Friday, October 5, 2012


Well the temps have become more tolerable and it has me in the fall mood.  We are hoping to take Elle to a pumpkin patch this weekend to get some pumpkins.  Some for decoration, some for carving with Elle.

This week we spent our afternoons at the playground after I picked Elle up from Parents Day out and I made hearty meals to snuggle up on the couch and eat while we watched the debate. We also said goodbye to pacis for naps and bedtime and it actually wasn't all that bad.

 One of the recipes I made was for Slow Cooker Salisbury Steak served over mashed potatoes. I found the recipe on Pinterest. It was a very simple recipe and Kenny loved it.

 Elle wore this little dress to PDO one morning  It is so hard to get a picture of her lately so this is the best I got.  But the dress was my sister's and my dress when we were little.
 We have started going to the story time at our largest library here in Memphis every Wednesday and Elle loves it.  She gets so excited when we put into the parking lot.  After the stories they have toys and all the kids play for a little while while the moms talk.  Then Elle and I peruse the books and pick out a bunch to check out.  Its our little weekly tradition.  I love it.
Oh you know just doing some cuddling with our sippy cup.

I took the picture above after Elle woke up from a 45 minute nap. She normally takes a two hour nap.  I was not thrilled and she was still tired but not having a paci was tough.  Of course, come to find out, PDO never even realized she had a paci in her bag.  She has been napping for them without it the entire time.

So I went cold turkey.  I just decided to not give the paci to her three nights ago. Kenny was out of town and figured that way the crying wouldn't wake him up.  She cried pretty hard off and on from 7-10 pm and then slept without waking until 7 the next morning. Then like I said the nap that day didn't go well.  The next night Kenny was home and he normally does bath time bedtime routine and he put her down without her paci.  And not a peep.  She slept like a rock from 7:30-7:00 am!  She totally manipulates me I have decided. Either way, this weening of the paci wasn't too bad.  Thank goodness!!

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