Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Saturday was another beautiful day for a baseball game and we were playing the Georgia Bulldogs.  We spent the morning playing at home and then put Walker down for an early nap before going to the ball field. My friend Maggie dropped off some new comfy outfits for Walker to wear to the games so he was excited to sport one of his new duds to the game.
Walker's new Bulldog spirited outfits!
Walker hanging with Daddy and his snack.  He is always so content!
Elle gets in on the action.

There is a man who comes around at the games with this big soft cooler full of candy.  Everyone knows him.  We all chose some suckers to enjoy. We even got one for Walker.  This was his first time to have a sucker and he loved it.  Got ever last bit of it and I am sure people three rows back could hear him sucking on it.  
The girls with our suckers.
Walker working on his with Daddy.  We decided we may have to start 
keeping suckers as emergency back up.
Elle managed to find another sucker.  She loves when something turns her mouth blue.

After the ball game we ran by the grocery store to get some things for a cookout we were having out at a lake just outside of town with some friends. Our friends Jay and Margaret were cooking hotdogs and hamburgers and we brought chips and stuff to make amores. We ended up getting a babysitter for Walker so he could sleep well and be with us for Easter Sunday and not be super cranky. The kids had the most fun running around in the woods and the adults just relaxed.  It was a great night!
Elle was the oldest and we "put her in charge" of making sure the little kids were staying safe.  
She took her job very seriously!
After we all ate dinner-the kids were starving.  It was time to roast marshmallows.  Elle would roast a whole bag of marshmallows if she could but people can only eat so many.  We bought those huge marshmallows they have and never even opened the normal sized ones.  Those are even more filling but so good!
The Daddy's were manning the fire.  Look at these dads with their girls!
Look at this sweet girl with her more!

We didn't stay out too late because we had to get Elle to sleep so the Easter Bunny could come and she was well rested for church the next morning.  

Monday, March 28, 2016


We (mostly Elle) spent he week celebrating Easter. I am writing this on Easter Sunday night and feeling guilty because we never got around to dying eggs or even going to an Easter Egg Hunt besides the one Elle did at school.  We were supposed to go to one this afternoon but it got rained out. Never the less we focused on the meaning of the holiday and enjoyed the kids days off from school.
Early in the week an Easter Bunny form the hospital came to visit Elle's class.  

Elle's Easter party in her classroom was originally scheduled for Thursday before they got out for break but it was suppose to rain Thursday morning so they moved it Wednesday morning instead.Walker had PDO that morning so I was happy I was able to work around the rest of my morning and come to be with Elle for her hunt and her party.  They were doing a breakfast so I picked up some donut holes.  Anytime I get there I help the room mom or Mrs. Jeanette the teacher assistant set up the plates for the kids.  Elle's teacher always has them gathered together singing songs which I love to take videos of and they recited the story of Jesus' resurrection by memory.  Then they sat down to eat and me and a couple other moms and me went out to the playground to hide the eggs for their hunt. I say it every single time but I just love being able to come to these parties.  She is always so happy to have me there. I live for it!
Elle giving me the sweetest smile over her cute bunny sandwich.
We take a selfie at every party.
Getting ready for their Easter Egg hunt.
She was excited!
Waiting on the ready set go!
Our best attempt at a group picture.  I love this little class. Pre-K are still such babies
 even though they have grown up so much over the year.
Mrs Suzanne gave them all bubbles and Elle was having so much fun blowing them outside on this pretty morning!

When I got ready to leave the school for a hair appointment Elle was telling me that she didn't feel well and that her stomach hurt. I shrugged it off as her wanting me to take her with me and come home but I had a hair appointment I had been looking forward to for weeks so I told her teacher to call me if she continued to feel bad and then I left. While I was at my hair appointment I kind of decided on a whim to get three to four inches cut off my hair. I am really happy with it!

After my haircut I picked Walker up from preschool and they had his little school picture proofs.  I think they are cute but probably won't order any. 

I was rushing home to get Walker down for a nap. Keeping him up in the car is always hard and Mrs. Suzanne texted me saying that Elle threw up.  That she made it to the trash can which I am sure she was happy about. So I turned around and went to get her right away with my mom guilt at an all time high. As soon as I picked her up I could tell she didn't feel well.  When we got home she threw up a couple more times but then made it through the night uneventfully.  I feel pretty confident that she ate too much junk that morning and did not have a bug in her stomach as she would say.
I had some liquid zofran which I think helped her feel better quickly. She was still pretty pitiful. 

Even though Elle made a full recovery by the next morning I still had to keep her out of school.  So we just spent the day at home playing. I had a doctors appointment in Columbus for my foot.  I decided to go see a new orthopedic who is a foot specialist.  He sent me for a MRI that same afternoon and I got back Monday to see what he says. On Good Friday both of the kids were out of school. I had an appointment to get some minor repairs made on my car so I bravely took both of them with me.  Somehow we managed to make it out of the dealership after two and a half hours without a major meltdown.  The kids did really well!

Elle playing dress up in her own closet.  She was cracking me up.
As soon as we got to the dealership the kids honed in on the complimentary honey buns.  Of course I obliged since I dragged them there.  Walker was loving it.  He was pretty cute with that treat!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


We got home from Fairhope on Friday.  The children were in great need of baths so we both gave them a dunk.  Afterwards they were playing so sweetly and giving each other kisses and that makes my momma heart happy.  I hope they are always close and love each other forever and ever.
He gives her the most hugs out of anyone.

On Saturday Kenny had a big day of golf scheduled.  Sarah invited Elle over for a playdate and I took Walker grocery shopping with me.  Saturday night we met up with Jay and Margaret at a new restaurant in Starkville called Bulldog Burger for a quick dinner and came home and got into bed relatively early!
Sarah sent me this picture.  My good friend's daughter is on the left, a neighbor friend and Anna Claire and then the little girls on the right! They were having fun!

Sunday morning we got up and did some things around the house because we were expecting company! My Uncle Mike was coming to visit us from Atlanta.  This was his first time to our home, to come to Starkville and to meet Walker.  My sister was also going to stop in and spend the night on her way home from a wedding.  Kenny and Elle went over to the driving range but ended up coming home because it was so cold and windy!

Annie and Uncle Mike all got to our home around lunch and I picked up City Bagel and we all ate together at home.  Eating at home is always so much more relaxing with the kids. After lunch we took Mike on a tour of Starkville and Mississippi State.  We wanted to show him the town and school we love so much! He was very impressed and could understand why we adore our little southern spot! When we got home we hung out and watched MSU play Vanderbilt (my uncle's Alma Mater) and then some March Madness basketball.  I made a pot roast for dinner and we enjoyed a low key dinner around our table again! It was nice for them to spend time with the kids and to just visit.  Walker and Elle adore their Nannee and Uncle Mike!
Elle and Nannee sharing a snack and Walker looking on or begging.
Uncle Mike with his Grand Niece and Nephew
Some boy bonding time. Walker liked him!
Playing peekaboo.

Look at the smile!
Annie has been on a big puzzle kick lately and Elle really enjoys them too.  
So they got to work on one together!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Last week was Elle's Spring Break and Walker was also out for PDO.  So we decided to go down to Fairhope for a few days to see Gramma and PopPop.  We love going down to Fairhope because it truly is such a fabulous place to visit and Gramma just eats up every minute with the kids which allows Kenny and I to spend some alone time together.  It is the ultimate win win for everyone!

We drove down on Tuesday and got there early afternoon.  We were excited to get down there because Kenny's mom offered us tickets to go see Elton John in Mobile.  I have wanted to see him for a while and Kenny was excited too.

When we got there I had to get in the shower but I had the most relaxing time getting ready because Elle immediately had Gramma and Walker engaged with a full on tea party.  They were so cute!
Look at this sweet tea party.
Walker was also having the best time digging through Kenny's toy chest from 
when he was a little boy so I had to get a picture!

Kenny and I left late afternoon to have a dinner at a near by seafood restaurant and then head over the bridge to the venue and get to our seats. Mrs. Ann told us the seats were good but they were actually amazing.  Elton was about 15-20 feet away from us. He put on a great show.  Sat down at his piano and played all his hits.  I just love piano playing so I was so happy to check him off my bucket list.  Now I have to see Billy Joel.  It was such a fun date night. Elton was great and the people watching was just as good.  The venue was not too dark and they would light it up a lot so you could keep an eye on all the people and the fun they were having.  
Elton jamming on the piano.
Selfie with Kenny.  Love any night I get to hang with him.
Pretty lights! Great music.

The next morning the kids hung at home with Gramma and Kenny set a tee for 9 holes of golf at Rock Creek.  He wanted me to ride with him so we could just spend a quiet morning together.  It was really nice.  It went by really quick but it was a beautiful morning and it was fun watching Kenny.  The course was pretty and I got to drive the cart!  After golf we grabbed a quick lunch at our favorite sushi restaurant downtown Fairhope and went home to hang with the kids.

When we got home Elle and Gramma were making our favorite chocolate cake.  She makes it every time we come and Elle always help because she knows we love it too.
Once the cake was in the oven, Elle got a little messy during clean up.
Walker was napping when we got home.  I have so many pictures of him sleeping but this is one of my all time fave.  There are so many things I love about it.  I can't stop looking at it!

Once Walker woke up Gramma, Kenny and me took Walker and Elle to the park.  They have a fantastic park downtown.  
Elle on this fun swing.
Walker proved that he still isn't a huge fan of being outside and the heat.  I sure hope this changes once he is walking.  We tried him on a few things at the park but he wasn't into it so we took him for a walk in the stroller before meeting Gramma and Elle for ice cream. We picked up some pizza for dinner that night and watched a movie after putting the kids to bed early.  They were tired!

The next morning Kenny drove over to the MS Gulf Coast to do some work and I played with Walker at home.  Gramma took Elle over to Spanish Fort to have their nails done.  Then they got some lunch and went to see Zootopia.  Elle has her nails done way more than I do lately!
Getting her manicure!
I gave Walker a quick bath before they got home! 
 He doesn't look as happy about being sneaky clean as I was!
Before we left to get back to Starkville, Gramma wanted a picture with the kids.  She was all dolled up and ready to work at the boutique she works at for the 
big arts festival they were having downtown.

Monday, March 21, 2016


We had another fun weekend last weekend.  We stayed busy but spent lots of time together as a family which is always the best.  Here are some pictures from the week and the weekend!
Thursday I took Walker to the grocery store and of course we had to get a balloon because they are one of his favorite things.   They make him so happy.  Look how happy he is!  I was so sad for him when it blew away.  He just kept saying uh oh.
At Elle's dance class we were given their dance recital costumes.  They tried them on and I got a picture of that too but don't want to ruin the surprise so this will have to do for a sneak peak. They are a bright pink.  And their tiaras are so cute!
Benjamin Bunny is still doing well.  Welt him out to run around the house almost every night and he has started to feel more relaxed.  After he hops and runs around he will relax and just hang out.
Had to throw this picture of Walker in. This is one of his favorite things to do lately.  He puts his hands in any pair of shoes he can find and then crawls around with the shoes on his hands. 
 It is so funny!

Elle had a playdate on Friday morning because they got out early for Spring Break.  Her two close twin friends Audrey and Ella.  They had a great time and make me so happy because anytime they are all together they just giggle the whole time.
Getting some coloring in.
No playdate is complete without playing dress up.  Look at these sweet girls!

On Saturday it just happened to be Audrey and Ella's birthday celebration.  They had a unicorn themed birthday party at Hollie's Sweet tooth.  That is the same place Elle had her birthday party.  They also had the same lady come and do face paint which was a huge hit again!
Elle chose to have a unicorn on her face to match the party's theme!
Selfie with mommy!
Walker sporting Elle's beloved cowboy boots.

On Sunday we were so excited the sun was out because it had been raining for a few days.  So we headed outside to enjoy the weather and went to see our Bulldogs play some baseball!
Walker enjoyed the game again! He really does great at the games! 
The girls! Elle was still sporting her face paint of course!

After the baseball game we came home and Elle and Kenny went to hit some balls on the golf course and we all enjoyed family dinner that night.  It was another great weekend!