Monday, October 21, 2013


With Kenny out of town for the last week for furniture market (he gets back today) I tried to convince my sister to come to Starkville for the weekend.  But somehow she managed to get us to come up there.  Elle misses her Nanee so much since we moved away from Memphis and there were lots of fall/Halloween festivities to do so to Memphis we went.

Friday night we met our friends at Hope Fest at Hope Church.  It might be the biggest church I have ever been in.  It was absolutely ginormous and this fall festival was more like a fair.  HUGE!  We had a lot of fun but were totally wiped when we got home from the crowd and all the stimulation. They had a ton of age appropriate games inside, along with laser tag, toddler jumpies, concessions and probably a lot of stuff we missed.  Then outside they had about 15 different blow up jumpie things along with fair food, a petting zoo and a choo choo train.  I am telling you...this place was no joke! Plus they gave out a ton of awesome candy to the kids.  

Elle was a unicorn.  I bought her this costume last year but she refused to wear it because she would not wear anything on her head.  I was so happy when we did a test run in September and the costume still fit AND she actually would put the head part on.
Walking into Hope Fest. Bucket in hand.  Cutest unicorn I ever did see.  
Yay! Reunited!  They love each other so much that little unicorn and dinosaur.
Headed for the games.
Cannot believe she took a picture with this scary panda.  

Now we pause this picture overload post to tell a story best told by pictures.
Sweet friends posing with Elle's flower balloon.
Then the balloon popped.  We were still standing right next to the balloon table so a nice man immediately handed Elle another identical balloon but Elle was still sad about her other balloon and a little frightened.  Loftin being a gentleman was worried about Elle.
A sweet kiss on the cheek from a friend makes it all better.
We ended the night with a ride on the choo choo.  By the end of it I think they all would 
of been asleep on that train in just a few more minutes.

Saturday, we ran a ton of errands and did some shopping before going to Zoo Boo at the Memphis Zoo that night.  Elle has not been napping so she was really kind of tired for it and it got really cold really fast.  We did not stay long.  We had fun nonetheless.  
Elle and Nannee taking in the haunted pumpkins singing "This is Halloween."
Riding the airplane ride.  Elle had her serious really tired face on and 
was not wanting me to take her picture.

Friday, October 18, 2013


It has been a while since I have done a  Five for Friday. But I thought I could maybe possible write a post that wasn't extremely heavy on what we are doing and all about Elle.  So I give it the old college try and see at the end how it turns out.  

Make Up Finds - Earlier this week I made a big order with Sephora to replace a lot of things in my daily make up routine but I did decide to try a new product.  I wanted a powder that didn't have any color to it but would set my makeup and make me feel less oily. I read great reviews on the Laura Mercier Finishing Powder and I have been using it the last few days.  I am really pleased with it.  It doesn't look cakey but gives my face a little bit of a glow.  Sephora also sent me a sample of the Bumble and Bumble Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner and while I had my doubts it made my hair feel really soft and I had a great hair day.  It is not that expensive so now I am considering getting some of that.  Guess that is the point of those silly samples.

Mommy Tip - For some strange reason everything they serve at Elle's school is red.  Lasagna which I really hate because she seems to come home with garlic breath on those days and I have an extremely low tolerance for garlic breath. Besides the point, so they serve lasagna, spaghetti, sloppy joes and even barbecue meatballs.  The they sit them at these picnic like picnic tables so the chances of them dropping food on their clothes is high.  People might say to send her in clothes that I don't care about but really...what clothes am I completely okay with spending money on and then ruining.  None.  So here is my go to stain remover clothes saving tip. 

Step 1: Resolve carpet cleaner. Yep carpet cleaner. I spray the spots directly then I usually scrub with a rag.
Step 2:Dawn soap. It cutes the grease.  I drizzle lots of it on there.  
Step 3: Oxi Clean powder.  I sprinkle it all over then I scrub scrub scrub.  
Step 4: Repeat Step 1-3 if the stain is being really stubborn.  
Step 5: Once I feel like the stain is almost gone.  I fill a bowl with cold water and throw the dress in and might add more Dawn soap. I let it soak overnight at the very least.
Step 6: Wash in washing machine.  Upon pulling it out I reevaluate the stain and decide if I need to do the entire process all over again. But usually once does the trick

Fall TV- Kenny and I have been pretty picky about any new shows we have picked up this fall season. I feel like so many came out.  We were already pretty devoted to Survivor, American Horror Story, Parenthood, 2 Broke Girls, Shark Tank, Nashville, Modern Family, Top Chef and probably a few trashy reality shows that I DVR and watch without Kenny.  As far as new shows go we are really liking Sean Saves The World. We are still on the fence about the Michael J. Fox Show and The Crazy Ones.  

 New Town Update - I have really started to like Starkville. The town itself  has lots of things to do for families that Elle enjoys and then of course there is the University and all the events there. We just decided to go ahead and get basketball season tickets so we would have something fun to do over the winter.  It will be inside, two games a week and we think Elle will just go crazy over all the action at The Hump. Now, depending on what day you ask me I might tell you I feel great about how I am doing socially and other days I might just be calling a bestie (in another city) crying about how lonely I am. But I am making the best of it all and I feel like I am starting to slowly but surely make friends.  People are truly very friendly here, its more that I need a girlfriend for girls nights and to go see girly movies with me.  I miss my girly movie nights!

Christmas Shopping - Yes! I said Christmas shopping.  My family takes Christmas very seriously and we like to start shopping very early.  My sister started nagging me to death about Christmas ideas for Kenny, Elle and I WEEKS ago.  I have since gotten on the early shopping bandwagon for the year. I am of the mindset-get the shopping out the way so that come December you can focus on the reason for the season and all the fun family things that come along with it.  I am excited about what Santa has planned for Elle and the other important people in my life. More on that to come!  

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


We spent a lot of last week quarantined to the house because Elle had a virus but towards the end of the week we managed to get out and have a little a lot of fun.

Wednesday night Annie came in town with a friend and we all went out for margaritas and cheese dip. Then Kenny and Elle headed home and we head to see Fun. at The Hump.  My sister bought these tickets before we even moved to Starkville and I was feeling a little under the weather that night and did not really feel like going but I am so glad I did. Their music was really catchy and they put on a great show.  I was only familiar with the songs they have on the radio.   But even today I was listening to their album on Spotify.  I am definitely becoming a fan!
Fun. at The Hump

Poor Elle was missing school and music class so much so I decided to pull out the paint and glitter (duh) and let her paint one of the smaller pumpkins we bought at the pumpkin patch.  She had an absolute blast even if her pumpkin did end up black from all the colors mixing.  Crafty moms? How do yall do handle the messes?  Or is that just part of it?  I feel like I don't plan well and things get out of hand or the craft doesn't really go as intended.  Am I doing it all wrong.  Please tell me!!
Friday night we went as a family to Starkville Junior Auxiliary's Chilifest.  Obviously it is a chili competition but they had crafts and jumpys and it seemed like the entire town of Starkville was there so we had a lot of fun.  Lots of Elle's little friends were there from school and they had a ball playing together.  It was so cute.

Elle got her face painted again.  She was so excited but she is so funny about it.  She gets so serious.
Look at that serious face.  And still being very still.
Then I wanted to take a picture and she totally turned into a creepy doll baby.  
This picture makes me laugh hysterically.
Elle and Abigail enjoying their kids plates.  I swear at this age you ask them to smile or look at the camera and they purposely look any other way.  Oh well.
See.  Point made.  "Elle. Smile with Daddy.  Elle. Say cheese." And this is what i get.

Kids go crazy for a jumpy.

Saturday was actually game day and Homecoming but we wanted to take Elle to the game with us and since it was a 6:30 PM game we decided to have an easy going day with no tailgating.  We took Elle for donuts and we played at home and then put her down for a nice long nap.  
She is so happy when she is at Shipleys.

Once she woke up from her nap we got dressed in our maroon attire and headed to campus.  We stopped by some friend's tailgate before heading into the game.  Elle had so much fun at the game and it makes me so happy when we get to bring her with us.  I actually did not take a whole lot of pictures.  But we had a great time.
We were leaving but Elle and Kenny were yelling at the Bulldogs to "
Stooooopppp theeeemmm" on third down. Ha!

Sunday was spent relaxing and playing while Kenny prepared to go to furniture market.  I was not feeling well still and actually ended up getting a stomach bug or food poisoning that night.  But it was still such a great weekend.

Friday, October 11, 2013


So I am thrilled that there is an amazing little pumpkin patch in this area. Elle says "punkin" when talking about her pumpkins.  It is a small drive but good authentic pumpkin patches usually are.  On Tuesday, we went with some new friends.  A little girl in Elle's class named Abigail and her mom Sarah who I have become friends with.  

We couldn't of asked for a more beautiful day.  It was just cool enough to break out some boots.  Hooray for boot weather.  Elle and Abigail had a ball and were worn out by the end of it.
The best selfie we could manage.  Elle was mastering the squint/scowl ha!
Elle and Abigail doing some swinging.
When we started school Elle's teachers kept calling her Abigail and I can totally see why.  
Sweet girls do favor each other just a little bit.

Love this sweet picture!

Funny enough, the next day Kenny took the morning off wanted to take Elle to the pumpkin patch for himself.  It was a much cloudier day but Elle was so excited to show him "her" pumpkin patch.

We started off with the hayride and then Elle wanted to go play in the corn.  She loves the giant sandboxes filled with corn kernels.  The high light of the day was watching her on the barrel choo choo train ride.  It is a pretty long ride and they wind their way through the entire pumpkin patch.  Elle loved it but every time she could see us she would just wave and wave. It was another one of those moments I was smiling so much my cheeks hurt.
Ugg.  Definitely not our best family seflie.  But I am kind of enjoying putting 
these family pics on here. Just the phase of life we are in!
Rolling around in the corn.
Waiting on the choo choo ride.
Having a daddy pep talk about staying on our bottom while the train is moving ha!
Still waiting.  We had to wait for a big field trip class load up.
Finally taking off!

I imagine that we will find ourselves at the pumpkin patch at least one other time before this season is over.  And I imagine we will enjoy it just as much!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


This weekend was another big game weekend.  Mississippi State was set to play LSU.  I love the atmosphere at SEC games.  The hype is just so much more intense and then of course there is always a bigger crowd that descends on Starkville.  We decided to let Elle have a weekend with CC so that Kenny and I could have a little together adult time.  I drove down and met my mom in Meridian for the exchange and then drove back Friday afternoon

Friday night was also Bulldog Bash.  I was not all that enthusiastic about the headlining band, The Black Crowes but did decided to go eat with Kenny and two of his friends that were in town. We headed out for margaritas and Mexican food.  After a few drinks I had a change of heart and decided to go to Bulldog Bash for a little while.  But shortly after arriving I was burning up from the humidity and the large crowd and my feet had been stepped on 10 times.  So I left and went to bed.  I am getting old. Kenny and his friends had lots of fun though.

The next morning more friends came in town and we hung out at our condo before heading to the tailgate.  We all worried it was going to being miserably hot but it actually turned out to be very nice.  We enjoyed lots of good food and hanging out before going into the game.
Kenny and I enjoying some couple time a the tailgate.  
Some of the guys.
It is no secret that the Bulldogs were not favored to win this game but they surprised everyone and played their hearts out in the first three quarters.  We were even winning at one point which I took a picture to document!
Unfortunately it all went a little down hill towards the end of the game but we still had a blast cheering on our team!

By Sunday I was exhausted and was missing Elle so incredibly much.  I missed her the entire weekend.  Any time  saw a little girl.  I was so ready to go get her!  She and my mom had such a great weekend together though and she came home and is still talking about it!
My mom took Elle to her friends house for lunch and I received this picture. Ha!

And our friend Richard from college took these pictures of Lena this weekend and sent them to me.  She is getting to be an old dog so I wanted to include them and mention her on our family blog!

Friday, October 4, 2013


On Monday we left Fairhope and headed down I-10 to Waveland to our friend Megan and Patrick's house.  Because we just had not seen enough of them lately ha! A few weeks ago I surprised Kenny with tickets to the Saints vs. Dolphins game. Kenny has loved the Dolphins since I have know him and we totally lucked out that their game against the Saints was Monday Night Football.

Megan and Patrick have season tickets so we all rode over to New Orleans late afternoon.
Elle and Francis were so happy to see each other.  The babysitter said they 
played so hard and then both just conked out that night.

Once we arrived in New Orleans we stopped at a Saints Dive bar for some dinner and drinks. Then it was time to head to the game!
The girls.
The boys.  Kenny wore his teal polo in support of the Dolphins.  I was proud of him.  The Saints fans can be a pretty rough and tough crowd.  But they did not give him too much trouble.

Ours seats were great and the game was so much fun.  Unfortunately the Dolphins lost pretty good.  But we still really enjoy the Saints so overall it was all fun.  

The next morning Megan woke up to find that she did not have to go to work because she works for NASA and was included in the furlough.  So we decided to have ourselves a morning before Elle and I  went home.  We took the kids to donuts and breakfast and then for a long time at the park.  They were totally wiped by the time we got done.  Wouldn't you know Elle did not nap on the entire 4 hour ride home!
Elle enjoying her chocolate covered sprinkle donut. This donut with that 
particular sprinkle is my personal fave too.

Thursday, October 3, 2013


This past weekend we drove down to Fairhope so that Kenny could sail in a big Regatta with his Dad.  I cannot say it enough.  I am so happy that Kenny's parents retired to Fairhope.  It is such an amazing little town, the water, the yacht club, the SHOPPING, the restaurants.  It is just the perfect place to get visit on a regular basis.

Saturday was day one of the race so Kenny and his Dad were off early in the morning.  And Mrs.Ann loves to play with Elle every second she is there so she sent me off to shop and enjoy the day.  I am so appreciative of this time.  This weekend I had my mom drive down from Hattiesburg because she wanted to do some shopping herself and had never been into a lot of the shops down there.

We had such a great day and I got some cute things along with buying my black boots that were on the NEED list for the fall.  After a long day of shopping my mom headed back to Hattiesburg and Kenny and his Dad came home with pizza and we watched college football.  

Sunday, Kenny and his Dad left early again.  So Mrs. Ann, Elle and I just hung around and relaxed.  I did make a quick run to Target where I hit the jackpot of maroon clothing for great clothes.  I actually had to put maroon stuff back.

That afternoon we all headed up to the yacht club to meet Kenny and his Dad for the award ceremony. We thought they were going to get first (like they always do because they are pretty good) but they got second on a technicality.  Which kind of stunk but we were all super proud of them!
This is the best picture we have taken of a family in a long time even though Elle is pouting.  All of us looking at the camera is a definite win.  Now I just wish I could photoshop that beer out of my hand.

After the ceremony we went down to the boat and took it for a small little cruise before pulling it out of the water.  This was the first time Elle got in the boat.  She loved it.  Although, at this age I bet she might get bored after a little while.  If we take her for a longer cruise then I might have to pack some Ariel just in case.
Love this picture.  Kenny and I are already looking forward to the day that Elle sails in her first regatta. Kenny is ready to teach her the rope.  Literally.

Another almost decent family pic.  
I posted this one on Instagram but had to include it on the blog.  We told Elle that she was steering the boat by pulling those ropes and sweet girl took it so seriously.  Her face and struggle is totally real.  Mine not so much!