Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Time for a little photo dump from the last couple of weeks.  Kenny has been gone for the last week for market and it has been a busy week with him gone but market curse did not strike.  I was still dealing with sinus stuff and was back at the doctor Sunday for another shot and more antibiotics but since that has been ongoing we won't count that as the curse!

Before Kenny left for market we had some great days!  Walker loves this cooler weather so we have been playing outside and going for lots of golf cart rides.  The kids love to go look at the cows and get treats at the Country Club.  We like to go check out the progress on the pool.Just easy going days. School is going well for both Elle and Walker.  Elle is learning so much and is working hard to "clip up." A way of rewarding good behavior.  She got to choose from the treasure box last week because she had earned 5 stickers for clipping up 5 different times.  She was so excited and proud and we were proud of her too! We also love being able to spend time with Walker on the mornings he doesn't have PDO. We are so smitten with him right now.  He is just at the sweetest and finniest age.  We still have lots of tantrums (mostly over wanting something out of the pantry that we aren't allowing him to have.) But my goodness he is cute and brings so much joy to our life.

So here are some of my favorite pictures from the last couple of weeks.
I took Walker out to Old Waverly to meet Kenny for lunch one day. He was tearing up his lunch but then when the dessert came he was all about it.  I brought this piece of cake for Kenny but Walker quickly took over!
I picked Elle up from school oneway and had to run a couple 
errands so we picked up a milkshake to enjoy for the ride.
Walker sacked out after spending a morning on the golf course with Daddy.
Elle and Daddy slept in one morning while I got up with Walker and made breakfast.  
When the sleepyheads finally woke up-group hug!
Checking out the "moos" on a golf cart ride. He gets so excited when they are next to the fence like this.  He really really gets excited when they mooooooo at him.
This was the morning Kenny was leaving for market.  
Kenny and Elle woke up early and I found them cuddling and reading books when I got up.
Hanging with mommy one morning.
We got all decked out in our state gear and went over to Ava's one morning 
to take a picture with Lacey for the Diamond girl calendar that Kenny bought an ad for.
Walker loves to peek in the two way window at Elle's ballet class to see Elle.  Most of the time he asks for me to pick him up so he can "let me see." But on this day he was being stubborn and wanted to stand on the chair for himself.
One morning I met up with some friends for coffee to celebrate my friend Kim's birthday.  
It was so fun!
Walker joined me at the coffee shop for the first little bit until it was time for drop off at PDO.  Once it was time I walked two blocks over to drop him off and then walked back to the coffee shop.  I love living in a small town!
Later that day I surprised Elle at school and ate lunch with her.  Love seeing her in 
her school element and talking to her little friends.

This past Saturday Annie/Nanee got into to town early morning.  I didn't tell Elle she was coming and  Elle was so excited and surprise.  Lacey had texted me a couple days earlier to ask if she and Ava could take Walker on a "date" to the baseball scrimmage.  So Annie and I planned to have a girls day with Elle! We ran into a couple stores and then went to the library and had fun checking out books with Elle before going to a girls lunch and then running a couple more errands.  After that we came home to meet Ava with Walker, hang out and watch football. It was a gorgeous and relaxing day.
Reading library books while we had lunch at the Grill.
Sweet happy girl!
Loves her Nannee a whole bunch.

Meanwhile Walker was having the best time at the scrimmage!  It helps that Lacey is a diamond girl and has unlimited access! Plus the weather was perfect!
Lacey and her little man Walker.
So excited to be so close to all the action.
Cried when they left the ball field.
After they left the ball field they met Cole Oswald who is Lacey's new boyfriend! He plays baseball for Mississippi State and is know for his mullet! Very funny! He has heard all about Walker so was excited to finally meet him!
Walker loving the DG house.  Guess I need to get him to the Chi O house a little bit more.

Elle and Nannee decorated a big pumpkin sugar cookie that was in a boo basket.  

And big news as of Monday morning! When I went to put back Walker's car seat into the car from Ava having it I decided to go ahead and turn him forward facing. We are two weeks from his 2 year old birthday and I have been ready for a while but holding out.  He was so excited and Elle was too! I love being able to see his sweet face in my rearview mirror!
Big boy!
Sister was excited too!
 Love seeing that face!

Monday, October 24, 2016


Elle has had a ton of birthday parties lately.  A ton! I think in one week we had 3-4! It wears me out but Elle has had a ball! They had a Monday morning off for Fall Break after the Auburn game so I made sure she rested up so she could go with a small group of girls to Jackson to celebrate her friend and classmate's, Collier's birthday.  Collier's parents and grandparents took two van full of girls- one van of Elle's friends and then an older group celebrating Collier's older sister's birthay to Jackson.  They took them to lunch and then to a place called High Heaven.  It is a trampoline and ropes course place and they had an absolute ball.  They were gone all day and Elle came home very tired!

Drop off that morning. Excited to go!

They stopped for a pizza lunch before going to High Heaven.
Doing the ropes course section.
Big girls and little girls.
Hopping on the trampoline.

Elle attended a little girl in her grade Princess Party at the Country Club after school one day.  They all came in their princess dresses and had their make up done and had cake before going outside to play on the playground and play some games.
Getting her make up done.
Elle with two of the sweet girls in her class. Mary Kenway and Neely.
Group pic! So many cute girls in their grade.
Playing duck duck goose.  Elle was in the stink pot.

Only pic I got from a birthday party we went to at the gymnastics place for Hallie.
I picked up Mary Kenyway up from school along with Elle to take them to their friend Jane's birthday party.  Cate's mom rolled up to give me something so Cate hopped in with us too.

Group pic at Jane's party.
Enjoying some Panda cake.  The birthday girl loves Pandas.

Friday afternoon we had a good friend Annie's Spa birthday party.  It was at her house and they could get their hair chalked in different colors, their make up done and their nails done. Then of course they did lots playing.  They also had a photo booth.  Sarah took Elle to the party and I took Walker and showed up a little later.  That did not stop Walker from wanting to eat all the things.
Trying to get a photo booth shot of a few of the girls.
Zoom in on this phase.
Perfectly content to eat cake by himself while Annie opened presents.

Monday, October 17, 2016


Last weekend we had a jam packed football weekend! Mississippi State was set to play Auburn at home and we were excited despite the 11:00 AM kickoff because our friends the Bairds were coming in town.  Elle looks forward to the game that Lizzie comes the most so she was pumped! Memphis was on fall break so they were able to get into town early afternoon and just as Elle was getting home from school.

Friday night we lined up a babysitter because Kenny's fraternity was having a ribbon cutting ceremony for the newly renovated fraternity house. We weren't sure if we were going to go but Jay had a huge part in planning the event so we needed to go as a sign of support in the very least.  The Bairds were happy to come with us despite Wilson being a Kappa Alpha. The party turned out to be a lot of fun.  Lots of Kenny's fraternity brothers came in town and it was a big reunion.  It was fun seeing everyone!
Ryan, Jay, Kenny and Richard
The Laceys and the Bairds.
The babysitter sent us this cute picture as she was putting the girls to bed!

The next morning we woke up bright and early. We planned a very casual breakfast tailgate.  Zo came to keep Walker and we got to the tailgate around 9 to have mimosas, bloody mary's, cinnamon rolls, biscuits and chicken minis.  The weather was wonderful and Elle and Lizzie and all of her friends had a great time playing.

We went in to the game and unfortunately the bulldogs did not play well at all.  This is just not a good season for us.  But we are trying our best to stick by them!  We stayed until the beginning of the fourth quarter despite getting our honeys whooped.  After we left the game we came back to the tailgate for a while and hung out because the weather was so nice.  That night we all cooked out.  We cooked the fish Kenny brought home from a fishing trip he had gone on with an account.  It was really good but I started to feel really bad that night.  I did not think too much of it because I normally feel bad tailgating from being out in the grass.  
Elle and Lizzie walking to the game.  We have a similar picture 
to this from two years before when they were smaller.

Group picture minus our Walker bud! Can't wait until he is old enough to come!
Lizzie, Elle and the Cougle girls!
Tailgate crew
Ann Carlton, Mary Kenway, Elle and the Edwards stopped by so Miriam too!
These two have become sweet friends lately.
Doing some coloring at the game.
Stretch and his little girl stopped by. Ryan and Kenny were pledge brothers.
Wilson and Will.

Sunday morning I woke up and felt terrible.  Elle had a bad cough that she couldn't get rid of so I loaded us up and went to the Urgent Care. I had strep and Elle had pneumonia.  Yikes!  So we came home to see Lizzie and the Bairds off and then got into bed to try and recover.  I am writing this post a week later and Elle is much better and I am still trying to kick it!  The price I pay for a fun vacation recently and a fun football weekend with our friends!