Thursday, January 31, 2008


My mom loves loves loves Brad Paisley and I had no idea he was playing here tonight until this morning. Long story short....they re-released some good tickets and I got some. She is taking off of work as we speak and driving 5 hours up here so we can go to the concert. It should be fun. My little sister is going to be so mad because she loves Brad Paisley too. She can't get off of work though. Welcome to the real world Annie! (she just graduated college in December)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Well last night was Kenny and I's first night of dog walking at the Humane Society. If you are anywhere in the Memphis area you know how crazy the wind was yesterday. It was blowing so hard. There were even a lot of power outages in the greater Memphis area due to the wind. But luckily when I was getting dressed to go the wind was not too chilly. Just really strong. BUT, once we got there the sun went down and the temperatures started to D-R-O-P! I have never been in cold weather when it was this windy. It was soooo cold. It felt like the wind was going right through you.

All that aside. Walking the dogs was so much fun. The dogs really are so sweet. Kenny and I met our group leader, Paul and he taught us how to leash the dogs up to take them outside. Then you let them off the leash and they run like crazy in these play yards. It's like kids at recess. They have so much fun and they just love it. (They did not care about the wind, except for a few of them kept looking up like what is going on). Our group lets them stay out around 15 to 20 minutes and then we give them treats and take them back inside to warm up. (and warm up ourselves! sheesh!) But Kenny and I really enjoyed it and we can't wait for next Tuesday.

Monday, January 28, 2008


Friday night I was determined to stay home because it was so so so cold. I HATE cold weather and it was 23 degrees outside so I was perfectly content to hunker down, eat leftovers and do absolutely nothing and stay warm. Kenny and I ended up watching Top Gun because it was on TV. I had only seen the movie once and that was in college...can you believe that. Its such classic. Some other classics I have never seen include: Any of the Star Wars movies, Rambo, The Godfather, or Gone with the Wind.

Saturday morning I braved the icy roads which the news kept going on and on about. But we needed a new lamp for a table in our den so I persevered. Can you tell I have my priorities straight.....death or a new lamp. The new lamp won out. And I did end up purchasing a very nice lamp. If y'all have never been to Vintage Veranda in West Memphis, AR then you really must go. They have tons of lamps for cheap. Saturday afternoon Kenny met up with some friends to watch State beat the poo out of Ole Miss in basketball. GO DAWGS! That Saturday night Tracy and Joe came over for dinner. Tracy and I watched the Miss America pageant while the boys....well.....drank. Miss Michigan won. I made fettuccine for dinner. ( I don't think it was very good, I don't know why I can't seem to get it right) Tracy and Joe we will have to have you over again so I can make something better!

So of course the boys wanted to go out because.... well.....they had been drinking. Gosh it was so cold but we headed to Beale anyway. This is what Tracy and I did:

And this is what the boys did:

And I just have to include this picture because I think its funny:

Sunday we just relaxed and hung out at home. All in all it was a very cold but great weekend.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


MSNBC reported today that a radical church group has plans to protest and picket at Heath Ledger's funeral because he played a gay man in his Oscar nominated performance in Brokeback Mountain.

A member of the group was quoted “You cannot live in defiance of God. He (Ledger) got on that big screen with a big, fat message: God is a liar and it's OK to be gay,” said Shirley Phelps in a statement sent out by the Topeka, Kan.-based Westboro Baptist Church.

Now I am not going to get on my high horse or even get into what I believe is right or wrong. But I think that it is so incredibly sad that these people would not have enough respect for his family including his two year old daughter, his friends, and him as a human being to let him peacefully be laid to rest. The circumstances of his death are already so unexpected and sad. I can't imagine how heartbreaking this news is for them.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I know I write about television a lot but I am just do disgusted by a television show that I caught some of last night that I have to vent. So just bear with me. It came on Bravo, which normally has some really great shows. The show was called Millionaire Matchmaker. It caters to men who of course are millionaires. There is a $10,000-$150,000 joining fee. (WHAT!!!!) This lady,Patti meets with the men to find out what type of lady they are looking for. Here is where it just gets ridiculous. She meets with this one guy and she asks him what type of girl are you looking for. What does he say..... a smart funny girl who is driven and would like a family. NO!!!! He says a gorgeous girl that looks like Paris Hilton! He then goes on to list physical features that he prefers. Last time I checked those are NOT great qualifications to base a long term relationship or a marriage on. So Patti then turns to her database full of desperate women who have submitted their pictures because obviously they all just want sugar daddies and finds the girl best suited for him. Now granted a lot of these woman are really pretty but the whole thing just screams filth. Patti has a whole staff of people that work for this business and claims to have made 300 marriages and 400 people in relationships. The whole thing just gave me the heebie jeebies!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Thank goodness for the long weekend. Kenny and I were pretty busy but in a laid back kind of way. Friday night we ate at Pei Wei. I love that place. It is a cheaper version of P.F. Changs but in my opinion just as good. Then we just went home and watched 3:10 to Yuma. Its a western and I thought it was a really good movie. Kenny of course loved it.

Saturday morning we got up early to make it to the Humane Society for volunteer orientation. Like I have mentioned before this is one of Kenny and I's New Years resolutions. If you have never been to the Memphis Humane Society then I suggest you go. They just built a new facility and it is so nice. They have 160 dogs and lots of cats too. They also have a great volunteer program. Kenny and I decided that we want to be part of the dog walking program. Once a week we will go out there after work and play with the dogs and walk them. They have a group of people every night that do this with the dogs and it is really great for them. It helps to socialize them and gets their energy out. I really am so excited about doing this. What a great way to break up the work week and maybe even get some exercise myself. After the orientation class Kenny and I walked around and looked at all the cute dogs. There are so many. If anyone is thinking about getting a dog please go out there and meet some of these great dogs.

Saturday night I drug Kenny to 27 Dresses, the new movie with Katherine Heigl. Anyone who has been in a wedding or planned a wedding will love this movie. It really is so cute. I am so lucky to have a husband that will go to a chick flick as long as some movie popcorn is involved!

Sunday, we just watched football. I have to say we are a little torn over the results of the Packers vs. Giants game. It was such an interesting game to watch, first because it was the game before the Superbowl and second because the two quarterbacks are Mississippi boys. Kenny and I were really pulling for Brett Favre because he is getting on up there in years and felt like he deserved one last Superbowl. But at the same time it is nice to see Eli doing well after struggling the past few seasons. I just hope the Giants will play a good game against those stinking Patriots.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Today they reported on the news again that under no circumstances should you give a child under two any type of cold medicine or cough syrup. I read or see these things in the news and I am always confused. I know my parents gave me some sort of children's Tylenol because I can still remember that chalky grape tablet and how awful it tasted. I turned out find. I am also sure that my sister received the same treatment when it came to a cough or a stuffy nose along with most of the people our age. I have not heard of any side effects surfacing in our teenage years, nor have any of my friends or family died from taking cold medicine as a child. So I ask...were we super children or are we as a society just way more paranoid. (or perhaps scared of lawsuits)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Sorry I haven't posted in a few days. We had a pretty laid back weekend and then Monday I was feeling nauseous all day. So when I came home after work I just put on my pajamas and curled up in bed. Long story short.....I got some kind of stomach bug. It did not last that long but I felt like I had been hit by a bus yesterday so I stayed home from work. I am feeling better today, but still pretty weak. (By the way the title of this post comes from one of my favorite lines in Devil Wears Prada. In case you were confused.)

But anyway, our weekend was a pretty boring one. We really did not do too much except watch a lot of football. Saturday night we met up with Joe and Tracy at Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Patriots game. Once the game was over the boys had had a few beers and wanted to go out. Tracy and I.....not so much. So we dropped the boys off at Flying Saucer and Tracy and I went to our house to just hang out. We ended up watching a Lifetime movie (haha of course) that I had tivoed. It was the one with Nicki Blonsky from Hairspray. In the movie, its a big deal that she got elected as Homecoming Queen because she is heavy, and everybody freaks out. I kept thinking nobody in my school would have cared as much as those kids did. Sad to say for a Lifetime movie in all their cheesy glory.......not so good. Tracy and I both fell asleep a couple of times. But give us credit, it was kind of late.

Sorry this post is pretty boring but that was about it for our weekend. But sometimes its nice to have one of those weekends. Especially after the holidays.

Friday, January 11, 2008


A little back story before I tell you what great programing this channel has.

When my sister and I were younger, we did not have televisions in our rooms. We had one in the den and if we wanted to watch tv then we had to watch it together in the den. You are thinking not bad right. Well, we also were only allowed to choose maybe one hour of television a week. So we had to think long and hard about which shows were our favorite and that is pretty much the only television we watched. You would think that we would have grown up to not watch that much tv. But it backfired and my sister and I both LOVE television. We watch it......alot! Now that that is out of the way. I wanted to talk about A&E today. This channel has some great shows. Such as:

Intervention, this show documents a drug addict or alcoholic who thinks they are just doing a documentary on addiction but really their family is setting them up for this huge intervention. You see first hand these peoples actions(that are pretty crazy) and how it tears apart their family. Its pretty riveting television.

Or how about The First 48 which features our hometown of Memphis. Makes us so proud. The whole premise of this show is it follows homicide detectives in different cities and the clock ticks down from 48 hours till the lead goes cold of finding the killer. You watch the interrogations to the gathering of forensic evidence. This show is way better than CSI.

And finally my new little gem that I discovered last night Parking Wars. This show takes place in Philadelphia, and cameras follow the people around that give tickets when your meter runs out a.k.a Meter Maids. It is so funny because when people find the tickets on their cars they hunt down the meter maid and scream and rant to them.
The show also features the impound lot where the crazies really show up.

I think I love A&E so much because they have these programs that give you a glimpse into peoples lives. It is close to walking a mile in someone else's shoes. And I like that. Sorry for the long post......but like I said I love tv and I will most likely talk about it a good bit on here.


Well, since people tagged me to do this.....I'll do it.
Four Jobs I've Had
1. YMCA-member services (I greeted people and swiped their cards)
2. Dogwood Golf Course- I ran the kitchen and ate lots of free fried food.
3.Weekday Ministries- I worked with the 3's and 4's and then did the daycamp for two summers.
4. Morgan Keegan-Communication Consultant

Four Places I Have Lived
1. Hattiesburg, MS- born and raised there
2. Pensacola, FL-for a brief period
3. Starkville, MS-Go Dawgs
4. Memphis, TN

Four Places I've Been
1.New York City-would never want to live there but that's where Broadway is.
2.The Bahamas-the first spring break with Kenny, I was the only girl!
3.Breckenridge- another spring break with Kenny, I got a black eye when a ski pole jabbed me as I fell.
4.St. Lucia-our amazing honeymoon

Four of My Favorite Foods ( I am on a diet right now so this is hard to talk about)
1.Sushi, sushi, sushi! I could eat it for every meal and everyday. There is so much to choose from.
2.Cheese, if you know me you know I love ALL cheese. I show no favoritism
3.My Mom's chicken enchiladas. They are world famous...okay maybe family famous but those things are good.
4.A well cooked steak(red in the middle, not cool) with blue cheese on top and a restuffed potato on the side.

Four Places I'd Rather Be Right Now
1. New York with Kenny. He went there for business but we could of stayed for the weekend and gone to see plays and hung out.
2.At home watching tivo and daytime television
3.The beach
4.Europe, learning about wine and cheese

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Most people know this about me already, but in case you do not, here it goes:
1. I love musicals. All of them. I can't help but caught up in the lives of characters as they belt out songs about anything and everything.
2.My favorite musical right now is Legally Blonde (the musical) Ever since ooooh around September, October when this fine piece of theatre debuted on MTV I have been so crazy obsessed about it. I love or as I often say.....I HEART everything about this play. I would die if I got to see it in New York.

But for now I have it saved on my tivo so that it will never erase and for a while I was watching it oooh once a day. I know I am a dork. One of the things that I love the most about this musical is the girl who plays the lead as Elle Woods. Her name is Laura Bell Bundy and she really is incredible. I truly believe that when I was put on this earth I was supposed to be able to sing (note: I can't) and if I could sing, this is who I would want to be able to sing like. You follow me?

The play follows the movie closely, but has a lot of catchy empowering numbers full of dance. Laura Bell Bundy is also a incredible dancer. It plays up the romance between the character Emmett, played by Luke Wilson in the movie and Elle Woods so along with her problems at Harvard you get caught up in their little love story.. I received the soundtrack for Christmas, it really was the one thing I wanted the most for Christmas. ( I know I know....I told you I truly am a dork). I am sad because I am never in my car to listen to it very much. But anyone who loves a good musical every now and then should give this one a chance. If I ever get to New York I will definitely make sure I see this even if it does not have Laura Belle Bundy.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Some of Kenny's friends got together and planned a little gathering to watch the National Championship game last night. They were so organized and had cooked and ordered a lot of food for everyone. It was all really good and the game stayed pretty interesting too. LSU defeated Ohio 38-24. As much as I love to hate LSU I still like seeing the SEC win a national championship!

Monday, January 7, 2008


On Saturday I went to lunch with my friends Susan and Alex. I had not seen them since the holidays so it was good to catch up because a lot had been going on in Susan's life that we needed to chat about. We went and ate at Tugs. It is one of the new restaurants that opened on Mud Island when the River Inn establishment was finished being built. Kenny and I had tried it once and the food was good but very overpriced. This time the prices had gone down and the food was just okay. So hopefully this place's will work out its kinks because we can just walk there and that makes it extremely convenient. By the way can you believe how long my hair is in this picture. I think this might be the longest it has ever been. Usually I can never get my hair to grow this long. Yeah for me! Now I think I may need to cut it. Is it too long?

Saturday night Kenny and I went over to our new married friends, Joe and Tracy's apartment. Mollie and Wilson Baird were there also. We were so excited to be able to hang out with them. I had to put this picture in because Joe does a lot of cooking in this household (the food was great Joe) and this was all the men hanging out in the kitchen watching Joe cook! But the apartment looked so cute with all their new furniture and wedding presents and I am sure Joe and Tracy are so happy to be settled in and done with all the wedding craziness.

Sunday, Kenny and I slept pretty late since we did not get home from the Shearins til late. But that afternoon we went to a Memphis Grizzlies game. They were playing Miami Heat. We always go to these games to see Shaq and Dwayne Wade play. And I am not kidding you every single time we go, Shaq sits the game out. This proved to be true yesterday too. Wade played most of the game but Shaq just sat on the bench, taunting and teasing us by wearing his jersey and warm up suit. So we kept the hope up thinking he would maybe play the last quarter. No such luck. But the good news is the Grizzlies beat the Heat in a very exciting game 101-94!

Sunday, January 6, 2008


So.....Kenny and I went to see Sweeney Todd Friday night. Since we began seeing previews we both wanted to see it. Kenny, because he LOVES Johnny Depp, and me, I love all musicals. I had heard some things from some friends and sort of knew what to expect. But I was not familiar with the musical (can you believe it) or the movie so I was excited. Let me begin by saying the acting was amazing. The singing was good although I have heard that its very different from the musical. When it was over we got up and Kenny of course right away loved it. I was a little undecided. But over the weekend we have listened to the soundtrack and its really growing on me. Despite its goriness I think I enjoyed the movie. I just needed to process it a little. I would recommend going to see it with a small warning....its different....its violent....its dark...but go with an open mind and you'll enjoy it!


My mom got us this amazing Walter Anderson print for our bedroom. Walter Anderson is a very well know artist from the Mississippi Gulf Coast. And I really enjoy his work. I helped choose the print in Hattiesburg, and we had a friend of my mom's who is an artist named Kim Garroway paint it.I am so pleased at how it turned out and was so happy to open it Christmas Day. These pictures do not even do justice to how good it really looks in our room. Thanks Mom! It looks great!

Friday, January 4, 2008


Okay so I know I have already posted but I just have to talk about my favorite show that is on television right now because I am so OBSESSED!!!!!

If you are not watching this show then you are missing out on the cream of the crop of quality television. You think I am exaggerating.....I am not. Think The OC crossed with Cruel Intentions and then throw in a little Dawson's Creek for good measure. AND ITS BETTER! Everyone I have made watch this show has fallen in love and you will to. So set your tivos, catch the reruns, I do not care but watch it. Its on Wednesday nights at 8:00 pm central.


Well in case you have been living under a rock these past few days you probably know that Mississippi State defeated University of Central Florida (never heard of them but who cares) 10-3. It was not the most interesting game but it was so exciting that we not only had a winning season but we won our bowl game!

We got back to Memphis Friday night from spending time with our families for Christmas. We had good intentions to make it to the parade down on Beale but we were just too wiped. Plus we had to be up early to make it to our tailgate. One of Kenny's friends had planned this great tailgate which we were so thankful for. Lots of food and friends. It was so much fun. Even if it was freeezing!!!!

Kenny and I were lucky to have off of work until after New Years so New Years Eve we just relaxed all day and watched football. And of course I spent lots of time getting ready for our New Years Eve plans because thats what girls like to do on New Years Eve right?!

A group of us had reserved the wine cellar at a restaurant called McEwans on Monroe. It was really neat and private. We had lots of good wine and delicious food.(Sorry the picture is not the best, we were in a wine cellar for gosh sakes) Then we headed to another friends for ring in the new year get together. We watched the ball drop and counted down to 2008 of course...and I got my New Years kiss!

Kenny and I have decide do to do our 2008 resolution together. We are attending the Humane Society orientation in a couple of weeks. We want to start volunteering there. If anyone is interested just let us know! Happy New Years and hope you have a great 2008!

Thursday, January 3, 2008


As some of you know, I like to read people's blogs. Starting one as been a running joke with some of my friends for a while. I have finally decided to take the plunge after getting a new camera for Christmas! So we will see how it goes. Wish me luck!