Monday, September 21, 2009


Sooooooo......I have been a little MIA. Don't really have an explanation. Here are some things that have been going on:

• Kenny and I drove down to Waveland, MS with our friends Joe and Tracy to spend the long weekend with our friends Megan and Patrick who just finished building their house down there. It was an amazing time and I want to go back. I am still hoping to do an entire post on this trip because we had so much fun and took lots of pictures.

• My sister moved to Memphis for grad school and Kenny and I are so excited to have her here.

• We joined the church that we have been visiting for the last few months and we are so pleased to have found a church home.

• Kenny went to Las Vegas for market and stayed at the New York New York. He will go twice a year. I got a phone call while he was looking for some souvenirs and he said...."Everything here is just so tacky." Ha. Well yea. It is Vegas.

•FOOTBALL SEASON HAS STARTED AND THE BULLDOGS ARE 2-1! We are actually scoring and playing offense and we are flying our Mississippi State flag proudly. We also really hope to make it to some games this season.

• My best friend Stefanie and her husband Conrad had their baby, Conrad Patrick on Saturday morning. I am so excited for them and can't wait to make a trip out to Raleigh to see them.

• And after having a really sad day one day I joined Weight Watchers and I am loving it. Tomorrow will be my fifth weigh in. And I have lost around 11lbs. So I am feeling great!!! I like going to the meetings because weigh in is such an accountability thing for me. Even though only one person sees it. It still matters to me if I do not have a loss because I feel like a failure.

And now because it is Monday and I have not meal planned in months (literally) here is

SUNDAY- Went over to Christin and J.R.'s for make your own pizza night and NFL football. It was delicious and so fun. During the day I went ahead and made our Monday night dinner, and also cooked and chopped the chicken for another recipe. I am on the ball.


TUESDAY - Have a Weight Watchers Meeting and a Junior League meeting so leftovers it is! 

WEDNESDAY- CHICKEN POT PIE ( My friend made this a week or two ago and said it was so awesome and so easy.) 7 WW for 1/4 of recipe.

THURSDAY - TACO SOUP 2 WW points per cup.

FRIDAY - Leftovers

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