Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Thought I would do a quick weekend recap-photo dump of the last few days! Here we go!

Unfortunately this is a very common scene at our house.  He asks for a snack and then refuses to accept it in an age appropriate snack cup and wants it in the container it comes in.  So we give in and then he dumps them all over the floor. Almost every single time.  It is insanely frustrating but we have finally caught on and he no longer gets anything but a snack cup. Stinker!
Evaluating the mess he made.

It has been warm enough to play outside some days and Walker and I spent one morning outside.  My goodness I look old and tired in these pictures but can't not post them because Walker man is so cute in them! His hair had gotten so long and we just got a haircut on Monday.  He could barely see through his hair!
Playing outside with my sweet boy!
Took Momma's chair and her magazine.

On Thursday night Kenny and I attended a Young Life Banquet for Starkville's Young Life.  We hosted a table and it was a really fun night!

Young Life Committee

Saturday morning Elle and I went to a birthday party for a sweet friend of hers named Audrey. It was a small cute birthday party. They took polaroid pictures and decorated them, played games, ate cake and ice cream and then took a bunch of silly pictures.
Decorating their polaroid pictures. Now I want a polaroid camera!
Group picture with props!
Elle and the birthday girl. Sweet friends.

That afternoon we attended our friends little boy's third birthday party. It was a fiesta at one of our mexican  restaurants and was lots of fun!
I love Walker in the background eating his sucker.
We went over to our friends the Holditches house Saturday night for a cookout and wine corking! 
We love our Napa group!

Sunday afternoon it was a cool and sunny day and we went to see the Bulldogs play some baseball.  It was our first game of the season and lots of fun.  The kids are especially invested this year because Miss Lacey is a diamond girl and her sweet boyfriend, Cole, who has hung around a few times with the kids some plays first base.  I have to agree cheering for one of the players does make it extra fun! Plus we sit right on the first base so we have a optimal view.
Picture with Daddy before heading to our seats.
Selfie with my baseball loving boy!
Selfie with my girl!


A couple of weeks ago Kenny and I were so lucky to be able to get away on a couples trip to Rosemary Beach while Elle and Walker got some super fun quality time with Gramma and Pop.  We checked Elle out from school on Thursday and rode down to Fairhope.  Margaret rode with us since we were staying at her condo and Jay had to work late.  Then Missy and Jack met us down there Thursday night. Elle was a little sad when we left which made us sad but she perked up after the first night! It is easy to forget missing Mommy and Daddy when you are getting spoiled rotten by grandparents.  Walker couldn't of cared less. He had the best time and never looked back when we left.

The first night we were somewhat late getting in so Kenny, Margaret and I went and ate tapas and had a drink at La Crema and waited for everyone else to get there.  Jack and Missy got there shortly after and were able to eat with us and then we all shared some chocolate fondue that was yum! And then we headed back to the condo to hang out for a little bit before we went to bed.  The boys had a early tee at a nice golf course the next morning. 
Walker found some of Daddy's hats when we were packing.

The next day, the boys got up and played a fun round of golf and the girls took our time in the morning drinking coffee before putting on some workout clothes and going for a long walk down the beach.  It was a little chilly but still so beautiful. After our really long walk we were starving and went and had some mid day cocktails and a delicious lunch at Cowgirl Kitchen.  It was so relaxing and so fun.  After lunch we went back down to the beach to just hang out and wait on the boys to meet us down there with a drink after their golf game.  Later on, we got showered and dressed to go have dinner at George's.  George's is one of my favorite restaurants on 30A hands down!
Margaret walking back from dusk drinks on the beach.  Some kid photobombing in the background.
The girls at George's
The boys. They were feeling really good and having lots of fun!

Kenny felt like Jack needed to try one of his shrimp.
Meanwhile here are the kids curled up in bed watching cartoons and eating their first breakfast of the morning.  They always have a snack breakfast and then Gramma cooks a big breakfast.

The next day was Saturday. We went had an amazing breakfast at Cowgirl Kitchen and it was a little cloudy in the morning so we hung out some in the movie room and then when the sun came out we hung out on the roof at the rooftop pool.  We grilled this deer sausage Jack has that we all love and had cheese and crackers and just snacked for a late lunch before going to dinner at Cafe 30A which was great and another fun night!
The boys were watching golf and relaxing in the movie room.
Enjoying some deer sausage!
Girls side at dinner.

The next day it was time to go home but of course it was the day we had the nicest weather.  Monday was President's Day so Elle didn't have school so we planned to stay in Fairhope Sunday night so we were able to take our time leaving and enjoy the weather a little. Missy and Jack had to get back to Starkville but Margaret and Jay were able to stay too.  We spent a few hours on the beach and it was so gorgeous and we all got sunburned!
Leaving the beach and Rosemary! One last pic!

We spent Sunday night in Fairhope and drove back to Starkville the next day pretty early.  The kids were beat.  The did so many fun things while they were in Fairhope.  Walker even napped in the car.  It was a great getaway with friends and with Kenny and the kids enjoyed their time in Fairhope too.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


This weekend was a big weekend.  One that we knew would eventually come about when Elle was born! The infamous Daddy Daughter dance! We found out about the Daddy Daughter dance a few months ago and were excited about the super sweet theme of a Sock Hop. I immediately got online to start looking for a poodle skirt for Elle and was so happy when I easily found on Amazon that include a cute scarf and even some 50s inspired glasses. Elle loved it and put it on as soon as it arrived and then I tucked it away so it would be ready for her to wear this weekend.  For Kenny's outfit I knew he would not want to go too over the top so I ordered him a simple black t-shirt and a pair of tube socks and he ended up rocking his look.

Saturday afternoon before the big dance we attended a birthday party for one of Elle's little guy friend's that is in her class.  Garrison and Elle were in Pre-K and now Kindergarten together.  The party was at the movie theatre where they had cake and ice cream and opened presents and then went to see the new Lego Batman movie.  I stayed for the movie and sat a few rows back with a friend. 
Getting ready to go in to watch the Batman Lego movie.
Silly faces.
Pretty sure she told them to act like puppies in this one.

Once we got home we ordered a pizza to have a quick dinner and then it was time to get dressed. I made sure to a lot plenty of time for pictures.  I pretty much couldn't get over how cute she looked! 
My little 50s girl!

Time for Daddy to be in on the action.

Practicing their moves.

Right before they were off. Walker wanted in the picture 
and Elle was completely over the pictures at this point.

I got a few texts from Kenny while they were there and then of course got the full report when they got home. They had lots of fun! Kenny say it was pretty chaotic with so many little girls! They were all running around playing and dancing with each other. The dads stood around the sides of the room and talked and then a slow dance would come on and all the little girls would find their daddy's and dance with them.  The dance was two hours long and they both game home after picking up an ice cream happy and tired!
Elle with one of her friends and classmates Audrey Caroline.
Elle, Cate, Audrey, Aubrey and Ella
Cute picture in front of the dance backdrop.
End of the night picture with Daddy after a slow dance.  

Ice cream on the ride home.
A huge hug before I took her up to bed where she fell asleep immediately!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017


This past weekend was the perfect mix of friends, family and fun. Friday afternoon, my friend Jennifer texted me and asked if I minded picking up her daughter Mary Kenway from school and dropping her home.  I happily agreed but also knew that Elle was not going to have just a car ride. So I invited Mary Kenway over for an unexpected after school playdate. The girls were super surprised and excited when they got into the car and since it was Friday I took them for some ice cream before we went home!
Yummy ice cream at the Churn and Spoon!

I took this picture Saturday morning of Walker after he came 
padding into my room with his books and wanted to get up on the chair to read.
On Saturday my friend Mary Martha was in town with her girls-one who was a sweet friend to Elle. They moved to Columbus in August and we have been missing them! A group of moms and our girls met them at Chick Fil A to let them play and eat lunch and so we could catch up. It was fun and Elle was happy to see Miriam!
Enjoying their lunch! Elle, Mary Kenway, Miriam and Collier.

While we were at Chick Fil A, Kenny and Walker went out on the golf course, had some lunch and then he put Walker down for a nap before we headed over to campus for the men's basketball game. We haven't been able to make very many basketball games this year for some reason but we were glad to get to go to this one and this was the first one to take Walker since he has gotten a lot older. We weren't sure how he would do but thought he would like it.  And he really really loved it.  We ended up having a great time! We were playing Tennessee and they were beating us badly but the second half we came back and we ended up winning the game so it was really exciting and fun to cheer on the Bulldogs! Hopefully we can make it to a few more games before the season is over.
Getting settled into our seats.
Walker brought Elmo along.
Of course we got some popcorn and that kept him happy for a while.
He loves popcorn just like his sister and Daddy.
Elle enjoying some snacks and cheering on the players.
Selfie with my girl.

Sunday evening we went over to Jay and Margaret's for a big Super Bowl party. We were happy to bring Elle and Walker with us and they had fun and the grown ups had fun eating and watching the game. Atlanta looked like they were going to tromp the Patriots but the Patriots came back and won in overtime. It was a pretty crazy game
The kids table!
Hanging out on the Cook's bed watching a movie.
Sippy and quality time with Jay.
And I have to include this pictures because it is so funny to me. Walker really didn't want too much with the girls most of the night. I think they just overwhelmed him. At one point he agreed to sit on the bed though and Katherine couldn't resist playing with his hair.  And this was his face.