Tuesday, June 30, 2015


This past weekend my sister invited Elle up to Memphis for a jam packed weekend of fun!  Of course we dubbed this adventure Nannee camp.  Kenny and I seeing an opportunity offered up Walker cuddles to CeCe for the weekend in Hattiesburg and the starts aligned. Kenny and I were kid free in Starkville for 36 hours while our children enjoyed wonderful bonding time!

Annie and Elle got back to Memphis around lunch and hit up the nail shop where Elle picked purple for both of their toenails.  Elle is getting totally spoiled! She is getting pedicures more often than me.
 After pedis they hit up our favorite book store in Memphis.  They have a great children's section and Elle came home with two new books about starting a new school which I can't even talk about right now.
 She was pretty excited about them!

After the bookstore it was time for a movie. First they stopped by a candy store so Elle could pick out some movie candy to go along with her popcorn! Spoiled!  They went to see the new Disney Pixar movie Inside Out and Elle enjoyed it.  Annie gave it good reviews too. By the time they got home from the movie I think they were both worn out!
No movie is complete without popcorn in Elle's book! She gets that honest from Kenny.
 Walker checking in at CeCe's.  Elle would request for pictures of Walker to 
be sent so she could see him.  Sweet sister!

The next morning Elle and Nanee were up early and headed to the zoo.  The idea was to get there in the morning so it wasn't too hot but the day was overcast and perfect for a nice long visit to our favorite zoo.  All the animals were out and about so they had the best time!
 Seeing a fan favorite, the giraffes!
This little monkey was showing out for Elle and she thought it was so funny!
The sea lions were on the move that morning.  They were swimming all over the place for Elle and they even caught the sea lion show.

 Elle adores this carosael and no trip to the zoo is complete without a ride.
Towards the end of the zoo trip we got a phone call from Annie and Elle and Elle was so distraught because she had lost her pink bow.  She was so sad.  Despite Kenny and I reassuring her that it was okay and that we weren't worried about it at all she was still very upset.  So naturally a cookie was needed.
There's a smile!  Don't blame her! That cookie is from Frost my 
absolute favorite bakery in the entire world!
 After a rest and a bath Elle and Nanee headed out for a few errands.  
She was excited to sport her sunglasses that the zoo was handing out.

Checking in with Walker for a moment.  He was having a good time hanging out with CeCe. He wasn't napping all to well but he was trying his best to learn how to crawl.

 Up off of his knees and on all fours.  Still can't quite figure it out though.
 Elle and Nanee headed to get donuts before heading to Tupelo to meet Kenny for the trade off. 
Just another cute picture of Walker.  We got several of these because Elle would tell Nannee to tell CeCe to text her a picture of Walker so she could see him.  She missed her brother!

And before I conclude this blog post on Nannee camp and CeCe camp I thought I would do a quick run down of how Kenny and I spent our glorious 36 hours on our own.  Friday night we ordered sushi and watched a movie that I felt asleep midway through.  Saturday morning we slept late which means until 8 AM.  Then we went and got coffee and pedicures together before going to lunch together.  From there we came home to relax but the house was quiet so we didn't stick around too long.  We went to see Ted 2 at the movie matinee and then went to Harveys for dinner where we planned to enjoy a nice dinner and drinks but Kenny wasn't feeling to well.  So we had a couple drinks at the bar and ordered our food at the bar and took it home to just watch tv and hang out.  Sunday morning we slept late again and then went to brunch before we both went our separate ways to bring Elle and Walker back home.  While that weekend might sound boring the one on one time was so amazing and we had a really really good weekend together.  But we missed the babes like crazy and were so happy to have our family back together Sunday afternoon.

Monday, June 15, 2015


I got a little sidetracked and never got around to doing my final beach post.  So here we are. I am not sure I mentioned that our good good friends were at the beach at the same time we were and were actually staying in Grove by the Sea too right around the corner.  I recommended our favorite little beach neighborhood to Sarah a while back but it was by chance that we booked our vacations at the same time.  So it was extra fun that Elle had her best friend to play with on the beach.  Not to mention because Abigail is more adventurous Elle ended up doing so many more fun things that she might of been too scared to do. I was grateful for them especially since I was tied up with Walker so much this trip.  Elle never even cared because she had so so so much fun!
Elle and Abigail.

After the first day or so we kind of threw Walker's nap schedule out the window and just decided to wing it when we could. We strived to get one good nap a day. Then we usually worked to get a good nap in our arms on the beach.  Once you got him to sleep you had to sit so still.  I already find the beach chairs we rent so uncomfortable if you sent in them to long so at times it got to be downright painful.  But it was worth it to have him be happy and not super fussy. So I would try to drink him in and this stage of life as much as I could during those naps.
Loving that sweet baby face.
And his chunky little legs and feet.

When Walker was over it we would pack it up and head back to the beach house.  He would be so fussy and as long as we got him into the air conditioning and stripped him down to his diaper and let him lay on the ground with his toys he would be happy for hours.  He just didn't like being hot!  So I got a lot more comfortable with him being in his diaper this trip.
Getting some Daddy kisses.
Elle got this book off of a bookshelf and was pretending to be like mommy.  Silly girl.
Beach reads.
Fell asleep watching a movie with Mommy and Daddy on our last night.

On our last morning we loaded up the car and went to our favorite near by place for breakfast.  A lot of my family were getting into town for their beach vacation and we were able to cross paths over breakfast and see each other.  A special treat as we headed home!
The boys with their babies. Lawson just turned one! Sweet girl!
And the girls.  Elle was so tired so this was the best smile we could get.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


On Wednesday of our week of the beach one of my best friends from Memphis drove over from where she was staying in Destin with her family to hang out with us.  She brought along her little girl Lizzie who Elle just adores and they have been friends since Elle was tiny.  It was so nice having them!  I was able to relax a little with Elle totally occupied by playing with Lizzie on the beach.  I had not seen Mollie since she came down to Starkville to meet Walker so having time with her was food for the soul.  It was an all around great afternoon.  They met us at the beach house right as we were headed out around noon.  We spent the afternoon at the beach and then headed to the pool to cool off and rinse the sand off.  Kenny went and picked up fresh boiled shrimp from Goatfeathers and we just hung out and let the girls play and watch a movie and stay up late.  I managed to talk Mollie and Lizzie into spending the night before heading back to Destin in the morning so the girls were thrilled to have a "sleepover!" 
They fashioned their towels into mermaid tails.
Playing a game of checkers.  I don't think Elle quite grasped the concept.

Here are just a few more pictures from our mornings at the beach! I got the cutest matching swimsuits for Elle and Walker but ended up having to change Elle mid morning because it was chafing her legs and getting all red.  Poor thing! They still looked adorable!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


I have one more post on the beach and our beach pictures but today is Walker's 7 Month birthday so I have to interject here with a quick post all about Walker man. At this very moment Walker has a cold and has been fussy fussy fussy.  He is down for a nap which he hasn't started yet because he is laying in his crib fussing but after his nap we are headed to the doctor to get his ears checked.  He is a runny nose and droopy mess.  I feel bad for him.  And if the doctor tells me it is teeth I will scream.  If it is teeth then come on teeth! You have made him miserable for two months! Where are the teeth!

As I mentioned in my beach post Walker had his second trip to the beach and wasn't all that thrilled with the heat but he was a trooper and really enjoyed when we would take him back into the air conditioning strip him down to his diaper and let him roll around on the floor.  The day before we left for the beach he started saying "bababa and mamma" which I love.  He is also rolling all over the place and pushing his knees up underneath him a lot.  Crawling will be here before we know it.  

Alright here are a few pictures, many that you might of already seen on this blog but I like putting some of my favorite pictures together to celebrate each month with my sweet baby boy.
Love that twinkle in his eyes.
He is really into grabbing faces and things these days.  If you get close enough he will get ya!
I can never get enough pictures of him sleeping.  I love watching my children sleep. Psycho mommy.

See another sleeping picture.
Hanging out naked (diaper on) in the jumperoo.  He already likes being sans clothes.  
Will I have one of those boys who runs through the neighborhood naked all the time?

I love this picture.  Hey mama! What ya doing?
All ready with his bucket hat!
Happy boy!

Monday, June 8, 2015


I was gone from this space on the web to enjoy a full week at the beach.  It was time for our annual summer trip to Seagrove and Seaside with my mom and sister. This is our third year of staying in the same neighborhood on 30A.  We love this neighborhood for its big pretty houses, beach access and the pools, plus its just a walk away from Seaside.  

While we took Walker to the beach in March and stayed in Seaside with Elle and had a wonderful time, this trip was a lot more work.  A lot.  Walker was just smaller in March and we were able to wing it a lot more.  This time around we were on a fantastic sleep schedule and those naps are a must.  Plus it is much warmer this time of year.  Walker didn't just love his time at the beach but we did our best to make the best of it.  Walker's indifference was at a total contrast to Elle's total obsession.  Elle loved the beach more than she ever has. She had very little fear and was way out in the water the whole time and was riding waves, playing in the sand, collection jellyfish.  She was doing it all.  It was so much fun to watch.  We tried to make sure she got plenty of time and spent lots of time at the pool too.

As far as nights went on this trip we weren't able to do a whole lot.  We realized a vacation or two ago that it is easier to not rush the kids off the beach to shower and get dressed and go out to eat.  That it is easier to take our time and not have a set schedule.  We found we enjoy doing take out pizza or seafood or even cooking.  But this week on the two nights that Seaside had events like a play or a move that we planned to go to it rained and was cancelled.  So that was a stinker.  But we enjoyed our nights, putting Walker to bed early and then hanging out on the screened in porch or watching movies together as a family. 

So I have divided all of my pictures into a few posts so that this isn't a huge photo dump. It is really was another fantastic week of vacation even with the different dynamic of two children and one of them being a small baby!
This was the same afternoon that we arrived on the first day.  We had hoped that Walker would take a good car nap but no such luck.  So that left him tired and fussy so I snuggled with him on the front porch swing after we got to our beach house and he was drifting in and out.
Morning coffee run to Amavida.

Walker with his Beaufort Bonnet bucket hat on.
Hanging with CeCeat the pool.
Elle hanging with Nanee and CeCe on a rainy afternoon.
Porch time while we were trying tow air out some rain.  It ended up 
pouring for a long long time but we had fun anyway!