Monday, April 24, 2017


Kenny was at market all last week and finally gets home tonight! We managed to make it through this market unscathed. Probably one of our best markets and quickest to date. We even made it through the weekend well for the most part. On Friday afternoon we picked Elle up from school and went to get milkshakes.  I even let Walker get one which was brave. He loved it of course! Then we came home and watched Enchanted. It is a cute movie and Elle we have watched it three times this weekend alone. She loves its!
Enjoying their milkshakes on the way home.

Saturday morning we had plans to meet our friends Liza and her three kids, Shelby, Annie and Clark at Touch A Truck. I was so excited that Walker was old enough to take to Touch a Truck this year because I think it is such a fun idea for little kids and especially for little boys like Walker who loves trucks, buses, bulldozers and tractors and all other things truck related. When we first woke up the weather looked questionable but it blew over and it turned out to be a warm morning with a good breeze.

I will say that the excursion ended up being a little bit of a let down. Elle was cranky because she had stayed out late with a friend the night before and the Chick Fil A cow was standing right there when we bought our tickets and Walker did not like him and was also a little unsure of all the people so he would not let me put him down. He did not want to touch a truck. He did not want to climb in a truck. He did not want to do anything but let me hold him. And Elle wasn't too gung ho either.  We did a couple of things like got on the school bus and the city trolley before we used our tickets and got hotdogs and chips and sat in the shade and the kids kicked around a soccer ball. That kind of set the reset button and we did manage to enjoy a few of the trucks and things before leaving because it was horn honking time and horn honking time is crazy annoying and loud. That is why we made a point to go during the honk free time period.
Elle and Annie on a bulldozer.

Enjoying the refreshments.

Shelby was so sweet with Walker and was almost fully responsible in getting 
Walker to get on or near some of the trucks.

Climbing into the truck. I am not even sure what kind of truck this was.
All smiles.

The school bus was probably the most popular with our crew!

Watching how the garbage truck worked.

While it wasn't the exciting outing with the kids I had hoped for, we turned it around in the end 
and I am so grateful for the morning with them.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Sunday morning we all went to Sunday school. This was our first time for us to finally get to Sunday school. Elle and Walker both loved it! After Sunday School they had a little reception in the breezeway and then we head to church service. Walker went to the nursery and Elle went to TLC. 

After church we drove over to West Point for Easter lunch at Old Waverly.  We just love every event they have. The food is always divine. The people are always so nice and they always make it so fun for the kids. This time there was an Easter Bunny there for photo ops and they also had our favorite local face painter there.  Which at first I was hesitant about but couldn't resist for Elle's sake. I did manage to talk her into something very sweet and didn't take up her whole face! Elle happily took a picture with the Easter Bunny but Walker was terrified of the bunny. Terrified and it is Wednesday and is still talking about how scared he was of the Easter Bunny. So funny! It was a fun and beautiful day.
Family picture before church service.
Collier and Elle enjoying a snack together at the Easter reception.
Walker and Mommy.
Walking into Sunday brunch.
Waiting on me to fix him a plate and listening to the piano man.
Enjoying a lovely Easter lunch.
Then it was time for dessert and nothing makes this kids happier than dessert.

Marshmallow peep after his cupcake. Sure, why not.

Happy girl! Face paint and the Easter Bunny!
Headed home after a wonderful morning.

We were so wiped when we got home but Elle was so excited to dye Easter eggs. So we relaxed and rested for a little bit and then she and I snuck outside while Walker watched Paw Patrol and Daddy dozed and dyed some eggs.  While I don't love dying eggs I did enjoy the quality time with just Elle and we had a good time decorating the eggs together.
Letting the eggs soak in the dye for good color!
Finished product!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Oh my goodness was this long Easter Weekend busy busy! I told a friend that it was almost like Christmas only condensed into four days.  We had lots of fun though and especially enjoyed the resurrection of Jesus with our new church family! We were busy enough that I am going to divide the weekend into two posts. The days leading up to Easter Sunday and then Easter Sunday.

Thursday was Elle's last day of school and also the day of her Kindergarten Easter Egg hunt and Easter class party. I went to help hide eggs and then was there for her hunt and her party.  I say it every time I do post that involves her class parties but I am always so thankful I get to come to her events at school! I do want to add a little note here. Kenny and I were watching the video I took of Elle hunting eggs and laughing because she has always been a very thoughtful egg hunter.  She picks up each egg and looks at it and then calmly and sometimes even slowly walks to the next egg. She has done this since she was a baby! It is so cute! At least we think so.  Also, at one point I was standing 20-30 feet away from her and I saw her give some of her eggs to another girl who did not have very many. She herself did not have near as many as lots of the other kids did and she was still willing to share. I was so proud of her!
Elle and her sweet friend Collier waiting to hunt some eggs!
Getting ready to run!
My sweet girl at her Kindergarten Egg Hunt.
Elle, Audrey Caroline and Collier after their egg hunt.
Our attempt at a class picture after the hunt.
A blurry selfie with my girl.
They were so excited to open their eggs and Elle was thrilled because she got a dollar in one of hers!

On Friday the kids were out of school and after some good experiences taking Walker to things and him sitting still, we decided to take him along with Elle to his first movie! We went to see Boss Baby. It was such a fun outing for the four of us. Walker was a complete angel. An angel! He did not like sitting in his own seat or the booster but happily sat in my lap the entire time and munched on his popcorn and candy.  He would point out the things happening on screen and just was so into the whole thing.  We were so proud of him! We are so excited he can come with us to movies now and also that we won't always have to pay a babysitter when we take Elle to the movies!
Elle and Walker walking in!
This picture cracks me up! Elle was excited to have him there too!
Checking out the movie posters.

Picking out their movie candy.
Saturday morning the Easter Bunny came early. We arranged this so the baskets weren't a distraction on Easter Sunday. It worked well for us. Elle got lots of summer essentials along with some My Little Pony toys and Walker got everything Paw Patrol because he is so obsessed. Although he really only cared about the candy for a long while until he got his fill and then was pumped for his new Paw 
The Easter Bunny came!
The spread.
Excited about his candy. Was so sweet and shared with Daddy.
Later that morning we headed over to the church for the church Easter Egg Hunt.  It was divided by ages so Kenny and I split up. He went with Walker and I stayed with Elle. This was Walker's first official egg hunt and we weren't sure what he would do.  He was similar to Elle in that he was pretty cautious. Once he figured out there was candy in those eggs he got really excited and figured it all out but by that time the hunt was over. He immediately ate every bit of candy in his eggs. He is so different than Elle who doesn't really care for candy that much. She will be eating on her Easter candy for months! Elle was a little faster during this egg hunt after having her school hunt. After they were done hunting eggs they had some cookies and refreshments which Walker also enjoyed and then we went and had a lovely lunch out on the patio of Bulldog Burger with our friends the Walters family!
Walker was a little shy when we first got to the fellowship hall.
Waiting on the hunt to start.
Sweet friends at school and at church.
Hearing the Easter lesson before hunting Easter eggs.

Going after the eggs!

Sweet girls enjoying cookies and drinks. Ella, Elle, Collier and Audrey.

Family pic!
Their faces make me laugh in this one.
Walker checking out his egg he picked up! There is candy in there!
Getting the hang of it!
Doing some coloring while we waited on lunch.