Thursday, April 19, 2012


(She was so little in this picture and this is her bucket seat. 
 Eight month's later though, she is still facing the same way. Ha!)

I like to think I am pretty laid back mom.  I also like to think that I am pretty non judgemental when it comes to choices other moms makes.  Although my friends, Kenny and I aren't totally sure where this laid-back attitude came from since I usually am a complete control freak, I am loving being more easy going.

I think it comes from knowing deep down that Elle will be okay in the long run regardless of how long I breastfeed or whether she eats an occasional meal bite of processed food that isn't organic.  I have faith that Kenny and I are good parents and hopefully that will be reflected in Elle one day.

But there is one thing that I have a strong opinion about.  The one I don't really talk about to other people because the guidelines just changed and there are lots of various opinions that everyone is entitled to have because they deserve to make choices for their children just as much as I deserve to make my decisions.

Rear facing car seat until two. Unless I change my mind which is always possible,  (Nothing is ever for sure when you have a child and the second you swear you won't do something you end up eating your words.) I want to keep Elle rear facing until she is two.

The deciding factor for me was watching the videos that show crash tests with car seats rear facing vs. forward facing.  I am not going to post one on here because you can google them if you are interested in coming to your own opinions.

Elle is also very small in weight, length and has a large head.  Irrational or not, I feel like that head on her little body needs some extra support in a situation like a car accident. I am also not the best of drivers.  While I haven't totaled a car  (oh my goodness let me knock on some major wood) since I was 19, I have had LOTs of fender benders with stationary objects like poles.  Plus, I live in Memphis.  I can't trust the other drivers in this city. Ha!

Am I annoyed with the rear facing thing?  Yes!  Do I wish I could turn her around and be able to see her and hand her things easier?  Yes! Is she fussy or throw absolute tantrums in her car seat sometimes? Yes.  But for now I am sticking to my guns.  This is my one thing that I feel strongly about.   So sorry Elle just keep smiling at me in that mirror we have set up for you.

Note:  Please know I do not judge you if you don't feel strongly about rear facing. Elle might literally be the only child I know who is still rear facing at her age.  Which might make ME the crazy one.  I pray this blog post did not come off preachy or holier than thou.  I am neither of those things.  Just trying to keep things interesting on this old blog and thought maybe someone might have never considered looking into it more.  


Melissa said...

I am absolutely planning to keep my son rear facing for as close to 2 as possible. He's almost 1 now, but he's a really big boy. He's 98th percentile for weight and 95th for height. He's as happy as can be rear facing and until there's an issue, I'm leaving him that way because I feel it's safer too.

Joey and Kristin Lindley said...
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Joey and Kristin Lindley said...

what kind of seat do you have for elle? we are looking at the convertible ones that can go rear (since we'll still be rear facing for awhile) and then transition to forward facing. don't feel bad about your convictions. this is your blog and its your opinion!

The Laceys said...

We have a Britax Marathon in the Cowmooflage pattern. It is my understanding that we can transition to forward facing with this one too. She could technically be rear facing up to 40lbs (which she is no where close) and forward facing to 70lbs.

I think looking back we might of switched to the Britax a little early from the bucket but it was summer time and she just seemed so hot and cocooned in the bucket seat and she was heavy enough to put in the Britax.

Lauren@ Not Your Average Southern Belle said...

Thanks for letting other moms know! I work for a children's hospital in Memphis (I'll let you guess :) ) and we have an entire safety department that preaches this all the time! Sometimes its better for people to hear it from a mom who practices it in real life than from somebody who works as a clinical hospital educator.

Britt @ The Magnolia Pair said...

She is so cute! I was browsing through your older posts and was thinking how precious she is!

Buddy & Bird said...

Oh its definetly safer. I should probably do it. One of those things they changed between children and I didnt do it for gray so... lame excuse.
We used convertible britax for both and used them rear facing for a while.
Ive changed my mind on a many of things as a parent, this may at some point be one of them.

and my mother in law is car seat certified and works in patient education at childrens here. You would think I would be one of the ones who listens. She recommends Britax bc they are crash tested higher than others.

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