Monday, January 30, 2017


These past couple weeks we haven't been super busy. We had a nice weekend at home this past weekend and were able to hang out and just relax.  The weather finally got cold again so we snuggled in the house.  Elle and Walker had a good week at school last week despite both of them having colds.  Elle was especially excited because they have been counting up to the 100th Day of School. 

 Walker doing a little reading one day in the car. He loves this trains, cars and planes book.
 Olivia, Elle and Abigail reading a book together before ballet class started.
 I kept Walker home one day because he was running a fever and 
we had fun together playing and staying in our pajamas all day.
Walker has started carrying this little dog and a small Elmo doll everywhere he goes.  

Elle totally got into 100th Day of School this year and decided to dress up like a granny who is 100 years old. She would come home every day and announce that they were one day closer.  On the actual day I helped her get dressed and gave her a special hair do.
She didn't like the bun I did at first. I agreed with her in that it was more ballet bun and not old lady. So this is what I came up with. She was pleased.
I bought her two different pairs of glasses to try from the Dollar Store.  I thought these were more granny like but she liked the other ones better. But I made her take a picture with these too.
 My sweet granny!
 Granny pose after the glass swap.
 Daddy and his Granny girl.
 Walker wanted in on the picture.
 I posed for a quick selfie despite not being picture ready. 
Loved helping her get ready for her big 100th day!
 Elle and some of her friends made the school's Facebook page.  
These are a few of her closest friends. Elle, Audrey, Aubrey, Cate and Ella.
Everyone who dressed up in their sweet grade.
 When she came home from school she had a special snack and worksheet she was happy to do.
 Snapped a few pictures of these two cuddling one weekend morning.

Sunday afternoon I went to see A Dog's Purpose with Margaret and it was so good but soooooooo sad.  I mean really sad.  Margaret being a huge dog lover cried the entire movie and I cried a lot too.  When I got home I still needed to get it all out so I told Kenny the sad way all the dogs died (yes for real) and then loved on Lena.
 Giving my old girl some hugs through my tears.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


While we did our main celebrating last weekend during Elle's birthday party, Elle's birthday wasn't for another week.  So I feel like we celebrated for a very very long time.  I have learned to appreciate birthdays more since having kids so we let the celebrations keep rolling! Kenny left Tuesday morning for market so on Monday night we all had a family dinner where I made one of Kenny's favorite easy meals and then we all had slices of birthday party cake and let Elle blow out the candles and we sang happy birthday. Side note: Walker now knows the happy birthday song because we have sung it so many times to Elle this week!
Blowing her candles out for a second time!
Hooray for cake! Walker ate all of his of course.
While we ate cake we talked to Elle about her exciting delivery story and then I pulled out the blog book to show her pictures and let her see how tiny she was.  She loved the blog book and ended up going through several of them that night. That made me happy since here I am still blogging!
Since Elle had dance camp until 5 each day I had lots of extra time with my Walker buddy.  
So I have to include a few random pictures of how cute he is.
He went to the grocery store with me so I could pick up M&M cookies for Elle's school celebration and he conned me into getting him a special train balloon.  Then the floral lady gave him a Kroger one too. He was beside himself. Loves loves balloons.
This was the next day on the way to PDO. He insisted I bring the balloons in the car.

So anytime Kenny is at market, it is always the weekends that are the hardest. And this past weekend we had zero plans and it was Elle's birthday.  So she and I discussed what she wanted to do and she requested to go Chick Fil A to play and to eat lunch and then go to Claire's to spend her gift card she got from Margaret.  Then on Sunday for her actual birthday we spent the day at home. I made a big breakfast and let Elle blow out the candles. Walker gave her presents from him which she really loved and we played and then Elle and I baked birthday cupcakes together and watched movies. It was a rainy day and low key. But of course me, Walker and Elle had cupcakes after dinner together and they were delish. Kenny was so sweet and surprised Elle with a  balloon and candy delivery that also had a cute little doll.  He had already sent flowers because he was missing her dance performance. He is so sweet to her and I am so happy that he is teaching her how a boy should treat a girl!
Told her to smile and this is what she did.  She's so funny.
Enjoying his lunch.
Ice cream after lunch and a little more playtime.
Her sweet happy from her Daddy. 
Pulling out her doll.
Eating her and Daddy's favorite candy that came in her delivery.

Sunday morning breakfast.  Wearing her birthday crown from 
school on Friday where she celebrated there too.
Letting Walker and I sing to her one more time!
Ready to open her presents from Walker. (I helped him pick them out.)
This picture is blurry but wanted to include it because it shows how excited she was. 
A Moana dress up outfit!
Checking it out!
Hugs for brother.
Putting the cupcake liners in the tins.
Mixing up the cake batter.
Putting the cake batter in the liners so they could go in the oven!
We let Walker try out a plain cake cupcake and he chowed down.  
I haven't found a sweet that baby doesn't like.
We watched Homeward Bound while we iced cupcakes and she loved it. She was excited in this picture because Sassy was still alive.  I love introducing her to movies I loved as a kid!

A sweet brother sister moment that I am sure passed quickly.
On our way to PDO Monday morning. Walker asked me 
to bring these two balloons from Elle's birthday delivery.

Monday, January 23, 2017


Last week Elle participated in her school's dance camp and had the absolute best time.  She loved it so much. She had lots of friends that were doing it with her too and she would come home every night and show me all her new moves.  Kenny was at market all week so it was helpful that she had something fun to do after school and I would not pick her up until 5.  Which in turn I would end up missing her all day because I usually pick her up much earlier than that.  I was worried that she would be exhausted and in a foul mood but she really held up well and we had a pretty good week with Kenny being gone.

On Friday the girls were set to perform at the high school basketball during halftime and then I made some plans with a couple if my friends who have good friends of Elle's to go out for mexican afterwards. I got a sitter for Walker. Elle was super excited for the performance and I wish I could post the video because she did so great! I was super proud of her and it was really fun to watch. They danced to the song Uptown Funk.  

After they dance I went to pick her up in the band hall and then we headed out for dinner. The girls were great during dinner eating and coloring My Little Pony pictures and us moms actually got to talk for a little while.  We ended up giving Collier and Meredith a ride home and stopped by Churn and Spoon for some ice cream too before heading home. It was a great night and we had a lot of fun.
Ella, Elle and Audrey
Elle, Cate and Audrey

Cate's mom told them to strike a dance pose. Audrey down on the floor is my favorite.  So funny!
Sweet girls ready for some chips and dip!
Ice cream date with Collier!

Silly faces!