Tuesday, June 29, 2010


So back in the day. I mean a long long time ago Kenny and I had just started dating and he lived with his best friend Chad. And every week Chad and his girlfriend and Kenny and I would all crowd around the television to watch this new hit show The Bachelor. We were glued to the television, boys and girls alike. Who was "The Bachelor" going to pick to propose to. Somehow we missed the first season so this was Aaron's season and we all wanted him to choose Brooke, the girl from Alabama soooo bad.

I have to admit I was a long time watcher of The Bachelor and probably stopped watching when Meredith became the bachelorette. The girl's personality was boring with a capital B! But then came these scandalous commercials in the past year. Some girl in the bachelor house had hooked up with someone in the house who was GASP not the bachelor. And while I am totally ashamed to admit this...that commercial worked. I tuned in. And by default...poor guy... so did Kenny. And now we are hooked.

Jake as the Bachelor was so incredibly cheesy and I could see upon my return to the show that the producers were taking new liberties with the word reality and I was loving all the drama. Rozalyn and the crew member, Allie and Vienna's hatred for each other and then Jake just picking Vienna at all!

Last season Kenny's favorite was Allie so naturally we went right along with the new season and her being the bachelorette. Wow! These guys on this show are weirdos. But Kacey takes the cake and he has kept me cracking me up the entire time. I am sad he is gone. My friend Susan who lived with us for a week because her AC was out watched the episode where Kacey serenaded Allie and now she is hooked. What's with this ridiculous show??

During last night's episode of The Bachelorette a commercial came on for The Bachelor Pad starting in August. Have yall seen the commercial. It looks awesome in a trashy television kind of way. After the commercial was over I said "We are sooooo watching that." To which Kenny replied "Well hell yeah!" Poor guy...


Sara Beth Stockton said...

Wow...can't believe that you remember that-Hilarious! I've continued to watch every season since the first and I'm embarassed to admit that I'm still addicted!

Mallory and Kenny said...

Ha! Of course I remember! You were always cooking the best meals to! Good times!