Tuesday, October 2, 2012


When Elle was probably 9 months old I bought a Groupon to try out a music class program here in Memphis called Music for Aardvarks.  The coupon was for three classes and she enjoyed all of three of the classes despite her young age.   

Described on the Aardvarks website: Music for Aardvarks is distinct from other children’s music programs in that all classes are based around Mr. Weinstone’s original songs, rhythms, and chants. In an exhilarating range of musical styles, Aardvark songs reflect and celebrate the lives of kids growing up today. The music is innovative, intelligent, and irresistibly appealing to both kids and their parents.

Once it was time to enroll for a new semester I decided to sign her up for weekly classes. A few weeks ago we started our third semester of classes. She and I always had fun going together but now that she is walking and at the age where she is soaking up EVERYTHING, we are having a blast.

Elle is starting to remember a lot of the songs we sing and mimic the motions we make in the songs.  She gets so excited for the different parts of the class like the shakers, the guitar, the sticks and musical instruments. Then at the end of class she gets a stamp on each hand before we leave.  She talks all day about those stamps!

Kenny was able to go to class with us recently and he took a few pictures of Elle in action. He loves going periodically to see how much more she is enjoying it. He also took a video of the musical instrument portion of the class.

So independent these days.  Wants to walk everywhere by herself. Please ignore everything about me in this picture.  The weather was rough that morning.
Playing the lollipop drum.  Her personal fave.

Jamming out during the musical instrument freestyle.  That is me playing that awesome tambourine!

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Ashley said...

oh that looks like it'd be a ton of fun! She looks like she is having a blast!