Friday, September 29, 2017


After the boys could not possibly play one more hole of golf and the girls were nice and relaxed we woke up on Saturday and went to the Mississippi State-Georgia game. Where we were staying was only about an hour or so away from Athens so Kenny chartered a bus with a driver so everyone could relax and have a cocktail and so no one would have to drive back at night exhausted after a 7:00 kick off.  With the kick off at 7 we were able to sleep in a little and take our time getting ready to leave. Robby cooked a huge breakfast for everyone and we had mimosas and bloody mary's and were feeling great when we got on the bus for the short drive!
Took just a few pictures before we left.

Girl picture minus Laura who didn't go to the game.
On the bus and ready to go!

Kenny had been dying to go to the Terrapin brewery. It is his favorite favorite beer and was the one thing he really wanted to do while we were in Athens so we all happily went and it turned out to be really fun! We took a fun tour that required us to wear silly glasses and even some funny shoes since no open toed shoes were allowed. I even drank some beer to support the boys.
Headed in to the brewery!
Guys picture at Terrapin!
Rockin some sweet glasses and shoes.
The boys getting ready to head in for the tour.
Had to take a picture. I was drinking a beer.
The girls did more picture taking that listening on the tour.
Robby was taking this picture and made a face like you would if you were photographing a child. 
So we made funny faces.

Who knows what we were laughing at.

After we left Terrapin we went to a burger place to get some food before we headed to the stadium for the game. The burgers were great. The game not so much.  We were super excited for the game after our big LSU win but I have no idea where the Bulldogs were that night. They played awful. I don't think they got a single play off in the entire game. We left in the third quarter after Nick threw an interception and the score was 28-3. This was my first away game aside from an Egg Bowl and I have to say I did not enjoy it very much. The Georgia fans were very very loud and then with the way we played the actual game wasn't much fun. I will say I still had lots of fun with our friends and the overall day was amazing.
Waiting on some burgers!
Group picture on Georgia's campus!
Group picture at the top where our seats were and after all the stairs we took to get up there! Phew!
Hanging out on this massive chaise before we got in the car to go to home. We were tired!

Thursday, September 28, 2017


We had a super fun trip with 5 other couples last weekend. We went to Reynold Plantations on Lake Oconee in Georgia. Kenny and I have been there before with the Ryders and the Cooks a year or two or go. They have lots and lots of amazing golf courses that are pretty hard and then they also have a Ritz Carlton which has a spa so the girls are happy too. We rented a huge house that overlooked one of the courses and all stayed together which made for a pretty wild time and lots and lots of laughing. 

The boys left Wednesday night to drive most of the way so they could get up early and go the rest of the way because they had a tee time.  Then the girls left after we all dropped off the kids at school. We took our time and stopped in Birmingham to eat lunch and go to a few stores and finally got to the house around 5 or so. That night we just ordered pizza and hung out!  The next day was a round and a half of golf for the boys and the spa and lunch at the Ritz for the girls.  It was heavenly for everyone involved. After we got done with lunch we went home to relax and shower and the boys got home and we went out to an italian restaurant that we went to last time we were in town.  There was a waitress there that sang for us last time and we asked for her to sing Happy Birthday to Jack because his birthday was a week earlier and then she sang At Last for us again.  It was a long dinner but a fun one! 
Golf guys  minus Jason who missed this round.
Headed into the spa for a morning of pampering.
Make up free and waiting on our massages and facials.
Kenny and I at Da Corrado 
I ordered linguine with a clam sauce and it came in this pot. 
Megan Mullen, sent us a few shots and we had to oblige and take them. Yikes!
Girl Group pic on the way out!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


This past week Elle participated in Starkville Academy's Cheer Camp. This was her third year to do it and she always enjoys it so much. Kenny and I were really upset though when the dates were released  and we saw that it fell on the dates of a trip to Georgia that we had planned months in advance. That meant that we would not be able to attend her performance at the game on Friday night. And since that is all the practice for all week we felt terrible. We did arrange for CeCe and Nanee to come and keep the kids and I lined up a sitter so that Walker could stay home and they could support Elle that night.  So every day that week Elle stayed after school for cheer camp.  Then on Wednesday, the day before the trip I talked to Elle about coming to watch her practice so I could just see what they were up to. I told Kenny I was going to go and he asked if he could come too. So we took Walker and right when we were pulling in to the school all the little girls were lining up on the football field for a dress rehearsal of sorts. We were so excited because they were just starting so we got to see all the grades just like if we had been there for the real performance. And of course Elle was happy we were able to see it too. We took video of our own too.

Friday night CeCe and Nanee took Elle and they had a great night watching her. I also had lots of friends sending me pictures and video so I am able to do a blog post on the whole thing! We hated to not be there but Elle had a great week and a great night!
Elle and one of her high school cheer coaches!

First Grade Group Picture with all their high school coaches

Waiting for their turn to cheer.

Elle and Mary Kenway!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


We've been pet free since we lost Lena and we were okay with that. Kenny and I have talked about having an outdoor kitty for a long time now. The kids love love love a kitty and I grew up with cats and have always loved them too. The only problem is that Kenny is very allergic so having a indoor kitty just wasn't an option. So I have been keeping my eye out for a cute kitty that was pretty young so we could enjoy a kitten for a long time and so that it could bond with us too.

So last week a girl I know in Starkville posted that she had two kittens left from a litter and they were both so cute. I struck up a conversation with her and asked about them. I explained to her that we were wanting an outdoor cat and also wanted to know if she thought either of them was a girl. She did a little peeking and decided that she thought this cute little thing in the picture below might be a girl. We still aren't 100% sure but we will see! I didn't tell the kids and I met up with her the next morning. Walker was with me and was so excited when I got back in the car with her. He kept saying "I have a kitty! I have a kitty!" We had to run the kitten home and then headed out for bible study. Finally when we came home we were able to play with her a little bit. Elle had cheer camp all week and didn't get home until 5 every day. I was so excited to bring her home and surprise her. We borrowed a cage/kennel for her to live in that we decided to keep in the garage and Kenny was outside when we pulled in. We got out of the car and Elle quickly heard the kitten meowing. She was so happy! So happy! She was immediately in love! We had a quick family dinner and then Elle got a quick shower and settled in for some bonding time of her own. We also told her that she could choose the kitten's name and we were thrilled when she settled on the name Lucy. Lucy Lacey has the cutest ring to it and hearing Walker say it too is amazing.   Needless to say, I am writing this post a week after we got little Lucy and we all love her! Even Kenny!
Just picked her up and on her way to her new home!
Sweetest little face!
Checking it all out. So curious!
Her personal little spot in the garage.

Sending Daddy selfies.
Elle so excited for her new kitten!

The kids didn't fight over the kitten but they fought over this cat toy I had bought.

All clean and loving on Lucy so hard.

Lucy sound asleep.
Walker checking in.
Saying goodnight.
Kenny getting acquainted too.
Walker enjoyed some one on one time with her the next day while Elle was at school.
Daddy got some cuddles with the kids and the kitten the night he left to leave for his golf trip.
When the kids go to bed I get her out for some time too.

Today Walker went into the garage and got Lucy out on his own and was 
so proud to act big and carry her around.