Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Like I said I used our break in football to take a break from blogging so another combo weekly update!

And it might not be added immediately but I intend to take a belly pic to add to this post. I haven't done one in a while and this belly needs documenting.  It is so big.  I am kind of terrified of how it could get any bigger over the next six weeks!

How far along 34 Weeks even! My What to Expect App says Walker is the size of a pineapple and weights 4.9 lbs and is 19-22 inches.  4.9 lbs is exactly what Elle weighed when we brought her home from being in the NICU after a week.  Knowing that makes me think he could just come on and I would be just fine! But I know he needs to stay in and get ready longer.  Don't want him to come out unless he is ready.  Even though I am very very ready!

Total weight gain/loss? I am not totally sure. I think I am in-between 35-40 lbs.  I know that is more than the recommended 25 lbs.  But, what is there to do about it now.  I will say I am not thrilled with how I look when I see my reflection and I feel like my nose is starting to flatten out but Kenny swears that is in my head.  

Maternity Clothes? Yes and every time I swear I am done ordering anything else I can't help but order a few more shirts.  For one a lot of my stuff is getting a little snug and two inexpensive new clothes make me happy and with how uncomfortable and sleep deprived I am, don't I deserve a little pick me up?

Stretch Marks- No. No stretch marks.

Sleep?Okay.  Here is the thing.  We started putting a gate at the top of the stairs to keep Elle from coming down in the middle of the night and I am happy to announce....SHE IS SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT! However, my sleep is terrible.  Terrible. My whole body hurts.  So many aches and pains and getting up to pee every hour.  I will gladly take sleep deprivation from a hungry baby if I can just get rid of the pain.  I just want to be feel well physically again.  If I am not going to sleep then fine.  But no sleep and pain-so over it!

Best Moment Last Week? Spending some time with just Kenny.  I enjoyed getting away for some total relaxation ! I equally enjoyed coming home to Elle.  I miss her so much when we leave her.

Movement? Yes.  Lots of elbow and sharp points and hineys in the air.  You can tell he is running out of room in there.  But the movement is comforting and I won't complain about it.

Food cravings? Not too much.  I am craving fall-ish foods but I really need the weather to cooperate!  It was in the 80's the last two days.  I am very excited that it is supposed to be really chilly for this weekend's football game and we are doing chili and all the fixins for our tailgate food. Should be perfect!

Gender? It's a boy! Kenneth Walker.

Labor Signs? Not really sure.  I don't think any real labor signs but over the weekend I would start to feel really poorly and get consecutive contractions if I sat in one place too long.

Belly button in/out? Not in.  Not out.  

What I miss? Alcohol, breathing and being pain free.  Oh and being able to wear my shoes and boots.

What I am looking forward to?I am looking forward to some fun Halloween festivities with friends this week.  Elle is going to be a mouse and I can't wait to see her.  It will be adorable.  We also have plans to go trick or treating with a big group in our neighborhood and if I don't die it will be really fun.  Also looking forward to another football weekend against Arkansas now that I have had a little break.

Funny things Elle has said this week about Walker:  The other day she was laying on my stomach/lap and I was telling her that Walker was kicking her because I kept feeling him kick right where she was.  She says she felt it but I can tell when she really feels him and when she is just saying she does.  But at one point her head was kind of on my belly and he kicked her pretty hard.  She sat up and was like "Hey!! He just kicked me!" We both got a good laugh out of it.

Monday, October 27, 2014


I know I mentioned how excited I was that we had a couple weekends off from football and I guess I used that as an excuse not to post on this blog too!  Kenny was also out of town for market so that always keeps me busy or going to bed really early.  So here is a just a "what we have been up to" photo dump!

I tell you- we will never ever have an uneventful week while Kenny is at market.  You might remember the last market when Kenny was in Las Vegas I got DEATHLY ill.  This time Elle's school called me while I was at my OBGYN checkup to tell me she was complaining her ear hurt.  By the time I arrived to pick her up at PDO she just fell apart.  She felt terrible! Poor thing!  After a doctors appointment and some prescriptions for her ear infection she rebounded quickly so it wasn't too much of a disasters with Kenny gone.
Sad selfies at the doctors office.
Feeling well enough for dress up.

Wearing our pumpkin dresses for fall!

Then Daddy finally came home and we were just so so so happy to have him home!
Our neighborhood boos getting ready to go out to our neighbors.  I love this kind of stuff!

This past weekend Kenny and I went away for his birthday celebration and for what we kind of considered a baby moon.  Kenny's mom came up to keep Elle at our house.  Elle loves her weekends with Gramma!  Kenny and I left Friday morning for Birmingham.  We had reservations at Ross Bridge Golf Resort.  We love this place and last time we were there in the summer we made plans to return in the fall so Kenny could play the course.  It is a beautiful course and I knew in the fall when the weather was nice it would be really fun to ride with him for a round.  I haven't done that in years! We had so much fun!  I brought a book and did some reading at times and loved watching Kenny play!

Saturday morning on Kenny's birthday we enjoyed the hotel's delicious breakfast and relaxed before we both got massages.  My treat! Saturday afternoon we stayed at the resort for lunch and enjoyed some lunch while we watched Mississippi State play Kentucky.  It wasn't our best game but we still pulled out a W and our Bulldogs are still ranked NUMBER 1!!!!
Look at that form!
We weren't sure we would get a full 18 holes in but we managed to.  The sun was setting and I took this picture of Kenny on the last hole! Happy Birthday Kenny!
Kenny and I took a selfie while we watched the State game! Love him so much and I think I am getting the flat nose from pregnancy.  Oh lord!

While we were living it up in Birmingham, Mrs. Ann and Elle were having a great time in Starkville. They hit up the playground at the country club and went to Chick Fil A for lunch and a movie.  They were staying busy!
Hanging at the bar drinking a Shirley Temple and a snack.

Totally relaxing Saturday on the way to Chick Fil A.  Looking a little like a hot mess!

Kenny and I came home early afternoon and Elle was so incredibly excited because she and Mrs. Ann had baked Kenny a birthday cake.  I made chili and cornbread and we had family dinner and then celebrated with cake and candles.  It  was a great night!  

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Last week some of my closest friends here in Starkville threw me and Walker a little girls night out shower.  It was so sweet and so fun.  I think we were all needing a night out after all the football hype and to gear up for the Auburn weekend. It was low key and perfect and Walker was gifted so many cute things. Lots of gowns and sweet blankets because I already have all the essential baby gear.

Here are just a few pictures from that night!
Group picture minus a few who had already left.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


So life was such a whirlwind last week that I didn't get my update for week 31.  Sad face.  Oh well.  I will just combine last week and this week!

How far along 32 weeks and 1 day.  My What to Expect App says Walker is the size of a head of lettuce, 19 inches long and weighs 3.9 lbs.  

Total weight gain/loss? Ugg.  Still gaining.  I am starting to get scared of the number.  Just make it stop going up up up! Make it stop! I know I can't make it stop and when I see pictures of myself and marvel at how chubby my face is I just think that this is just a season of life.  That is kind of the difference with the second pregnancy. It is just a season and I know I will get back to where I want to be eventually. Eventually.  

Maternity Clothes? Yes.  Ordered some maroon things last week.  Maroon clothing is imperative right now with our life being all about football.  I made sure to order a dress for this past weeks game because I knew it was going to be got and pants for me when it is over 80 is just not an option.

Stretch Marks- No. No stretch marks.

Sleep?Sleep is about the same.  Still terrible but I do think that I am just getting used to less sleep.  I have started to expect Elle to come down at some point and I usually get her back to bed within 20 minutes.  It just depends how fast I actually go back to sleep. Then I expect her to come down to our room again around 5.  And I let her crawl in bed as long as she promises to go back to sleep.  And she does.  I know I will still feel so exhausted when Walker gets here but since my sleep isn't so great anyway I hope that it will all be easier.

Best Moment Last Week? I had a girls night out/dinner with my closest friends in Starkville and they showered Walker and I with some of the sweetest and cutest things.  It was such a fun night!  More in depth post to come!  And then of course getting to tailgate with friends and watching my Bulldogs defeat Auburn and become #1 in the nation.  It is such a fun time to be living in Starkville.
Movement? Yes. Constant movement.  And we have more hiccups now. I can remember Elle getting hiccups all the time but with Walker they didn't seem to be as frequent.  But now I am feeling them more.  My belly is constantly rolling around these days.  My favorite thing is when I feel a body part pop out and I can kind of press it and he will move it!

Food cravings? Honey Crisp red apples.  I don't normally like red apples because they tend to be mushy.  But Honey Crisp apples are crispy and I love them straight out of the fridge.  So good!

Gender? It's a boy! Kenneth Walker.

Labor Signs? No labor signs.  I have had some painful cramps/contractions but nothing consistent so that is good. And with the contractions I had a couple weeks ago, my doctor has already checked me a couple times so I know I have not progressed any.  I only have a few more progesterone shots too! Eeek! So excited to be done with those.

Belly button in/out? Not in.  Not out.  

What I miss? Still missing my drinks.  Especially when it comes to tailgating and celebrating our big wins! Also being able to breathe. I.can't.breathe.

What I am looking forward to?As fun as football has been I am sooooooooo looking forward to not having football for a couple of weekends.  Texas A&M and Auburn back to back was majorly tough! I am so tired! I am ready for low key weekends and watching the Bulldogs play Kentucky on TV!

Funny things Elle has said this week about Walker:  She finally felt him move in my tummy for real.  She hasn't had the patience to feel him.  But the other morning she crawled into our bed and was snuggling with me and Walker had the hiccups so I knew we were getting some constant movement.  So I took her foot and layed it on my tummy and she felt him with his hiccups.  She was so so so excited.  She said "he's boom boom booming in there! He is getting big! It is almost time for him to come out! Hey Walker!!"  It made my very early morning!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Last week Kenny spent a couple nights in Jackson for business so one of the nights Elle and I drove down to join him.  We wanted to take Elle to the state fair and there might not be anything else loves more than staying in a hotel. 

Kenny grew up going to the fair as did many people from the Jackson area.  I have only been once before with Kenny in college.  I have to say it isn't my absolute fave.  Especially really pregnant and on a hot afternoon.  But Elle loved it and it was a great night spent as a family.  Family of three.  Starting to cherish these nights more and more. 

The night before I read the book Angelina and the Fair so Elle would kind of have an idea of what a fair is. So naturally upon arriving at the real fair she wanted to ride the ferris wheel first. So that is what we did.  This ferris wheel went a little too fast for my liking and maybe Kenny's too.  We were holding on to Elle for dear life!
Did stop and take a quick picture before we started flying around and around.

After the ferris wheel we stopped for a quick snack of friend oreos.  We all loved them!

Then it was on to the bumper cars.  Kenny and Elle had a ball doing these.  There was a little bit of a scary moment where they hit head on with two cars and it scared Elle a little.  It was a pretty big bump!
Before the ride started.

You can't go to the fair and not eat the really delicious and terrible for you food.  So that is what we did for dinner.  Kenny enjoyed a giant turkey leg, Elle had a slice of pizza and I had some of those curly potato chips with cheese and bacon and chives. Washed it all down with fresh squeezed lemonade! Yum!
Kenny and his giant turkey leg.  He loves these things!
Elle and I took a quick selfie before a carousel ride.  That carousel seemed to go really really fast too.  It was scary.

Elle rode a few more rides with Kenny and by herself before it was time to head home.  It was getting dark and close to bedtime.  We were sad because the fair is the prettiest at night and since we were there in the afternoon Elle did not get to see it.  But as we were leaving all the lights were turning it on and it she saw a little bit of it.

Elle walking with her Daddy.

We planned to get a funnel cake on our way out but were still pretty full.  So we all shared an ice cream cone before calling it a night.  I am not sure the fair will be an annual affair but Elle really did enjoy it so that made it all worth it!

Monday, October 13, 2014


Well before we could even recuperate from last weekend's game and all the excitement it was time for this weekend's match up against Auburn.  #2 vs. #3! ESPN's Gameday came Starkville for the first time ever and the buzz around the game was crazy.  The amount of people that were descending on Starkville was stressful too. It was insane. We had a very full house of people making it fun and had decided a few weeks ago before we even knew how our season was going to go that we would have a babysitter come get our kids from the tailgate and enjoy some grown up game time.  

We chose the best game to have kids free.  We arrived at the tailgate super early allowing them plenty of time to play, eat and all of us to have fun.  But Elle was pretty pooped by babysitter time and happily went home to play with her friends and the babysitter.  And we were able to watch, nail bite, ring our cowbells, cheer on our Bulldogs on to a victory against Auburn!  It literally was history in the making.  I got goosebumps, and came close to crying so many times.  Then on Sunday to find out that our Bulldogs are ranked #1 in the nation!  #1!!!!!   If you are a State fan you know that this would of never happened in our absolute wildest dreams. It still feels so surreal!!

Here are a few pictures from this weekend!
Elle was being so sweet at the tailgate and giving out lots of love! I love both of these pictures!
My sister came in town for the game and spent the entire weekend with us! I love that Elle is holding my cowbell in this picture.

We were up 21-0 in the first few minutes of the game and sent this picture to my Uncle who has all of a sudden started watching MSU football and giving us some credit!

And after the glorious football weather we had last weekend we had another very hot and muggy weekend this time and a large torrential downpour.  When we got to our seats I was burning up.  So so so hot! I asked Kenny to go get me an empty nacho tray to use as a fan and the concession people told them they would have to charge him $5 for it.  He explained he had a very pregnant wife and they knew me so they tore off this big piece of cardboard for me which was so nice and was actually really awesome.  So Annie snapped this picture of me large and in charge fanning myself with one hand and riniging my cowbell in the other.
  I had to post this funny picture for memories sake!

It was such a fantastic historical weekend and was so much fun.  But I am seriously looking forward to some off weekends.  I think a couple low key weekends will be absolutely wonderful! We need the rest!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Last week we took Elle to the pumpkin patch in Caledonia for the first visit of the season.  We love this little pumpkin patch so much and this visit did not disappoint!  We are so lucky that with Kenny's schedule we can try and do these things on weekdays when we kind of avoid the crowd and get places all to ourselves.  This was one of those mornings.

Right away she was obsessed with the new tractor barrel slide thing that is new this year.  Even Kenny got in on the action.  I don't think I would of fit in the tube so maybe next year.  But it was fun to watch them race and come flying out the bottom. They were having so much fun.
Kenny watching for Elle the first time.

Cheesing before the big climb!

Just thought this picture was funny!

That's more like it!

Digging for buried treasure.  I sat in the shade and watched.

Seeing how we measure up this year.
And probably my favorite picture from the whole day. Playing in the corn box is always a favorite!

We also took a hayride and rode the barrel train.  She loved the barrel train last year and did not want to do it this year.  But she said she would ride it so I did.  So I climbed in.  It was really really uncomfortable for me and once I was in the barrel I could not move at all for fear of having a major cramp.  But she loved it like I knew she would.

Once we were all worn out from playing it was time to stock up on lots and lots of pumpkins for decorating.  I need to post pictures of our fall decor! I am somewhat pleased with how it all looks!

I am positive we will be back to the pumpkin patch a few more times because it honestly never disappoints!

Monday, October 6, 2014


After our last big win against LSU we were on cloud nine! Well things have gotten better than we could of ever dreamed! Mississippi State is ranked number 3!!! Gameday will be HERE in Starkville this Saturday as we face off against Auburn! It is nuts! Our Bulldogs are playing the best they have ever played and it is so much fun to watch!! 

This past weekend we played Texas A&M and were so happy to have a bunch of our friends from Memphis in town.  Elle was thrilled to see her best friends Lizzie and Loftin and their parents were so excited they chose such a fabulous weekend to come in town.  The hype around the game was intense. SEC Nation was here and with a cold front coming through Friday night the weather was the absolute most perfect weather you could ask for.  I was able to wear jeans.  We all needed jackets at times too.  It was glorious! Glorious I tell you!!

Friday morning Kenny and I ran some errands while Elle was at PDO.  We ran into the men's clothing store here and also ran into our Heisman candidate quarterback Dak Prescott.  He was shopping for a swanky game day outfit and was so gracious and nice when we asked for a picture with him.  Kenny and I were so excited!
I was so happy I had showered and we were both wearing our maroon for Maroon Friday.  And you can't miss Walker in my large and charge belly. I plan to frame this picture for his nursery!

Saturday morning we were up super early to get to the tailgate for an 11:00 kickoff.  The kids were so ready.  
Having some cereal before we head out for the Junction.

Once we got to the tailgate we headed over for the Dawg Walk.  The weather was so nice and the day so beautiful that even I felt up to it!
Elle holding Mr. Jay's hand on the way to the Dawg Walk.  She adores him!

Family picture while we waited on the players.
So happy to have our Memphis friends in town!

Once we cheered on the Dawgs and then layed an eye on the SEC Nation production we headed back to the tailgate to enjoy breakfast, the weather and friends! The kids had a ball running around playing and then a lot of our Starkville friends came by too.  With our new tailgate location we are close by to lots of friends which is perfect.  The girls don't get sick of each other because they are together all day but can still visit and play peridocially!
Elle with some of her very good friends.  Addison, Elle, Miriam and Abigail.
And two of my closest Starkville friends, Mary Martha and Sarah
 and mommies to Miriam and Abigail!

Sweet friends taking a stroll.

Then it was time for the ball game! I was a little unsure as to what to expect.  Scared our win against LSU was a fluke but our guys are good.  Really really good!  Elle loves the games but did want to go back to the tailgate some because she wanted to go back and play with all her friends.  We had to explain to her that everyone was at the game and she wasn't missing anything.  Eventually she kind of got it and we had the best time watching the game as a family!
These binoculars or "noculars" as Elle calls them are from a Chick Fil A kids meal and they are the biggest hit! I was so glad I threw them in our bag!
Silly Selfie Session! 

After our win we went back to the tailgate and spent the afternoon snacking on a more lunch and savory snacks and watching the Ole Miss game on tv.  We finally came home from the tailgate around 7 and just relaxed and got the absolutely exhausted kids to bed.

Sunday morning we hit up City Bagel for breakfast and then we spent the rest of the day cleaning up and resting up and just relaxing after the big weekend. It really was the epitome of the perfect football weekend.  And now we are already preparing to do it all over again this coming up weekend!