Friday, June 23, 2017


This past Sunday was Father's Day and of course we wanted to go out of our way to show Kenny how special he is us to us! We discussed our plans for the actual day earlier in the week and Kenny really wanted to be home Sunday afternoon so he could watch the U.S. Open golf tournament. So we made plans to attend early church and Sunday school and then we drove out to Old Waverly for an early lunch before coming home to let Kenny relax, watch golf and nap. It was a very relaxing day but also a great one spent together with just the four of us! We love you Kenny/Daddy! 
We surprised him after he got ready for church with gifts and cards!
This was Walker's sweet and cute gift that his PDO teachers (obviously) helped him make.
Digging into the presents.
Reading the sweet poem.

Daddy and his girl. She was so excited to surprise him with the picture she drew in her card.

Daddy and the babes!
Family Picture - Father's Day 2017

Walker and Kenny going into church.

We have been enjoying the special occasion brunches at Old Waverly so much lately. This one did not disappoint. Daddy got to enjoy the mimosas and the kids ate up some seafood pasta they had along with the array of desserts!
Headed into to brunch at Old Waverly.
Daddy and his girl at Father's Day brunch!

 Daddy cheers his mimosa. Walker cheers his Tiramisu.

Had to stop by the pro shop on the way out of course. Walker loves this chair.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


So we got home from the beach and Kenny played with Jay in their golf tournament on Saturday but then Jay had to withdraw because he had to do something with Bailey on Sunday so that meant Kenny had to withdraw too. Kenny was a little bummed at first but quickly realized that it would give him the opportunity to take Elle to Memphis for the Fed Ex tournament that he was already a little upset about missing in the first place! The tournament had a bunch of good players in it this year including Rickie Fowler and their beloved Phil Mickelson. Unfortunately Rickie did not make the cut but there were still lots of good players and Elle was excited to have a fun day with her Daddy. I was happy to hang with Walker all day too. Pretty sure we stayed in our pajamas all day! It was wonderful! 

They woke up bright and early and Elle had already picked out her outfit and everything! She wanted to wear her Masters shirt since we had watched Phil play at the Masters just a couple months ago. They hit up Shipley's on the way out of town and got into Memphis around 9. Kenny bought them club passes. Elle is a lucky girl! But it really is better for them with her being young and it being so warm. They can go inside, use the bathroom, enjoy the air conditioner and eat  and cool off. It is a good home base for them and they also have a good view. 
All ready to go to the tournament in the outfit she picked out.
Ready to hit the road.
Donut Holes for tournament energy.
Kenny gave her a ball from our dinner the night before.
We recently started stopping at Redbox on road trips and she loves it! 
Clubhouse passes!
Headed out to find Phil.
Getting their game plan together over a coke and a bag of chips.

They found Phil on some holes and were able to watch him play for a while. After seeing him for a little while they had not managed to get his attention but Elle was standing watching him go to another hole when Phil's caddy - Bones noticed sweet Elle standing there and came over to Kenny and Elle and asked if she had been given a ball yet. They said no and he threw Elle one of Phil's balls. She was so excited! This is her second ball of Phil's and it had the same markings on it! Plus it was fun that they got to talk to Bones some.
Cooling off! It was really really hot that day!
Waiting for Phil to come through!

Watching Phil in the clubhouse.

Ice cream break!

At the end of the day Kenny and Elle were in the clubhouse walking down some stairs and were getting ready to go home. And as they came around on the stairs Phil came out of a room from doing interviews and he had people coming up to him. Kenny picked Elle up and Phil noticed her above some of the other people and asked for them to hand over a club pass and he signed it. He told Kenny again as he has before that he was happy that he had brought Elle out to the tournament. It was the perfect ending to a great day for them!
Signed by Phil!

Elle with her Phil ball.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


On Saturday we had some exciting stuff going on when we got back to Starkville! First, our good good friends Jay and Margaret had a sweet baby girl arrive while we were at the beach. They will be fostering her for as long as they can and we couldn't wait to meet her! Kenny was playing in a golf tournament with Jay so once we got Walker down for a nap, Margaret brought Little B over to see Elle and I. We were loving holding that sweet baby! She is just the absolute cutest and actually reminds me a lot of Elle when she was a newborn. I have shared lots of Elles clothes and even some of Walkers and love seeing her in their outfits!
Elle loved getting to hold her.

So small! She just slept the whole time! 
Later that night after Kenny got home from the tournament we had a dinner we were attending at the baseball field. So we got ready and went over to the Cooks so Kenny could meet B too. He was still a natural.

I got one more cuddle too.

So after some baby loving we headed to Dudy Noble Field for the most amazing meal on home plate. Our good friend Michael and Emily Waters had won a dinner from Restaurant Tyler on the field at a charity event and we were so lucky to be asked to come! We try to have it probably about a month ago but it stormed that night so it got moved to this particular Saturday. Even more amazingly- Emily had a baby boy the Thursday before, got out of the hospital that day at noon and came and hosted all of us like a rockstar! The food was amazing. The best meal I have ever had in Starkville, the company was so fun and it was definitely one of the most memorable nights I have had with friends since moving to our sweet town! Of course we took lots and lots and lots of pictures!
All the food was baseball themed. We enjoyed  candied peanut 
old fashion before going on to the field.
Heading out on to the field.

Our place settings. The table was so pretty and Emily had these beautiful 
water color menus made for us as a keep sake.
Getting ready to take our seats.

Pitchers mound with the soon to be changed left field lounge in the background.
The table runner was old pictures of Left field lounge and it was so neat.

All the boys including baby Fox in the dugout.
Girls hanging out in the dugout.

Baby Fox snoozing through dinner.
Emily had to take a break to nurse and when she came back I helped prepare on of the 
courses for her so she could eat it with one hand. I am  good friend.
Our good friends and wonderful hosts.
End of the night picture on the pitchers mound with our group and 
the wonderful staff that prepared our meal and served us! They were so amazing!
All the servers were loving the brand new baby.

On our way out we stopped in the team's locker room and had a little fun!
Just hanging out in the locker room of the Bulldog Baseball team.
Comfy couches.
Taking a picture to send to our family friend Lacey and our favorite player Cole!