Monday, April 27, 2015


I have been waiting for Elle to be old enough to take her to do something I really enjoy. A little girly pampering.  Manicures and pedicures! Gramma has been wanting to take her for a while and I have told her that I wanted to take her the first time and with Gramma Camp coming up I thought I would go ahead and take her so Gramma can take her too.  Elle and I had had the sweetest morning together!

I made her and I appointments at our day spa in Starkville.  I don't always go to the spa for my manis and pedis here and she won't either but for her first time I wanted to go somewhere where they would be kind and sweet to her and make her feel like the special little girl I think she is.  I truly was so excited to do this with her and she was too.

When we got there they asked what her favorite color was and she told them purple so when we went in they had already picked out a cute lavender color for her fingernails.  Perfect for a little girl.  Not too grown up. Elle was so happy.  She tends to get really serious in these types of situations but she actually did not get too serious and was being really excited and sweet.
So excited to be getting her manicure.  She was really good at sitting really still.
Showing off her purple nails.  She has shown every person she has encountered 
er purple nails since then.

Next up was the pedicure treatment.  By this time she was having a blast.  Her legs weren't long enough to reach the tub but we let her stand and in the warm bubble water for a while and gave her tootsies a good soak.

For the color on her toes she chose a light pink that had sparkle in it.  It was really pretty and she was just as pleased with that sparkly pink as she was with the purple.

Once Elle was done it was my turn.  I would of liked to not have to make her wait on me but I had a function that I had to go to that night and my feet desperately needed a pedicure.  So I got Elle comfy with a snack and the iPad and she was an angel while I got some pampering too.  She was really into what the lady was doing to me. Asked lots of questions and liked hearing all the funny names of the polishes.
After I was done we got a couple of pictures together for memories sake.  Such a sweet morning!
Pretty fingernails and toes! I love having a little girl!
We headed to Chick Fil A for some lunch (Elle's request) after the spa. We were really hungry and enjoyed some quality conversation and ice cream cones before heading home.  I love this little so hard and incredibly much!
Kenny enjoyed a great morning with Walker at home.  Walker was being especially layed back with his Daddy and Kenny says the hung out on the couch watching Kenny's favorite cop show Blue Bloods.
Love my handsome boys a whole lot too!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Saturday was such a fun day.  Spring Scrimmage for football, baseball games and Cotton District Arts Festival. Also known as Super Bulldog Weekend.  My sister also came in town the Friday evening before so we could all go together and so she could get some quality time with her niece and nephew. Saturday morning we headed down to the Cotton District. We walked through the booths and straight to the Junior Auxiliary kids area where they have different booths where kids can do arts and crafts.  It is super fun and we wanted to do that first for Elle in case the weather didn't hold out.
Elle and my friend Kristen doing spin art.
You see everyone you know at the festival.  I mean everyone! So we snapped a 
couple pictures with our friend! Elle and Anna Claire!
Mommy friends and preschool besties!
Enjoying some baked goods from the local coffee shop and taking a breather!
Then we decided we need a piece of chocolate covered bacon.  We are not wrong.  
It was so amazing.  I instantly wanted another piece!
Elle would never ever turn her nose up at bacon.  This stuff was exceptionally good though!
While we were snacking Walker and Elle were people watching and drinking a bottle. 
Walker wasn't too amused.

After stopping in some of the artists' booths we went to campus and into the stadium for the spring scrimmage game.  Elle was so excited to see Dak!  We had our stroller so we ended up sitting on the very front row.  It was kind of neat to sit that close since we sit higher up. I couldn't tell you for one second how the Bulldogs looked but it was a lot of fun and we took lots of cute pictures!
CeCe and Elle
Sister and a grumpy sleepy baby.  No really.  He looks really grumpy.
And oh my goodness I am dying at this picture now because I think that guy behind us was making that face on purpose and I did not realize it until this very moment!
This was Walker's first time out of the womb at Davis Wade Stadium.  I do feel like he was so very present for the most memorable Bulldog football season of ALL time and who knows what is to come for us and his life as a Bulldog.

After the kids were totally pooped, Mom and Annie took them home and I worked a few hours at the JA Art Village and then came home and was totally exhausted!  We put the kids to bed, ordered sushi take out and watched Fixer Upper before going to bed early ourselves.  It was a jam packed day!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Kenny has been gone for a very very very long time for furniture market.  Okay for a week but when you are home with two kids for that long it feels like an eternity.  And sadly this past weekend was Super Bulldog Weekend.  So lots of fun stuff I wanted to do, things I wanted to do with the kids, shifts I had to work with Junior Auxiliary and a to do list of things I wanted to do around the house.  Naturally, I called for reinforcement.  Mom/CeCe to the rescue!

Friday morning, we dropped Elle off at preschool and then went to gym with Walker for a little while.  After the gym we went by the co-op to pick  up some more flowers for a major potting session and then to pick Elle up.  CeCe promised Elle she wouldn't start potting without her helper.  So once we were home we started planting even though the weather was totally gross. Elle isn't a get dirty kind of girl but she loves doing this kind of stuff with CeCe and manages to get really dirty!
Mixing the soil and surveying the plants.
Getting one finger dirty.
Getting our hands dirty now too.

Walker hung around and surveyed.  

And the finished product! We hung some big pretty ferns on the front porch along with some pots next to our door.  We are steadily looking for two perfect rocking chairs for the front porch!

And back porch! New herb boxes and pretty potted flowers. We also planted some wildflower seeds in one pot that we are going to let grow so Elle can pick them whenever she wants to. Also in our backyards future, a fence!

Monday, April 13, 2015


Majority of this post will be about weekend spent together outside and watching the Masters golf tournament but first, this! This! This a salamander and it was in our bedroom! We had ten Cspire guys working at our house that day and leaving doors open.  After they left Kenny went into our bedroom and heard something scurry! Scurry! He called out for me and told me there was a big lizard in our room.  Big was an understatement.  This thing was huge.  He had a broom that he quickly corralled it towards the door but then Lena came in right at that moment and scared it back under the bed.  Then we couldn't find it and pure pandemonium. I was screaming bloody murder. Kenny was cussing up a storm and Walker was crying because I was screaming.  It was quite the scene.  Finally Kenny captured it and got it outside where it was pretty stunned.  Then it was disposed of.  There was no chance it was coming back in our house.  The way this thing slithered around still gives me literal goosebumps and nightmares.
 The rest of our weekend was absolutely wonderful.  We went to Anthony's with some friends and then back to over to one of their houses where we just hung out by their outside fireplace all night way too late into the night.  It was so fun.

Saturday was so incredibly beautiful.  Perfect temperature and the sun was out.  Kenny took Elle to the golf course most of the morning and then we headed outside in the backyard to play and watch the Masters inn the porch. Our whole neighborhood was out and about doing the same thing we were so when one of Elle's friends walked by with her family I invited her over for an impromptu play date.  They had a great time playing and eating popsicles!
 Elle and Kate

Sunday morning we went to church and then came home to enjoy egg salad sandwiches and watch the tournament.  I have made egg salad for at least the past five years for the Masters.  I usually make pimento and cheese too.  We were both surprised that Elle seemed to enjoy the egg salad too because I do not really care for it.
Egg salad sandwich please! 

Kenny made a quick one night trip to a Masters practice round on Tuesday and came back with outfits for everyone and a couple happys for me too!  I made sure everyone got garbed out and we were cheering on Phil Mickelson because he had made an aggressive run. But Jordan Spieth was just too hard to catch!
 Cuddling with brother.  Watching the Masters.

 Walker with Daddy during his first tournament!
 Everyone wearing their duds.

Sunday afternoon our family was invited to a neighbor's dog's birthday party.  He was turning one.  So I took Elle and she was thrilled by the idea.  The party was lots of fun with doggy themed games and cake and ice cream.  Elle didn't want to leave, of course she never wants to leave anywhere.
 Elle and Addison at Miles the dog's birthday party.
Sweet smile with his Daddy who he adores.
And the cutie patootie winner of the Masters Jordan Spieth. Can't help but cheer for him!

Thursday, April 9, 2015


Today Walker is 5 months old!  Time is really started to move and the days are flying by.  I think I said this last month but sleep has made the time go by faster and our family is finally adjusting to having two children...I think.  Month 5 was a big month for Walker.  It held a lot of firsts!  Some milestones like rolling both ways, sleeping on his belly and grabbing toys.  Then  it was Walker's first time to the beach, first Easter, first baseball game to the gym nursery where I work out and to the church nursery.

He is still eating every three hours a day and around 6-7 oz per bottle.  He is sleeping 7-7 on most nights sometimes he sleeps a little later and some mornings it is a little earlier.  He loves to hear himself talk and sometimes he wakes up in the middle of the night and I hear him babbling to himself and then he just goes back to sleep. So funny.  We are working on getting better naps.  Having to unwsaddle and him being able to roll has messed us up a little because sometimes he gets mad once he is on his tummy until he can get his hand up to self soothe. He takes awesome naps in the car seat so I do admit to just moving him from the car a good bit inside and letting him snooze!

He had another cold this month that was a pretty tough one.  Had a few sleepless nights and he refused to be put down.  We even had him sleeping in the swing in our room a couple of nights.  Having him in the same room prevents me from ever really falling asleep.  Yuck! But we are over it and looking forward to summer!

Here are some pictures from Walker's fifth month.  Some are new and some I have already posted before!
On our way down to the beach we stopped in Pensacola and were upgraded to a two bedroom suite which was awesome! So Kenny and I got a room, Elle got a room and then Walker slept in his pack n play in the den part.  Walker was so happy to be out of the car he didn't care.  He was having the best time just chilling on our bed!

Walker's first snooze on the beach.  I can't say if he really like the beach or not because he did not really get to experience a whole lot of it. Hopefully when we go back in a couple of months he will be ready to play!
One of my favorite pictures of Walker so far.
Sweet baby.  Another nap on the beach.
Hanging with Daddy at George's.
I like this one because he is looking up at me like "My mom is so crazy."
All swaddled up and ready for bed.  I will miss our swaddle!
Laughing in his sleep. 
First time to wear shoes. Wasn't sure what to think.

My absolute favorite picture of Walker and I.  Can't wait to get my Groovebook so I can frame it!
Taking a quick bath in Elle's bathtub hence all the toys!
I started taking Walker to the gym with me a few weeks ago.  This is Mrs. Lisa and I must of taken this picture while she was talking but every single day after my step class I come to get Walker and this is how I find him.  Sound asleep. He loves to snuggle on her shoulder.  She loves it too!