Thursday, July 5, 2012


Wow.  Not sure what happened.  I did not intetionally plan a blog break.  I think it all started when we went to the river/lake for the weekend with friends(and had an absolute blast) and I didn't take any pictures so I felt like I couldn't blog about it.  Silly, I know.

Well, we have been busy.  So here is a little bit of what we have been up to.

 Enjoying a little post parent's day out/pre nap snuggle time.
 Going to an Elmo themed sprinkler birthday party for our favorite play buddy Loftin.  
Lindsay really outdid herself with all the creative touches.  
 Elle and Lizzie cooling off in the pool at the birthday party.
Doing a little pretend grocery shopping with baby doll in tow. CC (my mom) bought Elle a grocery cart and some Melissa and Doug play food and she is loving it!
Kenny gave me tickets to see Darius Rucker and Lady Antebellum in concert for Mother's Day and the concert was lat week! Despite the heat we had the best time.  I love doing things like that for date night.
We went down to Fairhope to see Kenny's parents for the weekend. We had such a fun time and ate so many great meals including brunch at Tamara's. Bottomless mimosas and belgium waffles YUM!!!  Breakfast is my favorite meal by far.
 Sharing some ice cream with daddy.
 Spent LOTS of time watching the Olympic trials! I am soooooooo excited for the games to start.  
Elle seemed pretty interested too.
 I made these festive and silly easy skewers for the BBQ we attended for the 4th of July.  They were a hit and I would definitely make them again.  No instructions needed ha!
Spending time at the BBQ trying not to overheat with Tracy and little Baby Shearin due to make his appearance in October.
 The best family portrait we could manage.  Only wearing our bloomers of course.  After a dip in the pool it was just to hot for a frilly shirt.
Happy 4th of July from Elle! Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday! 

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