Friday, June 27, 2014


I am getting sentimental in my old age.  I take so many pictures and then can't narrow them down for a blog post because I can't bear to not include all of them.  Anywho.....

The first part of the week I travelled to the Georgia mountains/foothills with three of my friends to a Young Life camp called Sharptop Cove.  My friend Christina and her husband Frank moved to Starkville to start Young Life in Starkville and Sarah, Courtney and I are all on the Young Life Committee.  Despite being on the committee we weren't all that familiar with Young Life and their camps and ministry so we went to see what it was all about.

This camp was so incredibly beautiful and oh my lordy nice.  We could of been at an amazing resort.  That is how nice it is.  I have heard all of Young Life's camps are that nice and I am thinking it is now my mission to visit all of them all over the country.  

Looking out from our perch at the Adult Lodge.
 The pool and the lake and some other things.  
 The sun setting. The beauty was so awesome.
 We had just arrived and were on our way for our first dinner at The Meal.
 Courtney and I.  I am 16 weeks pregnant.  This angle wasn't doing me any favors.

I have to say the energy at this camp and what the Young Life ministry is doing totally overtook me. "Club" which is their nightly worship was energetic fun and the kids were so happy to be there.  It was so refreshing to see kids that excited about Jesus and God.  This weeks speaker did a great job and had the best way of simplifying a message so that the kids and adults like me were totally sucked it.    The activities and entertainment were all so well thought out and just so much fun.  I am so incredibly sad we had to leave early and am already dying to go back.
Waiting to eat one of the meals.  I don't remember which one.

The tables were set beautifully and differently for ever meal.  Most had some sort of flare that gave you a clue as to what was on the menu. It was such a sign of the overall servant hood of the camp.
 The entire dining room before the campers came in.
Think this picture is out order from some of the others but I wanted to include it because it is cute.

One night they had a western themed nightly activity and it was so pretty and a lot of fun. This camp's attention to detail is so indescribable.
Hanging out enjoying the views before Club.

One afternoon we all went over to this brand new and awesome ropes course at the camp.  I was not able to do anything since I was pregnant but I am not the biggest fan of heights and Christina just did not want to.  But Sarah and Courtney did and they did so great at it! I was a proud cheerleader for them and took a ton of pictures!
Sarah and Courtney all harnessed up and ready to go.
They were almost finished in this picture and had already rocked most of the obstacles and were about to zipline off.

This is a group picture of all the adult guests that were staying in our lodge.  It was great to meet other adults involved with Young Life from all over the country.  The guy in the blue is Mike and he was from London!

Friday, June 20, 2014


We have had some wonderful summer days this past week.  I would say that our highs have been high and our lows have been low. Those lows have come in the way of some major discipline issues and meltdowns that I am a little unsure of how to handle next but for now I am doing the best I can.  A friend and I were talking about our three year old girls and how they are just so sweet and then they can be so terrible too.  Still, I am so incredibly grateful that I get to spend these summer days with Elle.  We really have been having more fun than trouble.

My favorite thing about summer is that Elle always smells like sunscreen. Even after she has had a nice long soak in the tub she still emerges smelling of sunscreen.  And smelling like sunscreen means that we have been outside and we have been having fun!

One day after spending the early morning working out at the gym we met our friends Sara, Abigail and Anna Claire at the splash pad.  This was our first splash pad experience and it was an absolute hit! They had the best time.  Only problem now is Elle looks like she has been in a battle because the splash pad surface was slick and she kept slipping and skinning her knees!

Any day that we do something like the splash pad or pool in the morning we come home and crawl into our bed and watch movies in the afternoon.  Elle rarely naps but just the rest is all she needs most days. Then she falls asleep in 2.5 seconds at night. So we can handle no napping I guess.
Elle relaxing in our bed.  This day I put out a nap time mat in case she fell asleep and wet the bed.  She didn't fall asleep. 

Another afternoon we met Sara, Abigail and Anna Claire at the pool again for a little bit.  It ended up thundering so we had to get out. But they still had fun.  We made up for them having to get out with ice cream.

Friday morning we met up with a bunch of our friends and lots and lots of little girls that Elle loves to play with at the pool.  We were so happy to play and relax by the pool.  Elle even ventured off the shallow end steps wearing her floaty and was soon all over the pool.  This was a huge deal and Kenny and I are so excited that she realized that she can be a little more mobile in the pool!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014



How far along 15 weeks 1 day.  My What to Expect App says Walker is the size of a naval orange.

Total weight gain/loss? I think I have gained 2-3lbs.  I definitely have the bump to show for it though.  Kenny came yesterday and asked if Walker grew overnight because I was looking bumpier. I regretted now not having more bump pics with Elle so here I am in all my glory greasy hair and all!

Maternity Clothes? Yes of course.  I'm headed on a girls trip this weekend and also have a trip to Las Vegas with Kenny planned and I am getting worried about what I will wear on these trips.  I pretty much wear shorts and tshirts during my days with Elle and then my white jeans and non maternity tops/tunics for dinners and nights out.  Will also need a maternity swimsuit soon.

Stretch Marks- None.  

Sleep? Sleep is pretty okay. I am getting up to potty fairly frequently but I did buy this clock for Elle where she waits for it to turn green to be able to come downstairs and that has helped a lot.  She is still waking up around 6-6:15 ish but she is allowed to play in her room until the clock turns green and alarms at 7:00 AM.  Sleeping until 7:00 AM makes a big difference compared to 5:45.

Best Moment Last Week? Taking Elle to the river and boating with our friends.  Also spending Father's Day with Kenny and Elle and expecting Walker.

Movement? I am up in air about this one.  I think I feel him but then I talk myself out of it.  I am so excited and ready to feel him move. A lot of my friends said they started feeling their second babies around Week 16 so I am hoping soon if I am not feeling him already.

Food cravings?  Cold fruit and really cold drinks.  With the temperatures being so hot I stay really thirsty so I've been mixing water with orange Gatorade in my Tervis tumbler because it keeps my drinks so cold.

Gender? It's a boy! Kenneth Walker.

Labor Signs? None. But I have talked to several people about the progesterone injections to prevent preterm labor and I am sure that we will do them.  They seem to be really effective and I will do anything to keep Walker in as long as he can be.

Belly button in/out? In and hoping it stays in. It never came out with Elle.

What I miss? Not too much I am missing this week other than just feeling normal.  I can go up three or four stairs and be out of breath.  And that is working out very regularly.  I get embarrassed when I am trying to talk and I get out of breath because I feel like it is too early to do that.

What I am looking forward to?  I have a doctors appointment Thursday and I am excited to hear the heartbeat and know that all is well with Walker.  I also am anxious to get more info about the injections.

Funny things Elle has said this week about Walker: I can't recall anything in particular that she said this week but I did go through a bunch of boxes that we never unpacked in the room that is going to be Walker's and Elle had a blast letting her babies play in all our baby gear.
She has continued to be so sweet whenever we talk about Walker and likes to give my belly hugs and kisses and tell him she loves him.  Which just makes our hearts want to explode.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


This past weekend we traveled North to Tennessee to spend some much needed time with our friends, Tracy, Joe and sweet boy Mack.  Tracy and Joe just built a new house and we were dying to see it so we stopped in Jackson, TN to check out the new place.  It was absolutely beautiful and Elle and Mack were became fast friends while we waited on Joe to return home from work.
Elle and Mack playing on Joe's new "tractor." 

Once Joe came home from work we headed to Tennessee river to their river cabin.  A place where we have visited many many times with our friends but this was our first time to take Elle.  I finally felt she was old enough to spend the day on a boat.  I was so excited to have her with us.  

Saturday morning while the boys put the pontoon in the water we took a golf cart ride around the water.  We could not of asked for better weather.  It was almost cool and felt like fall.  
Love this golf cart selfie with a best friend our children!

Once the boys got everything situated it was time to hit the water.  Elle was so excited to get on the boat.  
Headed out for a day on the water.

Cheesing with Daddy and her new mermaid I bought her to play with.  She lost the tail and we were all devastated.  She was so sad.  I already ordered her a new one. 

We beached pretty quickly so the kids could get out and play and Elle just loved it! She liked being able to walk in the water and it did not intimidate her without the waves like the ocean.  She and Mack set to digging and Elle playing with her mermaid.
Playing on the beach.

Family pic on the beach.

The guys.  Drinking beers.
Trace and me.  You can kind of see the top of my baby bump in this pic.  I am large in charge already!
Sweet Mack on the boat.
Getting tickles from his Mommy.

Mid afternoon we set out for a cruise to try and get all the kids to nap.  We also had Brooks on the boat with us who was 9 months.  The littles went to sleep pretty quickly but Elle took some coercing.  Elle eventually passed out on me completely out in the open sun and with me in the most uncomfortable position ever.  The things we do for naps!
I had to completely cover her with towels which made both of us pretty hot.  
I was so worried about her getting a sunburn.

Thankfully the nap payed off and she was in a great mood when she woke up.  So we beached again to play a little more and enjoy a lazy late afternoon on the river.  It really was all so fun and relaxing.  It just makes your heart so happy when your kids are having a ball too.
Love this sweet picture of Elle and Aunt Tracy!

Digging in some river mud.

On the boat ride back in Elle wanted to drive the boat home with Mr. Joe. She was so excited and he really did let her steer it some.  She wasn't great at it but it made things interesting.

After a great day on the water we came back to the cabin for baths and dinner before all falling asleep extremely early.

Sunday morning we woke up bright and early and headed home.  To celebrate Father's Day Kenny requested to come home and relax and be able to watch the U.S. Open all day.  We did enjoy the day at home and I cooked Kenny one of his favorite meals.  It was a great Father's Day and a great weekend. 

Sunday, June 15, 2014


Okay last one I promise!  Just a few more pictures I swear!

The last couple of days we hit up the pool in the afternoon and some in the morning.  Elle loves the beach but toward the end of the week the temperature got a lot warmer and it was just a lot to go out there for me.  Plus sometimes I get over the sand at a point too.
Floating with Daddy.

One evening we stayed at the pool until dinner time and then road the golf cart over to Pizza by the Sea, ordered pizzas to go and then played outside while we waited.  Then we brought them back to the beach house and had a picnic on the screened in porch per Elle's request.  It was one of my favorite nights of vacation.  So relaxed and Elle and Kenny were dancing together while we listened to music.
Seasawing while we waited on pizza.

Elle really loves helping people cook in the kitchen so she helped CeCe make breakfast one morning. Her personal favorite, eggs and bacon!
Eating marshmallows at the beach.  Because who doesn't!
Dancing at the beach.  Because who doesn't!

Finishing up dinner out one night. A rare pic with Mommy so I included these!

Reading books with Nannee.

And then it was time to go say goodbye to the beach.  Vacation was coming to an end and we spent the  morning at the pool.  It was only appropriate that we bid farewell.  This time we were smart enough not to bring Elle fully clothed.
Carrying her shovel and sandcastle mold to make one last sandcastle.
One last golf cart selfie.

Toes in the water and sand.
Someone was sad and like I said before.  Tired of pictures.