Monday, September 18, 2017


This past weekend was a super fun one. Earlier in the week I heard from Annie and she wanted to bring her friend Caroline to the football game this weekend because she went to a small school and had never been to an SEC game. And this weekend's game happened to be a huge one. We were playing LSU and were already 2-0. So this would be the moment where we truly found out how our Bulldogs were going to be this season. 

The game was a 6 o clock kick off so sadly we had to get a sitter for Walker. We weren't even sure how Elle would do for the game. So we all went to the tailgate and spent the day there before we met the sitter on campus to give Walker to her. The tailgate was super hot. It was just a hot day. So it wasn't as much fun as the game before. Hopefully the weather will cool down for the next one. But Annie was able to take Caroline to the Dawg Walk and they took Elle to the jumpies. We had plenty of food and drink so we just made the best of the hot weather. So at 5 or so we met the sitter and she brought Walker home and gave him a bath, gave him dinner and he went to bed at a reasonable hour.

Kenny took Walker to Starbucks one morning and Walker was so excited because Daddy got him a chocolate crescent and they shared that together. Just wanted to include the pictures.

"Horsing" around Saturday morning since we didn't have to rush to the tailgate.
Nannee with Elle and Walker all ready t
Photo app with my girl while we waited in the bathroom line.
Posing as a football player when she went to the kid zone with Nanee and Caroline.
My happy boy at the tailgate. He just loves tailgating so much and 
we are so happy to have him with us!

Mary Kenway coloring next to the fan. Smart girls!

Cheer outfits and friends on the way to the potty!
Best picture I got of the two of them this day.
Our friends the Martins stopped by and Elle was happy to see her friend Collier!
Kenny and Walker!
Family picture before we left to meet the sitter with Walker.
Walking with Daddy to meet Holly. We were so sad to he couldn't stay and he even asked us if we were walking to the game as we were walking. Then he bawled when he realized he was leaving. I might of bawled too. It was really sad and Kenny and I have said we may not be able to do it again.

So the game.  As I mentioned this was a huge game. Obviously we always want to beat LSU. We got in early so Caroline could see some of the pregame stuff and kickoff and it was so loud. Elle got a little overwhelmed and cried some. She was saying she wanted to go home. We had given her the option to go home with the sitter and Walker and she had said no. So we nicely had to tell her that we weren't leaving the game. We helped her feel better and also put some headphones on her which helped and let her play a game on a phone for a little while. That seemed to help. After a while she got caught up in the energy of it all because it was so exciting and her caffeine from the coke she drank kicked in and she was cheering and ringing her cowbell right along with us. The Bulldogs were amazing! We came out on fire and trounced all over LSU. We won the game 37-7. We stayed until the very end and had the best time!  The game and all the fun and of course the win made up for the hot tailgate!
Watching kickoff and pregame stuff with Daddy. Already feeling a little nervous.
Caroline loved ringing the cowbell.
I'll give it to Elle. It really was very loud. I offered her some earplugs I had but she 
turned them down. Can't imagine why.
During halftime Elle and I saw some kids eating pizza and it looked so good. We talked Kenny into trying to find some and it took quite a while. We felt bad and were so happy when he returned and it was so so so good!

Sister time! Looking a little sweaty and tired but woo hoo!
Kenny hanging with the guys and Craig talking football!
Walking out and pumped about our huge win!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


What a fantastic weekend centered around football. We were already excited because the forecast was amazing considering usually the first games of the season are hot as all get out. It was supposed to be sunny and a high in the low 80s and this is just such a game changer when it comes to tailgating and spending time on campus before the game. We were also excited because it was a three o clock game and planned to bring Walker with us for all the tailgating festivities and also to the game!
Walker and I met some friends for lunch on Maroon Friday.

Saturday morning we got up and went to the club for breakfast and to get some ice for the cooler that we were going to bring to the tailgate.
Pulling into the club for breakfast.

Kicked back watching pre game coverage.

After breakfast we went home to get ready and pack up and head to campus. Once we got to campus we got the food and tailgate set up and just hung out for the day. Elle was excited to play with Mary Kenway since they aren't in the same class this year and Walker was happy that Grace was there and also played lots of catch with Kenny. It was a gorgeous day and a super fun day of tailgating and yummy food. We were playing Charleston Southern so weren't all that concerned with staying for the whole game. Jay ended up having some Gridiron passes and those are down in the end zone on field level. We had never been down there before and Kenny wanted to see what it was all about. It turned out to be sort of cool and had all the food and drinks and snacks you could want but it is standing room only so its not ideal for the kids. We were able to hold them up and sit on the rails for a little while and it was neat for Walker to get that point of view. But after a while we made our way to our seats. Walker was a zombie by that point and we let him nap through the first half and halftime show. Elle wanted to stay until the band played during the halftime show and then we went back to tailgate before heading over to our friends Robby and Foley to cookout with the tailgate crew! Mississippi State won the game 42-0! Woo hoo! Good way to start the season!
Starting our morning tailgating with a family picture!
Brother sister love!

Walker was not loving the camera that day.
Walker and Daddy
All the girls of the tailgate minus Mrs. Ann, Margaret's mom.
Laura Catherine, Margaret, Anne and me

Jennifer and her girls made this uniform dip that was so pretty and the girls just flipped over it. 
It was really good to eat too.

Mary Kenway and Elle 
We took all the kids to the jumpies for a little while.  Walker and Grace had fun together.
Richard stopped by to say hi!
Elle and Mary Kenway playing on the phone and taking a breather.
Hot and sweaty after a long game of catch with Daddy.
Time for a brownie.
Gearing up to ring their cowbells for the game.
All the tailgate guys.
Walker and Grace.
All ready to go the game.
All the kids of the tailgate.
Jay and Elle at the Gridiron.

Walker passed out at the game. Slept through it all!

Cookout with friends!