Thursday, May 22, 2014


Yall! I am worn slap out.  I know I mentioned last week that Elle is out of Parents Morning Out the entire morning out but oh my lordy I am totally feeling it now.  Today is Thursday and our second week of no PDO is coming to end.  We have had fun but we have also used the time to work on some behavioral issues we had rearing their ugly heads. Age 3 is such an amazing age and amazingly hard! The whining was starting to take over so we have gotten to know our time out corner really well and I am thankful to say that us being hard on her is starting to work even though it is tough on us because we know what a sweet girl she is.

With all that being said I do want to share some pictures from the last couple weeks and last weekend.  It will be a big photo dump but oh well!
Elle wakes up very early every morning.  Doesn't matter what time she goes to bed or how tired she is. She is up before 7:00 AM every single day.  She recently discovered watercolors and we paint after breakfast now.
I have gotten creative in activities we can do to pass this time.  She really enjoys our mini vacuum.  I showed her how to look for dog hair and dust and suck it right up!

We spent this weekend at home doing some things that needed to get done around the house.  We need to run some errands Saturday morning so we decided to take Elle to Waffle House.  I had not been there in a very very long time.  It was still disgustingly delicious.  Their waffles really are good!

Coloring our hands.
Cheesing with Daddy.
Then it was time for a Lowe's run.

Our golf cart was pretty dirty and muddy so we thought Elle would think it was really fun to help Kenny wash it. We were right! She absolutely loved it and has told everyone she sees.
Scrubbin it down!
Getting pretty serious about it.

Monday morning I had a doctors appointment in Memphis.  Once Kenny and I were through with that we took Elle to the Memphis Zoo.  I took this wonderful zoo for granted when we lived there but at least it makes a really fun place to visit. We didn't spend too long there, just a few hours.  We let Elle choose what she wanted to do and what animals she wanted to see.  We did hit a snag when she wanted to play on the playground and didn't want to see any of the animals.  That was frustrating because we have playgrounds in Starkville.  We do not have hippos or grizzly bears. We let her play for a little while and then she was down for seeing some wild animals.
Riding the train around the Farm animal section.

Family selfie. Everyone is smiling. A rarity.
Looking at the Tigers with Daddy.

It really has been a great two weeks.  Frustrating at times but I am so incredibly grateful I get to spend my days with this magical little girl and watch her grow and shape who she will become.  If I don't say it enough on here.  I love you so so so so much Elle.  You too Kenny!

Thursday, May 15, 2014


Just a few more pictures from Elle's week at Gramma and Pop Pop camp.  Not too much more to report.  On Friday afternoon, Kenny and I drove down to spend the weekend with Elle and Kenny's parents because it was Mrs. Ann's birthday and of course Mother's Day. Kenny and his dad were supposed to sail in a Regatta but the weather ended up being yucky so we just hung around the house and relaxed for the most part.  Mrs. Ann took Elle to see that new Wizard of Oz Cartoon movie and Kenny and I went to see neighbors.  It was hilarious and nice to see an adult movie. Saturday night we all went out for hibachi to celebrate Mrs. Ann's birthday.  It was so good and Elle loves the theatrics of it all.  Seriously loves it.

Sunday we all went out for a Mother's Day breakfast at one of our favorite diners in Fairhope.  I love the pancakes there. Then it was time to drive home! We were so happy to have Elle back with us.  Even after having her home for a few days I am so happy to be back around her.  I missed her!

Here are a few more pictures from last week!
Elle has been asking for an umbrella and they found this one at a little shop downtown and she was so excited about it! It was the first thing she showed us when we got to Fairhope.
Ice cream at Mr. Beans.
Forget the spoon!
Another full fun day with Gramma and Pop Pop and another pass out in the car seat.
The Oz movie got out before our movie so we found Elle in the arcade.  Elle was loving all the noise and Kenny was reliving his childhood although you can't tell from this picture.
And I just had to include this picture.  I posted it on Instagram for Mother's Day and I just love her sweet smile.  Love her a whole lot and so happy she made me a mommy!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


This Friday afternoon we drove down to Fairhope to pick Elle up from Gramma and Pop Pop's house.  She had been down there for a week for what we dubbed "Gramma Camp." Elle is out of Parents Morning Out for the entire month of May so a week in Fairhope was the perfect solution to a long month with no school and a Gramma and Pop Pop who adore Elle.

Oh my gosh did I miss her! I really didn't anticipate missing her the way I did.  But she was having the absolute best time.  Kenny and I joked at the beginning of the week that Gramma Camp was resort living for a three year old.  Or maybe like a bed and breakfast.  Waking up, having eggs and bacon made for you every morning while you leisurely watch your favorite cartoon then having a fun agenda of things to do everyday. Someone to play with you every hour of every day.  She even napped a couple of days and she doesn't nap anymore!

Some of the fun things they did included going down to the pier on the bay for walks, going to play at the park at the yacht club, they took her shopping and allowed her to pick out anything she wanted.  She picked out a cute dress, a mermaid thermos and towel and an umbrella, which she loved the most.  She had been wanting an umbrella and asking for one. I have so many pictures that I want to have for memory's sake so I will do another test but here are a few pictures from the first half of the week. 
Breakfast served on a princess table every morning.  Her favorite food is bacon and I feel confident she had some every morning.  Lucky girl!
Swinging at the Yacht club! Elle really was having so much fun ha!
Nap 1 of the week.  Passed out in her car and then they carried her to bed where she continued to nap for two hours! I can't even pull into the garage if she falls asleep in the car.  I have to drive and drive if I want her to nap!
Making funny faces in the mirror while Gramma gets ready.
At the fountain by the pier.
Taking a stroll downtown.

Friday, May 9, 2014


Last Saturday, Kenny and I attended Junior Auxiliary's Derby Party.  We had such a great time and it was so fun to get dressed up and wear a hat.  It was a beautiful day and a great party.

Kenny and I got dressed at home and then headed over to our friends Jeremy and Sarah's house around the corner for pre-party cocktails and pictures!
I thought Kenny looked so handsome!
Sarah and me.

All the guys watching the horses run!

They had a photo booth there that we had fun taking pictures.  Kenny and I had to have a complete redo.  I was talking through the first one.  Then I wanted him to kiss my cheek on the last one and he was bashful so we ended up with the picture on the bottom left which cracks me up.  Our second strip on the right was way better!

Taking a picture with my friend Jay because my hat matched his bow tie of course.

After the party we went to dinner with several couples at a restaurant nearby and then had some friends over for late night.  It was a long and late but fun night!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


With the end of school and college courses wrapping up I was asked/volunteered to put together some happies for the Young Life Leaders to keep them motivated, encouraged and fueled through their exam week.

I wanted them to be cute (of course) and different so I turned to Pinterest and found these cute care packages in mason jars and then customized the contents for 20 somethings staying up all night.  I found the label online and added my own text and had them printed at a print shop here in Starkville.  Then I just cut the pieces out and taped them onto the jar. I am really happy with how they turned out and hoped the leaders enjoyed them!
The finished jars all ready for the Young Life Leaders.
The insides: Highliter, Pen, trail mix, clif bar, candy and instant coffee.  Then there was a note from the committee and several different bible verses.

I also wanted to show our cute cute cute move card that my great friend Susan at JPress Designs did for us.  When she came to visit a couple months ago I had her take some photos of the house because she does amazing graphic sketches of homes for people.  

You might remember this post where I talked about her being in HGTV magazine and be sure to check out her Etsy site so you can get one too! With her doing the sketch we received a 8X11 print that I plan to use in a gallery wall eventually and I had her design a move card to send out to all of our friends. I love sending and receiving fun mail and wanted to be sure we got our Christmas cards this year! I also had her put it on some note pads for me to make grocery lists, to do lists or to write notes on if I took someone dinner.  I love cute note pads!

Thursday, May 1, 2014


Wednesday was our last day of two year old preschool and I can't believe how fast this year went by.  Elle goes to a wonderful little preschool called Weekday Ministries and attends three Parents Morning Out days, MWF.  I worked at this preschool for three years in college so I was so excited for Elle to have one of my favorite teachers this year, Mrs. Meg.  Her other teacher I absolutely adored too, Mrs. Lisa.  I just cannot say enough about these two teachers.  They truly made Elle's year so wonderful.  They make preschool what preschool should be all about.  Fun, easy going and loving.  There was not a single day where I picked Elle up that they told me she had a bad day.  There might of been a day or two where I picked her up and she was covered in whatever they had for lunch that day but other than that these two women just loved the children.  Any child that has these teachers just adores them and I can only hope our future children will get to know them and be in the Lamb class too!
I took these pictures on the first day of school and the last day of school and I cannot get over how much Elle has changed.  Where did my baby face go.  She looks like such a little girl in the picture on the right.  Gah! I can't handle it! Rip my heart out!