Tuesday, September 13, 2016


It was time for another fun football weekend.  We were a little nervous for the bulldogs after the upset but we were still excited for our first big tailgating outing.  We really hoped for some coolish weather but it ended up being hot.  Really really hot. Because it was so hot the kids were a little listless, ran through all the drinks we brought and no one ate very much of the food.  We threw so much away before going in to the game. Oh well! We still managed to have lots of fun despite the heat.  We arranged for Walker to stay home with a sitter but Elle was super excited for the game.

We went in to the game and the Bulldogs looked great. We took a good lead against South Carolina and then went in to halftime.  Elle was holding up well and we hoped to make it at least until the fourth quarter but right at the end of the halftime show they made an announcement that there had been lightening strikes and started making everyone evacuate.  We stayed put because our seats are covered and not really vulnerable to lightening strikes but then they showed the radar report on the jumbotron and it looked like a big storm was coming and we were worried about getting stuck in the middle of it with Elle and trying to get to the car.  So we made the decision to leave the game and were so sad about it.  We ran back to the tailgate to help clean up before hurrying to our car. We did discovered that our cooler and everything in it had been stolen so that was a bummer.  

We got home just as the game was starting back after the weather delay. Elle was wound up after having some Cokes at the tailgate, so we let her stay up and watch the game with us.  We won and we all went to bed happy!

We were picture happy at the tailgate and got so many fun pictures! So here we go with a tailgate photo dump.

Me, Margaret and Foley! Headed to Napa with these girls soon!
We actually took a picture together!
Jennifer, me and Margaret
These girls went to the jumpies and came back with a bunch of Regions loot.  
Elle loved these sign things.
Sporting their sunglasses.
Tailgating with her Daddy.
Learning to accessorize for the tailgate at an early age.

Mary Kenway, Elle and Abigail.
Jay, Kenny and Jeremy
Silly faces!
Bulldogs always number one for us!
The original tailgate crew.
Margaret sent us this comparison picture.  The top picture is the game day 
that I went into labor with Walker and then this Saturday!
Cheering on the bulldogs with her new sign.
Game selfie!
Leaving the game early but happy because we were winning.

And I am going to stick these pictures down here at the end of this post for memory's sake.  Kenny went over to his old fraternity house this weekend because they recently renovated it and he wanted to see it.  So of course I started getting all kinds of pictures.  I was his fraternity's sweet heart or Dream Girl as they call it and because of that I was in their annual calendar.  These pictures are so embarrassing to me but still funny to look back on.
The composite picture.

Pike calendar!
Front of the Pike calendar. I don't think Kenny was ready.  
And I apologize for anyone doing anything vulgar in this picture.

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