Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Oh I needed this weekend.  I am not even sure I knew how much I needed it.  I miss seeing my friends all the time.  We had so much fun and it was food for the soul to be able to talk face to face and laugh and maybe do a little dancing.  Okay, we totally danced.  We have some very embarrassing video to prove it. Not for the Internets to see though!

I started off the weekend driving up to Memphis and getting Elle settled in with Nanee.  She was so excited to spend some time with her favorite aunt.  From there I drove up to Jackson to hang out with Tracy for a little while and squeeze on Mack. It had been far too long since I got some cuddles from him so I was excited to see how he had grown.  
He was so squishy and happy!
I promise you he was loving all the attention from Aunt Mallory.  He was just trying to hold it all in.

After Mack's grandmother came to get him for the weekend, Tracy and I drove up up to the cabin and waited for everyone else to arrive.  

Saturday morning we filled our bellies with breakfast casserole, mixed up some cocktails and hit the water.  Thought I would let you know that that skinny pina colada recipe I posted last time was awesome.  Mollie also made a skinny girl margarita with those Crystal Light mixers pack that was also very good.  Double plus, absolutely no hangover from any of the drinks we drank that day.  Will definitely be making them again.

The weather was perfect and we spent the day floating in the water and cruising on the boat.  After a little while and few drinks we had a big dance party.  Might of been the best part of the entire weekend. 
I showed Mollie the best and fastest way to squeeze fresh limes.  Roll them to loosen them up and then squeeze them using your mouth.  You get so much juice because your jaw is much stronger than your hands.  Weird, but I learned it from Oprah of all people.  Total ah ha moment!
We were going to film a music video but I accidentally took a picture.  This was the picture.  Yep.  We were having fun. Filming a music video ha!

While I was at the river, Elle was being totally spoiled with Nannee and CeCe.  They hit up My Big Backyard and she had so much fun.  I was told there was also lunch out, a Target run and a Pottery Barn Outlet where a new stuffed friend was procured.  She has been sleeping late since she came home.
Getting ready to go down the big, dark, windy slide.
At the bottom.  She did it over and over.

As the sun set, the water got all glassy and everyone decided they want to ski. So we switched from the Pontoon to the speed boat.  It was pretty but even got a little chilly after a while.  

Hanging out on the speed boat watching people ski.  Very relaxing.

Sunday, we ate another yummy breakfast casserole and sat around and talked before going out on the boat for a few hours.  Then it was time to head home.  I had a long drive ahead but I was ready to see Elle and have her tell me all about her fun weekend.  

Friday, July 26, 2013


Here we are for our  Five for Friday post! I hope everyone had a great week!

River Time! - I am so excited to head off for a weekend on the river and our friends pontoon boat.  Not just any friends but some my friends from Memphis I haven't see in months.  Can't believe it has been months.  Looking forward to hanging out and catching up. I am super sad because Kenny won't be joining me because he is still in Vegas working.  Elle is excited because she is spending the weekend at Nannee's ( my sister) with my mom!
River Cocktail - I like to come up with something to drink that is a little different on the river.  I found this "healthier" recipe for a pina colada and thinking I might give it a whirl.  Has anyone ever tried anything like this?  I will let you know how it turns out!

Teachers- As I picked Elle up from PDO yesterday and she called out to her teachers and they waved goodbye back I felt so happy.  I worked at the very same preschool Elle goes to for three years as a college student and while I loved it, I also realized I never wanted to be a teacher. It is serious work to love other people's children. It is an amazing feeling to have teachers who celebrate in your daughter's triumphs and to reassure you if she had a rough day.  Those teachers might be having a a tough day themselves but seeing their happy smiles and how much Elle enjoys them just makes me so grateful for them. I pray for Elle that we always have great teachers in her life.

Birthday Gift Ideas - My sister has been bugging me about what she should get me for my BIG birthday and I am just at a loss. I can't think of anything that I really want or need.  To make it worse she and I both agree that since it is such a big birthday it should be something a little sentimental.  I did see this necklace on Pinterest and really like it.  I kind of like the idea since I only have one child right now to have the letter E on one chain and a M and K on the other necklace.  Any opinions?

Naked and Afraid- I watch some crazy stuff on TV and Kenny gets so annoyed by it. I am really into watching this new show my trainer told me about on Discovery.  It is called Naked and Afraid.  Basically it is a survivalist show and they drop a man and a woman who have never met off into some extreme setting naked and they have to survive for 21 days.  These people have all kinds of crazy stuff happen to them.  They lose all kinds of weight because they pretty much starve the entire time.  Sometimes the man and woman argue over who is doing what.  It is so entertaining.  Kenny thinks it is so ridiculous so it has become a little bit of guilty pleasure.  

Thursday, July 25, 2013


What a fabulous whirlwind trip.  Kenny and I had the best time celebrating my big birthday a little early in Las Vegas.  We arrived in town Saturday morning and got settled in to the Wynn. I cannot say enough fabulous things about the Wynn. I told Kenny I never wanted to stay anywhere else.  The rooms were amazing. The pools were beautiful and comfortable. Everyone who worked there was so friendly and helpful and we did not eat a single bad meal.  And I can say that because we only left the resort for one meal. For memory's sake some of the places we ate were Red 8, The Cafe and Le Cave.  We decided to dine more low key and not make any reservations and that was the way to go.  That way we weren't pressured or rushed into anything.

We also saw a show at the Wynn.  Le Reve, and it was so good.  Love is still my favorite but Le Reve was completely different.  This one used water in all their stunts and that was so fun to watch.  

The entire trip was so relaxing and exactly how I wanted it to be.  When Kenny and I talked about me going out there I told him I wanted to lay by the pool and read, eat at fun places, go to a show and do a little shopping.  All of that was achieved.  I was so sad to have to leave Kenny there on Tuesday but was so excited to get home and hug my Elle!

Alright here are some pictures overload from the trip!

Kenny and I were starving when we got into town ( despite having ordered one of those funny 
little snack boxes on the plane because we were so hungry.  It was actually pretty good btw) 
so we grabbed a quick lunch and then hit up the pool.
It was cloudy and sprinkled a little on us on the second day but we just wanted to lay and do nothing.  We dozed and read and talked and actually ended up getting brown even though we never really saw the sun.  It was so relaxing.
After having a long and delicious dinner at Le Cave (they do wine and tapas) we went to my favorite little bar at the Wynn to have a cocktail.  Parasol Up, Parasol Down.  It overlooks the fountain where they do a light show every 30 minutes.  Plus the parasols in the picture move slowly up and down.  It is all very whimsical plus the drinks are delish!
Cocktail selfie!
Waiting on the light show and watching the parasols.  

Then it was time for the show!
This is Tulips.  It is a metal sculpture that Steve Wynn purchased for a cool 34 million dollars and it was beautiful in person.  I read in a magazine while there that it will eventually be moved to China where they are building a Wynn.
We finally got the guts up to ask someone to take a picture of us.  Vacationing as a couple can be tough ha! The guy we ended up asking was totally wasted but at least we got a good pic!

These flowers came down from the ceiling at the end and were beautiful!
Another selfie.  At the show!
Kenny took this picture as I won $5 dollars on the slot machine.  I was pumped.  We DO NOT gamble very much at all.  That is why I was so excited to win.  But then I cashed out and the machine decided to hate me and I lost it again.  

The last day we were there we spent most of our time at the pool and then did a little more shopping.  That night we ventured over to the Cosmopolitan because I had not walked through that one and Kenny wanted to show it to me.   I don't have any interest in staying there but would like to try some of the restaurants there next time.  We met up with some friends at Holsteins (burger and shakes yum!) that arrived in town for market and had a great dinner.  
Loved this cow at Holsteins!

I just appreciate Kenny so much for treating me to a little relaxation time for my birthday.  He knows I am a little shocked at how old I am turning this year and also knows he always has to be at market on my actual birthday so he went far and beyond to make me feel special.  I love going on trips with him and we had so much fun.  Love you babe!

Friday, July 19, 2013


Its Friday, Friday, Friday.  Do you have that song stuck in your head now?  Kenny and I fly out for Las Vegas very early in the morning tomorrow so I decided to do a Vegas themed Five on Friday because I am pretty excited for our mini vacay!

The Wynn - This is my favorite casino/hotel.  I love everything about it.  Kenny and were up in the air between staying here and the Mirage where we stayed last year.  But we finally settled on the Wynn and I am so excited.  It is so beautiful and I can't wait to park myself by the pool.  We don't really gamble so for me it is all about the pool and the bars that are the best for people watching.
La Reve - Le Reve is the Cirque De Soleil show we decided on.  We were between this one and KA which is the one where the lady died a few weeks ago.  So it is no longer running.  I have heard good things about this show.  I adored Love last year and almost went to see it again.  But this time I wanted to see something different.

Restaurants - Last year we planned out a lot of where we were going to eat but this time we are flying by the seat of our pants. We have zero reservations and there are even a few dive places I want to go eat.  Kenny knows all the places because he goes twice a year for a market.  It is nice to be familiar with a city like Vegas.  You can just go and do without worrying about anything.  Anyone have some great recommendations?  

Flight Anxiety- A few days before a trip I start to get super anxious about my flights.  Not because I am worried that they are crash.  More like I am worried I will miss my connection or something will happen and we will lose time on our vacation.  I don't get anxious about the return flights because by then the vacation is over.  Just on the way there.  Praying to the travel gods all goes well.

I could only think of four things about Las Vegas so I will share this amazing recipe that I made last week with you.  It is from Skinny Mom. Click HERE to get the recipe.  Kenny loved these enchiladas and I liked them a lot too.  I doubled the recipe and froze a pan of them for a night I didn't feel like cooking. I am hoping they freeze okay.  It makes them extra good when they are a lightened up version of Mexican food!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I sang that song to her a lot before we left and I think I have already managed to embarrass her at the ripe old age of 2.  Lets go to the movies Ellllllltttttiiiiinnnnggg, waaaait and seeeeeeee!  She looked at me like I was crazy

Sunday afternoon we took Elle to her first movie.  Kenny and I love going to the movies and watching movies so we were so excited to take her. Kenny would of taken her at 6 months if I had let him.  Sunday we took it easy and put Elle down for an early-ish nap so we would have plenty of time to get ready and get to the theatre.  We majorly talked up the movies, the theatre and went over acceptable movie theatre behavior over and over.  She seemed to understand and knew that we were going to the Monsters movie. 

Kenny and I were so ready to go we got there a bit early.  Okay, a lot early.  We were early we were going to have to leave before we even got in to see the movie.  But we passed the time going to the potty a lot and taking a lot of pictures.  Then it was time to get all the popcorn and snacks so we managed to make it all work.

She did great.  She got a little restless at the end but the movie kind of dragged on a bit.  She really liked it and loved the popcorn which is just like Kenny. The popcorn is Kenny's main reason for going to movies. So we definitely considered it a success and had a great time.  

We are already planning our next movie.

Elle waiting for the "Now Seating" sign to come on.
Elle and Daddy at the movies
Elle getting her student ID made.  So silly but I love this picture.
A picture before the movie started.  She was watching the commercials on the screen.

Elle taking it all in.

Monday, July 15, 2013


We moved to Starkville in March but it seems like we have only stayed in Starkville a few weekends.  Kenny and I were talking on Sunday evening and saying this was the first weekend where we felt like we lived here.  We had a great weekend of low key and local fun.

Friday afternoon Kenny got home from being out of town and Elle and I surprised him with a little happy because he had a stressful week.  Elle was so excited to give him his "prise" (surprise) and wouldn't you know that little stinker told him what it was as she handed it to him.  She remembered us going shopping AND what we got him.  Lesson learned.  Definitely will need to be careful for Christmas.  It was just a World Series t-shirt so no big deal.  But still so funny!
 Waiting to give Daddy the prise.
 Helping Daddy open the prise.
 Saturday morning conference call before we headed to the pool.  I brought Elle and Kenny 
a cinnamon roll from the coffee shop and they were sharing.  So sweet.

Saturday morning we took Elle to the pool and had the best time playing, talking with new people and eatin lunch.  Elle had so much fun with Kenny there and she is really getting a lot more comfortable in the water which makes me happy.
Enjoying a snack and some lounging.

Saturday night, Kenny and I went out for dinner and a movie.  This was our first date night in Starkville which is crazy.  Thanks to my sister we used to have a date night once a week in Memphis and I have missed them a lot. We really liked the babysitter we found through a friends so hopefully date nights will happen more frequently now.

Sunday morning we decided to forgo church for a little time at home.  Kenny went out to the golf course and Elle and I played outside all morning before it got too hot.  I put Elle down for an early nap and then we took her to see Monsters University.  It was her very first movie and we were so excited to take her.  I gave you one picture but I am going to do a whole post on it tomorrow.  Because we were so obnoxious about it.  Kenny and I love movies and have been talking about taking Elle since she was born.  We took a ridiculous amount of pictures.  Oh well!

 Sleepy eyes because this picture was taken at 8:00 am.  We had already watched cartoons, had breakfast, gotten dressed and headed outside. Totally normal.  Life with kids!
Kenny took this picture yesterday.  I always get some cuddles before her nap.  Love my girl.
 Monster University.  Talking to Mike!  She was so excited to go see the monsters.  "Roar."

Friday, July 12, 2013


I am back again for Five for Friday posts. I meant to do this last week but got sidetracked with the long holiday weekend.   Here are a few things going on with us this week!

North America - Kenny bought a season pass to this show on Discovery called North America.  It is a nature/animal documentary and it is beautiful to watch.  Although I really cannot stand watching mommy animals losing their babies.  I let Elle watch a little bit of it thinking she might like it.  This picture she was watching a little baby goat trying to cross a rushing river.  She was really worried about the goat ha!

Las Vegas - Book Recommendations Needed! - Kenny and I are headed to Las Vegas next weekend to hang out and relax a little bit before I leave him there for furniture market.  We plan on doing a lot of pool lounging and I cannot wait!  Plus there are the plane flights to consider.  Give me your favorite reads as of late! Note: I have read Gone Girl, Hunger Games, all the Nicholas Sparks books, or any book that has made a pretty big splash in the reading world lately.

Bedtime Routine - As I put Elle bed last night I thought to myself how routine her bedtime routine is and wondered if it would ever change. Her/our bedtime routine has been the same now for months and I love it. For memory purpose I thought I would just jot it down so I can look back and remember these days.  Bath time, lotion, pajamas, brush her teeth, then "Elle try." Meaning she brushes her teeth for a little bit.  Then it is into the rocking chair for three books, many of the ones we own she knows all the words to but we also go to the library and get books to throw in the mix. After books we sing songs.  In the same order. First, Happy and You Know It, then Hokey Pokey then she goes into the den to tell Kenny good night and they sing Twinkle Twinkle and Itsy Bitsy Spider.  If Kenny is doing the routine she comes and tells me goodnight in the den and we sing Deep and Wide and Peanut Butter and Jelly.  Then we sing You Are My Sunshine, Jesus Loves me and say our prayers. After that she goes in her crib. We kiss all her aah aah's (her loveys and stuffed animals) good night and then we both come in and kiss her good night and tell her how much we love her.  She also always ask what we are doing when she wakes up and I always tell her our plans for the morning. Then we cover her up, turn her sound machine on and the monitor and close the door behind us. Nighty night!

New Vice- For years I have gone without caffeine. We don't keep soft drinks in the house either.  And for the past few weeks I have been going to Sonic and getting Route 44 drinks.  My favorite thing to get is Coke Zero add extra cherry syrup.  So yummy.  Buuuuuttt I think I am addicted.  And to caffeine and it is a soft drink. But it is just so hot and the drinks are so cold!  Not good. 

Toddler Apps- Well we have reached the point with Elle where she asks to play a game on the phone. This can be frustrating when I don't really want her to have screen time at that moment. It can also be awesome if we are at the end of our rope during a dinner out or shopping trip.  So I find some solace when the games/apps are educational.  Here are a few of Elle's favorites.  (Keep in mind she is 2 1/2.)
 DoodleBuddy- This came as a recommendation from a teacher.  Her job is actually to integrate these types of apps in the classroom.  She told me that Elle would enjoy this one because it is great for their motor skills, has instant gratification and there is a lot to do in this app.  She was right.  Elle loves this.
 Monkey Preschool Lunchbox - When I first bought this app I was worried it would be too hard for Elle but over time she got the hang of it and has it mastered.  It is usually the first one she pulls up.  It can be a little loud sometimes but it has so many different games in the app itself I can get over it.

Anything by Wonderkind.  They have several apps with different pictures.  When you open the app a pretty picutre is displayed and as Elle touches and explores the picctures they all do different things and make sounds. This app is really sweet and cute and could be great for younger kids too.

I also really like the Duck Duck Moose apps, PBS kids,Whimsy puzzle game, Letters A to Z, Fish School and Farm 123.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


I am a little behind on doing this weekend update but better late than never.  We travelled down to Fairhope for the Fourth Of July to visit Kenny's parents.  Kenny had to work a little on the actual day so Elle and I drove down by ourselves and then Kenny arrived that evening.  Once he got into town we headed over to the Yacht Club to have some drinks, eat some BBQ and enjoy being on the water.  We realized when we got there that we should of put the boat in the water for a sunset sail but oh well.

We played and passed the time so that it would get dark enough for the firework show.  The fireworks were over the water and really pretty but didn't start until 9.  We watched about half of the show before we decided to go ahead and leave because Elle was really tired and we were afraid a melt down was looming.
Love all the patriotic colors in this picture.

Enjoying the water and the sailboats.
She looks mad but she was enjoying the rocking.

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing.  I enjoy visiting Fairhope so much because it is such a fun town with great food and shopping.  Plus Mrs. Ann and Mr. Ken want to have Elle all to themselves which allows for Kenny and I to have lots of couple time.  

On Friday, Kenny and I ventured out for some coffee and breakfast and ended up wandering through some shops most of the morning. It was raining and I was in my workout clothes and all gross but it was still a lot of fun.  That night we went to a movie and then went out for a sushi date at Master Joes.  It was lovely!
Date night selfie.

On Saturday we had a big break through in the potty training department.  We finally went the...other in the potty.  We were thrilled!  Elle was so excited to get her first sucker!
I was happier than she was in this picture I think.

Saturday night we went out for some seafood and then ice cream afterwards.

Sunday morning, Elle and I left early to stop in Hattiesburg to see my grandmother who is in the hospital and have some lunch with my mom. Elle was excited to see her CeCe too.  She was spoiled rotten from all the attention she got from her grandparents.
CeCe reading Elle some new books she bought for her.
Passed out on the ride home.  She is always so tired after weekends with the grandparents.  
She plays so hard the entire time.