see Santa and the Enchanted Forest. I can't think of a single year that we haven't gone to the Enchanted Forest during Christmas.  The trains and the gingerbread houses were the main hits this year. Santa not so much!
Heading into the Pink Palace.
Traditional picture on the way in.

Watching the trains. 

This was our favorite Gingerbread House-landscape. 
This one was so pretty.
Walker chose this as his favorite tree. It was super hero themed.
Elle chose this Pretty in Pink tree as her favorite.
Walker did not want anything to do with Santa. Didn't even want to 
sit on the rocking horse in front of him.

Our final picture. One for memory books.

After we were done with Enchanted Forest we dropped Nannee off and then went to check into our hotel. We hung out there for a little while and then went and had a quick dinner downstairs at Grisantis. Then it was time for our carriage ride through Starry Nights.
Walking up to our hotel room.

The kids love to play on the hotel phones anytime we stay at a hotel.

When we lived in Memphis we always went to Starry Nights at Shelby Farms. Then we moved to Starkville, Kenny and Elle started a tradition of going to Memphis for the night together and riding a carriage through the attraction. This was the first year we felt Walker was old enough! He was the perfect age! He loved it all so much and we were so happy to be able to join Kenny and Elle. Kenny booked the Cinderella carriage for us that is all lit up and is so pretty. It is pulled by a horse which Walker loved. It was so cold that day and night but I knew it was going to be cold so I packed lots of layers and we sat all together and weren't that cold at all during the ride. The lights were great and the ride was so fun with the kids. When it was done we went back to the car and Elle wanted to get hot chocolate but she fell asleep as we got in the car so we just took everyone back to the hotel to bed! 
All bundled up and ready for our Starry Nights carriage ride.

This was the first time the kids slept together in the same bed at a hotel. 
Walker has officially grown out of his pack n play.
All cuddled up.

Sunday morning we packed up and met Annie to take her breakfast for her birthday. Then we hit the road and were back in Starkville by lunchtime to relax and get ready for the week!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


Sunday morning we skipped church and got the kids bathed and just had a slower morning so we could get ready for our rservetation with Santa at Old Waverly. Elle was excited to see Santa. We had a good feeling that Walker wasn't going to love him in person this year even though he loves him from a distance. Elle sat right in his lap and told him what she wanted. She gave him a big hug too. Walker screamed. But later on when it was closer to the end of the morning, Kenny took him back to the room where Santa was and they orchestrated a sneak attached so we could get them in a picture together. He was so smart to think of that although I still think Walker was still little unsure.
 Elle with Santa 2017
 Giving him a big hug before we left to go sit down to eat.
 Walker not having it.
 Walker may have an idea that Santa is back there but he isn't screaming so we will take it as a win!

After we saw Santa we went to sit down at our table. We made reservations with our friends the Walters so the girls could sit together. The food was so good and the desserts were a big hit!
 Ready for Christmas lunch!

 The Cooks were there with Bailey and Margaret's parents. Walker was happy to see Mr. Jay.

After breakfast the girls wanted to have their faces painted and they had a few activities outside in the courtyard so we went out there before we left to go home. The girls decided they all wanted to be Rudloph. I was a little unsure how that was going to look but it turned out really cute! Elle was very pleased with it!

 Waiting in line to have their faces painted.
Elle's turn to get her face painted.

 All finished! Our little Rudolph.
 Walker didn't want to get his face painted until we got in the car to leave of course. 
So he hung out with Daddy.
 A whole gang of Rudolphs.

After we left I started feeling really poorly. Missy offered to come get Elle and bring her to church with them for the family advent night. They had a great time making Christmas crafts and hearing the  Christmas Story!