Monday, January 31, 2011


Sorry I am a little late on my 35 week update. Things have been completely crazy in the Lacey household because we had a BABY!!!!!!

Yes she came a wee bit early. And indeed she is a wee little thing but she is completely precious. And because I am about to bore you with all the details and I know you want to see this sweet girl then I will go ahead and give you a picture.

Elting Caroline Lacey
Born 5lbs 9 oz and 18 inches

Warning: This will be long and wordy but blogs are for memories and I plan on making the pregnancy and newborn portion of this blog into a book. So oh well!

Its very safe to say that we were not expecting an early arrival. I felt like I would be praying for the baby to come at 41 weeks. And to understand how unexpected it was you have to know that Kenny was in Las Vegas when my water broke!

I don't tell the blog world when my husband is out of town because its not safe but he was out of town that week. He had been out of town the entire week already and was not even supposed to be back until the next week. So Friday night I went to sushi with the sis and then we came back to my house and watched a movie. My sister left and I got into bed to watch TV. Since Las Vegas is a couple hours behind I texted Kenny around 12:20 to see what he was up to and then kind of dozed off. At 12:42 lets just say....I was awake! I called Kenny and calmy told him that I thought my water had broken and that I was going to call him back after I called my other friend Mollie who is a mom to see if she agreed. Found out later both Mollie and Kenny and his friends thought it was a strong possibility that I had peed myself.

Mollie knowing Kenny was out of town picks up the phone immediately and says "Are you okay?" Its 1am at this point and she comes over to the house to take me to the hospital. When she got to the house I was literally running around the house half-dressed talking jibberish. She had to get Kenny on the phone and tell him to get to the airport NOW!!!

Over in Las Vegas Kenny and his friends are running around the hotel literally throwing suits on hanger and stuffing everything into his suitcase. From the time I called him to tell him my water broke to the time he was at the airport getting on a flight was a little over half an hour. Those boys helping him get to the airport turned out to be EXTREMELY important because if he had missed that flight he would of missed the birth of Elle. Huge deal!

Once Mollie and I got to the hospital and confirmed that my water had broken they admitted me and told me that I was not leaving the hospital that day without a baby. Major freak out moment. They got me into a hospital bed and that was really the first time I even felt the slightest of contractions. It was crazy. My sister joined Mollie and I at the hospital and once I heard that Kenny had made his flight and as long as I did not have the baby extremely fast he was going to make it to her birth I relaxed a good bit.

Won't give you every detail but I felt my contractions and they were painful and when they checked me I was only 2cm. I figured why let them get any worse. So I got my epidural. It didn't hurt as much as I thought it would and from there it was smooth sailing. My mom arrived in town after my sister and I had to call her 30 times to get her to wake up around 7:30 am and Kenny flew into town and arrived at the hospital around 9:00. I was sooo relieved to see him!

They checked me again and I was 4cm and started pitocin. A couple hours later the doctor who was going to deliver Elting came in and told me that since she was not 36 weeks yet that she would most likely have to go to the NICU right after she was born to be observed. I was really upset about this but had no time to really worry about it because the doctor checked me again and I was 9cm and a half hour later it was time to push.

Umm so can I just say that epidurals are positively wonderful and I actually enjoyed the whole labor and delivery process. I decided I just wanted Kenny and I in the room and that was the right decision for us. The delivery did not last long and soon our precious little girl was on my chest and looking at me. It was amazing!

Stay tuned because I am going to break our first week with our little girl up into a few posts just because it has been a whirlwind and this is already a pretty long post! But Kenny and I are so thrilled and cannot believe how you can love something so much your heart hurts. Here are some pictures from that day. More to come from the past week soon!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


How far along? 34 weeks and 3 days. The baby weighs 5.5 lbs is 22 inches long and is the size of a large cantaloupe.

Total weight gain/loss? Still unknown. I made the decision that I will find out when I check into the hospital to have the baby. That way I know what I am working with to lose but I will be so excited about the baby that the number won't matter. Plus I know that I can start losing again very soon!

Maternity clothes? OVER THEM! This girl is ready to shop! Kenny has been loving how much shopping he has gotten to do lately because I haven't been able to at all. I have stopped buying anything maternity. I am just working with what I have for the next few weeks. Hoping there are some cute Anthropologie sundresses in my future!

Stretch marks? Nope! Thankful for this.

Sleep? Sometimes I sleep, sometimes I don't. I do sleep with this pillow in between my legs and pushed underneath my belly. And last night I woke up and couldn't find it. Eventually I looked on the floor to see if it had fallen and our dog Lena sleeps on her bed on my side. That dog was completely sprawled out on that pillow dead asleep. I had to wake her up and yank it out from underneath her. Guess she was going to take advantage of that extra plushness.

Best moment last week? Kenny and I nerds that we are really did enjoy our ALL DAY childbirth class. It was informative and the instructor held our attention. We had lunch together when we had a break and overall we enjoyed spending the time together and learning all things baby. I would recommend it to first time parents.

Movement? Lots and lots of movement. I think she might have woke me up for the first time the other night. She was just kicking away.

Food cravings? Fruit and orange juice. I am going to turn into a Citrus fruit. Most likely of the Cutie variety. These things are like popping candy because they are so easy to peel. And as far as the orange juice goes it is imperative that we have it in the house at all times. After Kenny and I grabbed some dinner Saturday night we had to go to the grocery store to get more orange juice for Sunday morning. I know I am going to miss orange juice so much once the baby comes because normally I do not drink any calories whatsoever.

Gender? It's a girl! Elting Caroline!

Labor signs? Lots of Braxton Hicks but no true labor signs.

Belly button in/out? Has remained the same. Not in. Not out. Just strange.

What I miss: Not really missing to much besides all the other things I have listed here in the last few months. Everything is done and I am just trying to take it easy these days.

What I am looking forward to: Work is throwing me a little luncheon shower tomorrow and the theme is soups and salads which I am really excited about. It is one of my favorite lunch combos. And it is just really nice of everyone to do that.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Well I finally have the nursery finished enough to show you some pictures! Are you excited!

I have to start off by saying at first I had a really hard time deciding which direction I wanted to go in for the nursery. So I started pulling inspiration photos into a folder on my computer and I noticed that I liked really calm and serene(maybe even a little quirky) nurseries. I tend to lean towards things that look more adult rooms also. I finally found one nursery that I just loved and decided to go with that nursery and just copy some of the details. Now I look back at the nursery and think mine looks nothing like that but the inspiration was what mattered. Two of the websites that I stalked for nursery ideas and still go to for other things are Spearmint Baby and Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh (the children's section).

I also made a pretty big decision in that I decided not to do any bedding. I loved some stuff at Serena and Lily but it was expensive and besides that I couldn't find anything that I could commit to. Plus the bumper pad debate...I dunno, I decided to just go with doing different colored sheets. Which I have yet to purchase so you won't see those in these pictures. And finally we needed to have a bed of some sort in that room. So while daybeds aren't my fave piece of furniture it just made sense in this room. The nursery took our guest room and I wanted to have somewhere for someone else to sleep. Plus I can sleep in there if the baby is being fussy and Kenny needs to sleep so he can work. Win Win!

Alright I know you could probably care less about all of that! So here we go! Pictures!!

I ordered custom fabrics from an amazing website called Spoonflower and had the pillows made and my mom and I covered the valances ourselves. Also the baskets underneath the bed offer storage for receiving blankets, diapers, wipes, bibs etc. etc. And yes those are Labrador retrievers in the front in honor of our first born.

Our very simple crib sans sheets. Got to buy some sheets for the babe!

Artwork custom designed by you will never guess!! J Press Designs and I absolutely love it! I framed it in shadow boxes and matted it with burlap. I had found an inspiration picture and was so exhausted by scouring Etsy and not finding anything I liked. I told her to just do whatever she wanted and it turned out perfect! She named it Elting's Forest and I love it because if you look closer then you find birds and owls and other creatures in the limbs of the trees. You can click here to go to J Press's Etsy site for a closer look!

This armoire was mine as a little girl AND my mothers. I am so happy that it worked in Elting's nursery and will be passed down again. All the books are from my sister and I's collection growing up plus the shower. My parents read to us all the time and I cannot wait to read to Elting!
And of course we needed a rocking chair. I found the cute little owl pillow from a seller on Etsy and the bag hanging will be my diaper bag also from Etsy. I plan to do a separate post on that later because I love it so much! I am waiting for my matching accessories to come in!

A parting shot of her very pink and full closet! My mom hit up a huge consignment sale in Hattiesburg and got so many cute things on top of bringing me all the cute little smocked outfits from when my sister and I were babies. So glad she held on to everything she did and then so glad I am having a girl!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


So two weeks ago my very dear friends threw me a sweet afternoon shower. My friend Susan at J Press Designs designed the invitations and they were sooooo cute. She used the colors I used in the nursery. I love them!
Kenny and I's family came in from out of town and even my best friend Megan drove all the way from the Mississippi coast to be there only to have to turn around and head right back home after it was all over. Memphis and most of Mississippi were going to get some wintery weather and we decided it would be safer for her to head home that night.

Strawberry Cake from Muddy's Bake Shop. They know me so well!

Me and the hostesses(minus two)

And Claire Gillentine won the 3 year blogaversary giveway! Claire email me your address and which magazine subscription you are interested in and I will have it sent to you!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


For comparisons sake because I think its funny to compare different weeks in the same outfit! And let's just be honest. I am past the point of being shy about what a big "mama" I am. Ha!
25 Weeks

33 Weeks
And I promise I wasn't having a "special" cheesy moment in our kitchen. I was just talking when she took the picture. I think the comparison is interesting. While the belly is definitely bigger. In the pictures it doesn't necessarily look bigger but just way different and farther out.

How far along? 33 weeks and 4 days. The baby weighs 4.9 lbs is 19-22 inches long and is the size of a pineapple.

Total weight gain/loss? Still unknown. But I feel better in that I have been eating a ton of fruit because that is what I am craving these days and with the holidays being over my eating is much more normal and back on track.

Maternity clothes? Still loving them!!

Stretch marks? Nope! Thankful for this.

Sleep? Can't believe I am saying this but sleep has actually gotten better for the time being. I have actually put Mr. Snoogle out of the bed. My belly is big enough to rest on its own without pulling so much and it is easier to get out of bed to pee or to turn over without having to re-adjust Mr. Snoogle.

Best moment last week? So many! And so many posts to come that I have got to do. I got to see family and friends this past week for the shower that my friends threw. Kenny and I had our 4D ultrasound and got to see her which was amazing and strange all at the same time. And I got the nursery finished!! Last week really was such a great week and I am so lucky to have the people in my life that I do.

Movement? Lots and lots of movement. I love it! In the 4D we got to find out how she was positioned and she was positioned exactly how I thought she would be. Head down and then feet over to the right. I haven't felt a kick on the left in ages. But she goes crazy on the right side.

Food cravings? Fruit and orange juice. Still keeping a drawer of fruit at the office and a bowl of fruit at the house. And then every morning I drink a huge glass of orange juice. And now I am drinking lemon water at work because someone told me that it will help with my swelling. I hope it works!

Gender? It's a girl! Elting Caroline!

Labor signs? Lots of Braxton Hicks but no true labor signs.

Belly button in/out? Has remained the same. Not in. Not out. Just strange.

What I miss: Enjoying the time I spend cooking. I love to cook and now it just seems so much harder because I can't breath or move around easily. Kenny of course tells me to stop cooking and that he will do it but I WANT to do it. Plus, I have been doubling all my recipes and freezing casseroles and soups for after Elle is born.

What I am looking forward to: Umm is it time for her to be here yet? After this weekend we are completely ready as far as baby gear, clothes and nursery go. We have all the essentials and now we are just waiting. Kenny and I have a Infant CPR class tonight and then a full day of childbirth class on Saturday and then from here on out we are taking it easy. It is just time to WAIT! But I am looking forward to the classes with Kenny. I feel like whether they are useful or not they will be a good memory for the both of us.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011



After my mom gets my camera back to me. Here I am with a new camera finally, have all this stuff going on, all these pictures to show including shower pictures, nursery pictures (get excited) and my mom heads back to Hattiesburg with my camera tucked away in her purse. Annoyed is an understatement. So check back soon.

I will do my preggy update tomorrow probably and then do all the other posts! Yay!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


How far along? 32 weeks and 4 days. The baby weighs 4.5 lbs is 19 inches long and is the size of a honeydew melon.

Total weight gain/loss? UNKNOWN. Just turned right around yesterday at the doctors office and didn't look at the little ol scale. The nurse said I was just fine weight wise and as far as my weekly weight gain and that is all I need to know. I know I am eating appropriately and that is all that matters.

Maternity clothes? Still loving them!!

Stretch marks? Nope! Thankful for this.

Sleep? Sometimes I sleep, sometimes I don't. I am noticing it is starting to affect me during the day though. I am more tired when I get home from work at night and these past few days I have been late to work because I have to keep sitting down to catch my breath as I get ready to leave in the mornings.

Best moment last week? Spending a very low key New Years Eve at home with Kenny. Spending time with my family and watching the Bullodgs beat Michigan 52-14.

Movement? Lots and lots of movement. I love it!

Food cravings? For once I actually am having cravings. FRUIT! I could eat a whole fruit platter in one sitting I think. Right now at work I have a bushel of bananas, tangelos and apples all in my office drawer. Orange juice is also especially delicious right now.

Gender? It's a girl! Elting Caroline!

Labor signs? Lots of Braxton Hicks but no true labor signs. Started going to my doctor every two weeks now. And there were no cause for alarm yesterday. So that is good. As ready as I am for her to be here she still has a bit of time she needs to bake.

Belly button in/out? Has remained the same. Not in. Not out. Just strange.

What I miss: This week, sleep and not feeling like an arthritic woman. The bones in my hands and feet ache and hurt to touch. Of course I googled this and supposedly it is due to fluid retention i.e. swelling which I definitely have and then your bones spreading apart. Who knows but its painful.

What I am looking forward to: Sooo much to look forward to this week!!! Even though it has already happened I got to hear Elting's strong little heart yesterday and everything with my pregnancy is going completely normal. THEN some of my closest friends are throwing me a shower this weekend. I am so excited for that and then also excited to have some of my girlfriends who do not live here in town. We are going to a girl's dinner Saturday night.

AND for one of my Christmas presents Kenny surprised me with a 4D ultrasound. (He really wanted it to) so we are doing that Saturday morning. I am nervous and excited. Sometimes the pictures can be a little weird but I haven't seen her since the 20 week ultrasound so it will be fun to see her and how she has changed and how big she is. Then it won't be to long before we get to meet her!

AND finally my friend Susan at J Press Designs finished designing the artwork for the nursery and I got that framed and matted last night. And after this weekend I am pretty sure the nursery will be completely DONE. So pictures to come soon!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


The blog that it is! I started this blog three years ago this week! I cannot believe it! I began my blogging career/interest as a huge blog stalker. I started reading other people's blogs and thought it might be fun to start my own.

My very first "real" blog post was titled "Go Dawgs! Happy New Year!" So apparently not to much has changed! Ha! Still rooting hard for my beloved SEC team! And what's funny is the house party we went to for New Year's after dinner was just a acquaintance at the time. I remember feeling bad that we showed up to her house that night. But now that girl is one of my best friends and I am over at her house all the time. Funny how time changes everything.

This blog is a testament to Kenny and I's life together and it is so fun to look back and be able to look at pictures, read about what we were up to or what curve balls life was throwing our way. I can't wait to see what the future holds and continue to document our lives through this blog.

And now for the giveaway! I love magazines and I am going to give away a 1-year subscription to one of my favorite magazines. Since I post recipes on here a good bit and love to cook I thought I would make them food themed! You can choose one from:

And if for some reason you get all of these already and you win then we can work something out!

All you have to do is leave a comment and say hello and I will draw randomly from the comments on January 15.

Thanks for stopping by! Looking forward to lots more bloggy years!

Monday, January 3, 2011


(and might I add Dan Mullen looks so cute in this picture)

Kenny and I had a wonderful relaxing weekend at home. I actually am feeling rested and pretty good this this morning. On Friday, I had to work and we both decided at the last minute to cancel our dinner reservations and to also not go over to a friends house for the night. We both just wanted to stay home. Kenny had been out of town all week and I was exhausted.

Friday afternoon I sent Kenny(who doesn't normally do the grocery shopping) to the grocery store with a HUGE list. On top of groceries we needed a ton of household stuff to. He was there a REALLY REALLY long time but he came back with a new appreciation of the chore I think. When I asked him what the hardest thing to find was he told me elbow macaroni. That cracks me up. I can't even begin to tell you how much I appreciate him doing it all though. He came back in town from working hard all week to tackle a huge to-do list for me and I couldn't be more pleased with everything we got done.

So Friday night for New Years we ordered in food, watched a movie and then watched the ball drop while I sipped on Sparkling Grape Juice. It really was heavenly.

On Saturday Kenny and I did a big lunch for the Gator Bowl. I had bought a big honey ham and made homemade mac and cheese and sauteed green beans and bread pudding for dessert. It was all so good! My mom and sis came over along with a friend of ours. I was so mad when all the Game Day announcers picked Michigan to win. But poo poo on them! We beat the tar out of that team! 52-14. Saturday night we watched The Town which was so good. I definitely recommend it!

Sunday was just more relaxing and getting some stuff done. The nursery is near completion and I cannot wait to show you pictures and we de-Christmased our house.

So I realize this blog post is totally boring. We sound like fuddy duddies. But I am okay with that. Sometimes you realize you are at a point in your life where you just need to relax and not go go go all the time.

Looking back over the last year we had an extremely busy and fun year that got kind of crazy at times (Hello! The whole month of May!) so I find it only appropriate that we rang in the New Year with each other and in a low key way. Lord knows our life will be in a tailspin in a few weeks.