Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Yesterday was my birthday. And my new age makes me feel old. Because it so close to one that really makes me feel old! Sorry if that sounds ambiguous. I just still feel like a kid, or least a college kid. Ha! But I am not a college kid. I have a child of my own. I am a grown up!

However I will say that when I was younger and I thought about the future and this age my life is exactly where I thought it would be. Happily married, babies, a home, friends, jobs, family. It is a good life. A life where birthdays shouldn't be a depressing thing but a pat on the back and a chance to step back and appreciate everything our little family has achieved.

So it is only appropriate that yesterday was a great day. Elle and I met up with a close friend for a fabulous patio lunch. My sweet little elderly neighbor brought me a happy along with farmers market veggies and a birthday cake. I am having a veggie night! Can't wait to slather those maters with some mayo and cracked pepper. Kenny sent me flowers. Everyone I care about called me to wish me a happy birthday. Then ended the day with drinks, a delicious dinner and desserts with girlfriends on another patio.(Even blew out a candle in some creme brulee!) And finally came home to thank my amazing sister for babysitting and letting me go out with my friends and kissed my little girl good night. Outside of Kenny having to be out of town yesterday for business and not getting to spend the day with him it was one of the best birthdays I have had in a while.

Friday, August 12, 2011


Apologies for the blurry picture. But these two were just looking so sweet in their matching pink and of course my iPhone is what I had. Love this picture though!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


So during my unofficial blogging hiatus I decided that Elle and I needed to try and get out of the house more. She likes being out of the house and it makes me feel better to. So I decided to start going for a walk everyday. Only problem is it so hot out right now. So I feed Elle in the morning and then we get ready and go before it gets to hot.

For a while I was just pushing Elle in her car seat and her snap and go stroller and it was fine. But all this walking helped me break my weight loss plateau!!! My body just seemed to want to keep those last 5lbs but now I am 1lb away from pre-pregnancy weight and I of course want to keep losing after I hit that pre-pregnancy weight.

So it was time for something more long term when it came to strollers. I had gone back and forth on purchasing a jogging stroller but my birthday is in a few days and literally the only thing I could think that I wanted (besides sleep, relaxation and some me time) was a jogging stroller. Times have changed!!

Looking at strollers I could not justify the price of the BOB stroller so I ended up choosing this beauty. The Scwhinn Turismo Single Stroller with the swivel wheel. My mom and sister graciously gave it to me for my birthday. And I am obsessed. I love it so much!!!Compared to the snap and go I was pushing it is like walking on air. It moves and turns so easily and Elle is much more comfortable and cooler. Even Kenny seemed impressed by the sheer amazingness of this stroller. When it gets cooler I hope to go out a couple times a day.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I am saying Installment 1 because I am sure there are bound to be more instances where I try and beat myself up for something I did or didn't to. Elle has a long life ahead of her so stay tuned for more installments and feel free to laugh at me like I have learned to laugh at myself.

Yesterday I had Elle down on the floor and on her mat for some play time. I will sitting right next to her piddling on the computer. I was handing her toys and talking to her while she played.

I must of looked away for a second and then my phone rang and it was my mom. Leaning over to grab my phone and say hello I see it...

A HUGE HUGE SPIDER ON ELLE. HUGE! She had spit up on her outfit earlier so I had changed her into this little pale pink cotton onesie. And the stark contrast of that sweet little onesie and that wretched spider just hanging out on her belly. So I have my phone to my ear with my mother on the other end and I am fa-reaking out.

Luckily I managed to think fast. I grabbed a stack of post it notes nearby and brushed the spider off of Elle and then squashed it. I immdiately stripped her and checked all over her body for any bites. And thank goodness there were not any.

So now I am just having these horrible flash back images of that spider on her. And yes we get our house sprayed and our house does not have a bug problem. I have no idea where that spider came from and I shudder to think how long it crawled around near her.

The funniest thing about it. When I looked down and saw that spider she looked right back up at me all doe eyed with those big blue eyes and smiled. Had absolutely no idea that nasty old bug was on her.

Monday, August 8, 2011


Yea I know July 22 was a looooong time ago. Anywho! Kenny and I had a fun weekend. He has been out of town so we wanted to be sure to spend some quality time together and with Elle.

Friday night we ordered pizza in and snuggled up on the couch to watch Source Code. And it was good. So good I actually stayed awake for the entire thing which is highly unusual for me.

On Saturday my lovely sister was nice enough to babysit her niece and let Kenny and I go see a movie. We chose Horrible Bosses. Everyone had been talking about how hilarious it was. And to me it was just okay. I think part of the problem was I was sitting next to some much older people and they kept shifting uncomfortably because the movie is extremely vulgar. So that made me self conscious to. Does that ever happen to anyone else?

On Sunday I went for a long hot walk (more on my walking to come. I ordered a jogging stroller AND I have broken my losing plateau!!!) and then Kenny and I went for late lunch/early dinner before coming home to watch all of our Sunday night TV.

So we were so excited to see our sneak peak of Elle's six month photo shoot by the fabulous Molly at Good Golly Photography was posted last night. I love the pictures and cannot wait to see more!