Monday, June 18, 2012


Kenny and I had a great weekend.  I wanted to be sure that Kenny did things he wanted to do and honor him all weekend for Father's Day.  However, I did start the weekend by going out with Susan. (J Press Designs) We met up for drinks and dinner which were fabulous before going to see Snow White and the Huntsman.  I liked the movie but Kristen Stuart really irks me.  After the movie we went for another drink before heading home.  It was fun night that I needed after the week I had and we needed to catch up.
Elle's spider bite looked a lot worse Saturday morning but by the end of the day had gone down and we were relieved.  The doctor had told us that if it didn't get any better by the end of Saturday we needed to come back Monday.

Saturday morning we hit up Shelby Farms for some exercising.  It was hot! Then it on to the grocery store and the butcher shop so we could grill out that night.  Kenny went to play golf with a friend.  The course ended up being pretty crowded so he got home kind of late so we quickly fired up the grill.  Going to be honest, pretty soon after we ate, I was asleep.

On Sunday, Elle and I were so excited to celebrate Kenny on Father's Day.  He is such a fantastic father to Elle.  After happys and cards in bed we hit up brunch at one of favorite spots.  

Elle not wanting to stop eating her pancake long enough to take a picture.
 Oh alright.

I snapped this picture on the way out from brunch. It made me smile.  He wore pink in honor of Elle and the sippy cup in the back pocket was so cute.  

Sunday afternoon, my sister was so kind to babysit while Kenny and I went to see a movie.  Of course I let him choose, so we saw Men In Black 3.  It was okay.  Kenny liked it. Then it was home just in time to catch Tiger teeing off. We watched golf the entire weekend.  Fathers got to control the remote. Ha!

It was a great weekend. One where I hope Kenny realizes how much we love and care for him and how lucky we are to have him.  

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