Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Oh Peter Pan.  How you have remained such a large part of our lives for the past year makes me laugh.  But our love for Peter Pan is serious business.  So much so that I felt that I needed to write a post just for this to remember these sweet times.

Last summer Elle was obsessed with the Disney movie Peter Pan.  She loved it so much that I think she may of watched it twice a day while we are at the beach.  We would come home from the beach and dump her in the bath and then that little water baby would curl up in our bed at the beach house and watch Peter Pan on the iPad and fall asleep most days.  The obsession lasted all summer for sure. I even chose a Peter Pan quote for Walkers nursery as an ode to Elle's love of Peter Pan.

Other little girls were still loving Frozen and in our house it was all about Peter Pan.  Then as the holidays started to approach commercials for the Live Musical Peter Pan started to air on TV and she immediately took an interest.  She was totally enamored with the "I Won't Grow Up" song.  We started listening to the musical soundtrack on Spotify to prepare for the TV version.  She loved it!  And of course I secretly loved it because I love all things musical and I loved singing along with her.

So the TV version aired and I made sure to record it on our DVR and I have to say the first time she watched it she didn't really seem all that interested.  I personally thought it wasn't that great.  I remember watching another version as a child and it was much better.  But then the next day she asked to watch it again and the next day again.  In no time she knew all the songs and we were listening to the Broadway soundtrack every time we were in the car.

And then....

Kenny was out of town for Las Vegas market and we'd been having a rough go at it and Elle was watching Peter Pan and I left the room and I come back and she says "Mommy, Peter Pan went off."  So I got to turn it back on and some how she had DELETED it off of our DVR. DELETED!  We all had a meltdown! I cried, she cried.  It was so sad.

So I managed to find it on Amazon along with another older more play like version similar to the one I remember watching with Cathy Rigby.  That version amped the obsession into overdrive.  Her favorite thing to do is act out the play while she is watching it.  She adores Wendy and likes for me to be Peter Pan.

For her birthday I surprised her with a Wendy gown that I had made on Etsy so that she could play dress up and she loved it.
So I know that one day she'll stop loving or even caring about Peter Pan but her love for it now has made us smile on so many occasions and created some great memories.  Love my sweet little girl so incredibly much!

Monday, February 16, 2015


Last week we hit the road so Kenny could work in South Mississippi. We stopped in Hattiesburg to spend two nights with my mom.  I was able to hit up Target and Kenny and I were able to sneak away one night for a wonderful date night.  Plus CeCe got some bonding time with Elle and Walker.
I have to include this sweet smiley picture of Walker that I took in Hattiesburg.  
He is just smiling and cooing so much and I love it!

On Friday we loaded up the car again to head down to Fairhope.  We were excited because of our annual tradition of going to the Maids of Jubilee parade downtown.  We have attended this parade the last three years, maybe four and I cannot say enough good things about it.  It is safe and clean and the floats are so pretty plus the krewes throw out majorly good stuff! We came home with a huge teddy bear, a monkey taller than Elle and a ton more stuffed animals and toys and beads.  I am questioning what I will do with all this stuff because believe me we DO NOT need another stuffed animal in this house!

We went downtown for a very early dinner and opted for a casual pizza place called The Ravenite.  We got there just in time because the place got crowded really quickly right after we were seated.
Mr. Ken and Mrs. Ann waiting on the pizzas!
A semi decent picture of the four of us!  

I was so excited because our good family friends came down to spend the weekend in Fairhope and come to the parade too! Like I said I talked this parade up so much I lured them down here!  Luckily they had so much fun at the parade and it did not disappoint!  Elle was absolutely thrilled to have two of her best friends there!
Elle, Abigail and Anna Claire waiting on the parade to start.
We were standing on the parade route in front of the hotel Sarah and Jeremy were staying at and the hotel had balconies.  People were throwing things off the balcony and all three girls caught cute teddy bears before the parade even started.  Sarah and I joked we could of just gone home then!
Group pic with good friends! So happy to have found them after we moved!
Oh my goodness these horns! They love them so much but they are so loud! They still had the best time running around making all kinds of noise!

Look! Even Kenny and I managed a picture together!
The girls having the best time yelling "throw me sumthin mista!"
One of the last floats to go by pointed right and Elle and tossed her this enormous monkey! I'm not kidding! It is taller than she is! It is very soft and she loves it.  I set it on our stairs last night and he kept scaring me to death because it is like a child is sitting on the stairs. She also insisted it ride in the car with us to school this morning.  After I dropped her off I turned around to see the monkey peering at Walker in his car seat. This was not a staged picture!  Funny and creepy!

Kenny and I are not fans of Valentine's Day at all but did have plans to go eat breakfast downtown and then do a little shopping but Kenny woke up feeling really really bad.  Initially we thought he had just overdone it the night before and still recovering from his sinus surgery a week ago but now I am pretty convinced he had a stomach bug.  He dragged himself to breakfast with me against all my objections and we did manage to go into a few stores but then we headed home where he layed on the sofa the rest of the weekend.  So far the rest of us have been spared so fingers crossed!

Monday, February 9, 2015


I will not be cliche.  I will not be cliche.  Okay fine.  I can't believe that Walker is three months old today!  Now that he is sleeping more it is really starting to fly by.  I told Kenny the other day that I have fallen in love with Walker. I loved him from the minute I saw him but newborns are tough, so when they start to smile and cook and giggle at you your heart just melts and for me that is when I fall in love. I just think he is so perfect.  Even though as I write this he has not let me put him down in the last three or four days.  He is going through a developmental leap and is extremely fussy.  But I am hoping he will come out of it really soon.  

So here are some pictures from the last month.  
My good good friend Sarah has a little baby fever and offered to keep Walker for a morning.  She also chose a morning where Elle was at preschool so I was kid free.  It was a total win win.  She got a baby fix and I was kid free for a bit.
She loves him so much.  Gives him so much affection. Sometimes he looks at her like you just wait until I get older.  So funny.

I take so any pictures of him when he sleeps.  I just can't help it.  He is just so sweet and innocent when he sleeps.
Some of my favorite pictures to date.  Kenny was trying to get him to smile and instead scared him and he got so upset.  It was so pitiful!
Oh how this picture makes me smile.  My sleeping boys.
Kenny with his arms full.  I think Elle and Kenny look so much alike in this picture.
Kenny went to market for 10 days this past month.  Bedtime could get a little hairy sometimes.  This was a picture I took during bedtime.  I had Walker across my lap and was shaking him with my legs while I read books to Elle.
Swaddled and ready for bed.
About the time I started trying to capture a smile on camera.  This was one of my 
first attempts and I caught a small one.
Sleepy time selfie with Mommy.
Loving his mobile lately.

Snuggly boy.
Working on tummy time and holding our head up better.
 Sister making him laugh.
One more sleepy picture.

Sleeping 8 PM - 5 AM
Drinking 5 oz per bottle
Wearing 3-6 month clothes
Weights over 13lbs
Really into his mobile and the mirror on his playmat

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


I do not know what it is about the winter that makes me go into blogging hibernation.  We have been so sick.  I had the flu last week and we just can't all seem to be well at the same time.  The person who has managed to not get sick is Kenny.  But for Elle, Walker and I it has been one thing after another.  Kenny is having surgery this coming Friday. That makes him even I suppose.

We haven't been doing a whole lot but I have a few pictures I want to share on here for memory purposes so lets do a quick little photo dump!

Last week Elle's sweet little dance studio where she takes ballet with a lot of her friends had a Frozen themed dance class where they danced to the Frozen songs and had a tea party. When I asked Elle which dress she wanted to wear she chose Anna.  I was surprised but I secretly like the Anna dress more.  She was definitely outnumbered but she did not care in the least.
Elle with some of her friends at dance!

Elle and Abigail.  Anna and Elsa They are best friends!

Oh we have to include this for sure! Here is me after I waited four hours to get swabbed for the flu.  Yes! It took every bit of energy I had to even drive myself to this urgent care clinic and then I had to sit in the waiting room for four hours with the fever and aches and the whole shebang.  It was so completely awful.  But I had to endure so that if tested positive the whole family could get on Tamiflu.  A mother's love I tell you!  PS- I so need botox on that forehead! Whoa nelly!
Look at those sick eyes!  Luckily Mrs. Ann was able to come to the rescue and help so that I was able to quarantine myself and Walker did not get it.  Elle did not get it either but I am pretty convinced that she had it a couple weeks ago and I just got her swab done to early for a positive flu test.

I started feeling better over the weekend in time to finally hug my babies, let Mrs. Ann go home and even see some friends at a fun Super Bowl party!
Having fun on the ol playmate.  Walker is loving it these days!!
Getting some tummy time in and holding that head up well!

We went over to a friends house for the Super Bowl and had a great time.  Elle had a lot of friends there too and she was completely worn out by the time we left.  Walker got lots of snuggles from all my friends and I thought the game and half time show were great.  Just wish Seattle had won!
Mr. Jay surrounded by the kids!

Kenny snuggling with Walker!
My good friend Missy snuggling with Walker.