Thursday, June 30, 2016


So this will be  whopper of a post.  And I still have one more.  But I just love looking back at these pictures so much! We enjoyed our days at the beach.  We would fill up this big blue bucket with water and Walker would play for hours.  We even skipped his nap of a couple of the days and he still remained happy until his very early bedtime where he would pass straight out. We packed coolers of sandwiches and chips and snacks and drinks and ate lunch out there.  And everyone was very content!

Hanging with Walker on the cart all ready to go the beach.

Elle and I relaxing on the beach.

That evening we got all cleaned up so we could take Elle into Seaside for dinner and to see the theate troops play.  The plays are a tradition for us.  Elle loves them.  The adults don't love them as much but it is still lots to go have dinner and be outside at the amphitheater and see how much Elle loves the play! This year the play was Rapunzel so she was excited!
We did a little porch swanging before we left!
Elle and Lacey were having a moment.  They stayed behind and Walker 
was happy to be put to bed and Lacey was happy to relax and watch The Bachelorette.
Nanee and Elle

Possibly the only picture of the four of us that we took together.  We have to do better!

We went to dinner that night at one of our favorite places in Seaside, Great Southern! We arrived in time for happy hour which is always a good thing when drinks are involved and they also have oysters! We missed Walker but he isn't much fun out to eat for dinner so we relaxed and enjoyed our time with Elle!

Coloring a picture for Daddy and enjoying her favorite, a Shirley Temple.

Take two of me and Kenny.
Hanging out in the amphitheater waiting on Rapunzel to start!
Interrupting my girl for a selfie.  She was annoyed because she was into the play! Loved it!
Like I said. Totally engrossed.
Sister Selfie.
Handsome husband!
Elle was excited to get her picture taken with Rapunzel.  
We have her picture with every main character from every play we have been to!
After the play we all went for ice cream!

The next morning we went out for breakfast at Great Southern before having an easy morning at the pool.  We like to do that after a long day at the beach.  The house we stay in is 50 ft from the pool so we don't have to pack up or anything.  Just really grab a towel and walk over.
Walker acting all cool before we left for breakfast!
Walker as Tony.
Please look at the way Walker is looking at his Daddy.  
My boys.

We had a great breakfast together.  The kids were happy which helps everyone else be happy.  They played sweetly and enjoyed beignets and the grown ups enjoyed mimosas and everyone enjoyed the grits!
Playing cars!

Walker giving the beignets a try!
Yep! They are pretty yummy!

Ready to play at the pool! Never can forget his balls!
Couldn't stop taking pictures! I just adore him!
Splashing his feet in the water!
Daddy and Elle working on their cheerleading moves.

That evening we went into Seaside to get mexican food from Bud and Alleys and then watch a children's music concert in the amphitheater.  The duo was called Huck and Lily and I actually recognized them from Kelly Pickler's reality show.  They were on that show.  Their music was cute and not overly obnoxious! CeCe bought their CD and we've been listening to it in the car! We went and bought cake at Modica for dessert and the kids loved that. Their cake is so good.
Enjoying chocolate cake!

The musicians had several puppets they used in 
their act and Elle went down to meet "Slow Mo Joe" and pet him!

Walker was obsessed with every ball he saw a child with at the amphitheater.  This is a consistent problem we are having lately.  We can bring three of our own balls but he just wants everyone else's balls. Frustrating. We went and got him this bright ball and acted like it wasn't ours and he happily played with it,  Geez!
Heading back to the golf cart and for home.  Loving Miss Lacey.


So Sunday was our first day at the beach and it was also Father's Day.  We surprised Kenny with a card that Elle had drawn and written on and I slipped a gift card in there for a massage at the spa in Seaside. We got everything ready and headed out for a fun day at the beach.We were anxious to see what Walker would think of the beach.  But we weren't too stressed because we knew that if Walker just hated it at least he would be able to go back to the house with Lacey and they would find something fun to do.  Luckily we didn't need to do that.  He wasn't  crazy about walking in the sand or even standing but he was happy to sit and play with a bucket and all the toys.  We found out the next day that he could last a really really long time if he was in the shade. But he did okay on this morning and played contently and with all of us for a while and then Lacey took him in for a bath and a long nap!
Building a sand castle with Miss Lacey.  She had talked about doing this since 
we told her Lacey was coming on the trip with us!
Daddy relaxing on the beach sipping on a bloody mary for Father's Day!
Playing CeCe in the sand

Getting used to this sand stuff!

He loves balls! Absolutely obsessed!
Once he got hot and a little tired he sat in Lacey's lap and enjoyed his lunch and his sippy for a long time.  He was still taking it all in but he was happy and with us so we counted it as a completely successful day!

Daddy was tossing them around after nap!

That evening we wanted to take the kids into town for dinner and to play in the amphitheater. We went to dinner at Bud and Alley's Pizza and the kids were pretty worn out.  Walker was pretty nuts as he usually is for dinner.  It is always stressful going to dinner with him but we still had lots of fun and enjoyed ourselves. We even made Kenny's Father's Day wish of getting to go out to eat and watch the end of the U.S. Open come true!
On the cart and ready to go!
This pictures makes me laugh! 
CeCe and Walker!
Getting some love from Nannee.
Walker was making some interesting faces in this particular photo session. He was so tired!
Enjoying the pizza!

Towards the end we gave him the little tin of parmesan cheese they brought us for our pizza and he went to town! He loved it! A little boy after my own heart!

Picture with Daddy on Father's Day