Wednesday, August 31, 2016


I wanted to do a short post on my fun and quick girls beach trip to Rosemary.  We did all the usual stuff. Sat by the beach, drank cocktails at night and ate delicious food all while we girl talked the entire time!  We had great weather and may of stayed out way to late one night so I am still recovering!

We left early Thursday morning and had fun on the ride down there.  It goes much quicker when you don't have to stop with the kids as much.  Once we got down there we did a quick grocery store run and then went to the condo to get dressed for the night.  We went to Paradis for a cocktail and some appetizers and then went to La Crema for tapas and wine before going to bed!
Sarah and Me at Paradis

We spent a gorgeous day at the beach reading and talking and walked up to Summer Kitchen for a light lunch.  That night we got ready and went over to Alys Beach to have some pre dinner cocktails at Neat and then had dinner at George's.  After that went over to the Pearl for some drinks. It was a fun night!
Bloody Mary on the beach!
Cocktails at Neat.
Selfie at George's
Having a little too much fun at the Pearl.

The next day we were a little slow moving but eventually made our way to the beach and did more laying around.  It got cloudy in the afternoon and Sarah and I did a little shopping for our kids and I got Kenny a little happy.  We stayed out on the beach a long time even though it was cloudy.  Then we went for a late dinner at Cafe 30A.  It was so good but we were all tired.  We joked because we ended the night with coffee! 
Sarah and I both ordered this yummy lobster dish for dinner!
Enjoying our coffee and dessert!

Sunday morning we grabbed some breakfast at the Donut Hole and then hit the road.  It had been such a fun weekend but we were all ready to see our families!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Thursday morning I left early with my two friends Margaret and Sarah to spend the weekend at the beach and I will do a little post on that next.  But I am a lucky girl in that I don't have to worry at all to leave the kids for a little but because Kenny is such an amazing Daddy and never misses a beat while I am gone!  This weekend he even had a couple of curveballs in our well laid plans! I was a few hours away from arriving at the beach when Elle's school called saying Elle was in the office crying and saying she wasn't feeling well.  So Kenny had to go pick her up.  I think she maybe had a tummy ache or was missing me and just wanted to come home.  She made a pretty quick recovery and was able to return to school Friday morning.  She had a little motivation to be well because she had a fun Saturday planned.

Elle had one of her classmates birthday parties Saturday morning and I had arranged for Elle to ride with a friend.  But the friend's mom texted me Saturday morning to tell me one of her children was sick.  So I tried to find her a ride with someone else but everyone was busy with our school's huge fundraiser later that day! So Kenny rolled with the punches and loaded up with Elle (in a princess dress no less) and Walker and headed to the party to hang with all the other moms! The party ended up being lots of fun and Walker ate his way through the entire thing from what I can gather from the pictures. 

After the party they all went home to rest and a babysitter came to keep Walker so Kenny could take Elle to Starkville Academy's Rodeo Roundup.  It is held at the horse park and they have lots of different types of jumpies, a bungee trampoline thing, pony rides, a train, silent auction and lots of other things. Kenny won a birthday party package at the gymnastics place where Elle wants to have her birthday party this year so that was win win!  We have always been out of town for it but it was a big hit this year.  They stayed the entire time and Elle saw lots of her friends and was a hot sweaty mess and totally worn out by the end of it! After the rodeo Elle and Kenny picked up a pizza and went home to eat and then went to bed early! I came home Sunday afternoon to two bathed kids, laundry done and the house clean!  Kenny is the best!

Here are some pictures of their weekend!
I always love these pictures on the golf cart!
They rode up to the club Friday evening because demolition of the pool has started and they wanted to check it out.  They grabbed some dinner to go while they were there too!

Walker ate Elle's cupcake since she doesn't really care for them!

Anna and Elsa from Frozen made an appearance.
Anna painting Elle's fingernails!
Walker enjoying an enormous marshmallow. Like I said he ate his way through the party.
Working on some Frozen artwork.
Violet and Elle.  
Walker passed out after all the morning excitement.
Ready to head into the rodeo!
Pony ride!
My friends were sweet enough to take a picture of Kenny and Elle and send it to me.

Off to the jumpies!
Riding the train! Hot and sweaty but all smiles!

Thursday, August 18, 2016


After the last couple of weeks and all the preparations and excitement that went into Elle and Walker going back to school I have decided that I just love the back to school stuff!  I love all the lead up to finding out who your teacher will be (okay I may hate that part). Finding out who will be in their class, meeting the new teachers, getting the school supplies together! I love how excited Elle has been to start kindergarten! But most of all I love just getting back to into a routine! It makes me feel like the weather is going to cool off, even it if it isn't! I love getting to see my friends again at the gym and at bible study or at PDO pick up and Elle gets to start ballet and gymnastics this year. 

It is just a super fun time of year and it means life is going to get crazy and football is just weeks away! So we have been super busy doing all those things I just mentioned so of course I have lots of pictures! Elle started school late this year but Walker moved into the lady bug room at the beginning of August! He has been doing great and I think his teachers just love him.  They have told me at pick up that he is happy all the time and just does whatever they ask him to.  I know he is loving it to because this class is a lot more active and get to play outside twice a morning I think! He is going three mornings a week and that is great for all of us!

Walker on his first morning as a lady bug!  I love that you can see Elle and I trying to get him to pose in the glass door!

Elle with some of her friends at a birthday party for her friend Miriam who just moved to Columbus!

The Sunday evening we got home from Ross Bridge Elle's kindergarten class had a popsicle party at the park.  I picked up her friend Violet to go with us because her parents were out of town and we grabbed some dinner after the party at Cookout.  We just got a Cookout in Starkville and it is delish!
Violet and Elle

The week before school started, ballet started back and this year a lot of Elle's friends that used to take in the morning class are now all in her class.  This group of girls are so fun and crazy together and I cannot wait for the recital already!
Jane, Audrey, Elle, Abigail, Mary Mack and Ella.
Starting to get silly.
Group hug!

Kenny and I attende the parent orientation one night and then Elle went and met her teacher on Friday morning.  Her teacher is very well loved by all the parents and we are so excited to have her this year! Elle is only a couple days in and already seems to adore her!
Mrs. Wendy Walter and Elle

It was finally time for the first day of school! I was up bright and early because I was hosting a "BooHoo and Bagels" party at my house for a lot of our friends.  I managed to get it all set up and take Elle's picture and get her to school with time to spare.  She was excited to get there too so that helped! On the first day you can walk them in and I love to do this! I cried a little when I got back into the car.  Not because she will be at school all day but more because this is the start of her schooling and she will be a senior in a blink of an eye.  
My sweet kindergartner!

Posing with our backpack!
My favorite pose!

The party went great and everyone told me they had lots of fun! I decided to do it at the last minute but it was easy enough to throw together so I may do it again next year!
Boo Hoo and Bagels set up!

The coffee which everyone drank themes of had not arrived via Kenny yet!
Walking in to her class.
At her table with one of her friends Collier.
One last one before I left.  She wasn't nervous at all.

The first couple of days Mrs. Wendy asked a couple of parents to come each day to help with lunch since they were just learning how to do things in the cafeteria.  I volunteered to come on Wednesday and loved being able to do it because I love seeing Elle at school.  She is always super happy to have me there too!
This was the first day and my friend sent me this picture. That was the music teacher and they were doing the chicken dance!
Lunch time!

Picture with my sweet girl!

Friday, August 12, 2016


Saturday the plan was to do spend the entire day at the pool! Which is exactly what we did and it was lots and lots of fun.  The first time Kenny and I stayed there we talked about how much the kids would love the pool. They have a zero entry along with a small splash pad, lots of chairs and a water slide that is not too big and scary.  At first they told Elle she couldn't go down it because she didn't see the height requirement and she was so upset but I pressed the guy a little bit and they let her go.  I am so glad they did because she probably went down that slide a 100 times. We got out there after breakfast and spent the entire day out there.  Gramma took Walker up for a nap and we stayed out a little longer before going in to rest,  We had big plans to swim all night and watch a movie by the pool.  Elle was so pumped.  But we got back out to the pool and a huge storm came.  So we grabbed some dinner and they moved the movie viewing to one of their ballrooms and that was satisfactory for Elle. She had a great time watching the movie with Kenny and Gramma and Pop Pop.  I stayed in the room to pack a little and put Walker to bed.

Sunday morning we got up pretty early and bathed the kids before we got on the road.  Elle had a birthday party and a Kindergarten party to go to so we needed to get back!  It was a really fun weekend and lots of sweet memories were made!

Here are some pictures from that fun day!
Walker and Elle headed to breakfast.  Holding hands.
Doing some coloring before she hit up their amazing buffet.
Walker was loving it!
Elle wading into the pool!
Walker taking a sippy break!
All decked out in his sun gear!
Loving the splash pad with Gramma.
Elle swimming to Daddy after going down the slide.
Blowing bubbles!
They had a pastry chef in the lobby making cupcakes to order with whatever toppings you wanted.  We brought one to Elle because Walker was napping and she's not that into cupcakes 
but Walker was all about it!
Hanging out in the lobby.
We came to dinner straight from the pool and very casual and the kids were a mess. We did a little bit of everything to get through that dinner! Like put stickers on our noses and on paper.
Silly boy.

Hanging out at dinner.
Our table was a mess.
They have a bag piper that plays every night around dusk.  Elle loved him.
Cuddled up with Kenny watching the movie.
Fully into the movie!
Cuddling with Walker before bedtime.
Time for bed.  He was tired.
Pile up in Daddy's bed.
Bath time before hitting the road!