Friday, June 28, 2013


I am back again for Five for Friday posts.   Here are a few things going on with us this week!

College World Series! Our Bulldogs made all the way this year.  First time ever and the first time a team in Mississippi has competed for a National Championship.  Our team had great momentum and seemed to be having a blast through out the entire tournament. We went undefeated until we ran into UCLA and then I think we got nervous. Can you blame the boys?  Our school wanted it bad.  We didn't win the trophy in the end but it was still so much fun to watch and I am so proud of the team.

Having fun!
Kenny and Elle on Monday morning wearing their maroon for Game 1.
We let Elle stay up a little late because the games started at 7.  We had her pose in front of the TV for memories sake.  Almost as good as being in Omaha! 

Potty Training- Yesterday kicked off Potty Training.  This morning the actual training begins.  We did a lot of excitement building yesterday.  I am nervous but I think she is excited and wants to do it and I am hoping that will work in my favor.  I have been thinking about it and I do think I am going to do some posts on the things I am doing and whether they worked or not.  I have a horrible memory when it comes to this stuff.  My friends with babies will ask me questions and I want to help them but I just can't remember.  So I want to share the knowledge I guess and help myself remember in the future.  I will not be posting any pictures of her on the potty or anything in the potty.  So no worries about that.

The beginning of my supply list.  I posted this on Instagram and ended up getting 
some helpful tips from other moms.

Guilty Pleasure- I have a total guilty pleasure.  Eminem.  I love listening to the Eminem Pandora Station when I work out.  Along with Eminem you get Dr. Dre, Tupac, 50 Cent in the mix.  And it makes me want to push a little harder.  I am sure the old people on the treadmill next to me who don't have any music of their own and can hear mine are a little confused.

Concert at Red Rocks - Kenny has always wanted to see his favorite band play at this amazing amphitheatre in Colorado.  He has talked about it for years.  And this weekend he got on a plane and went.  I am so happy for him. I don't particularly enjoy the band's music so he went with some friends.  But to see him check this off of his bucket list is great.  I hope he has lots and lots of fun.

Pool Time- Kenny finally got around to joining a golf course and Elle and I are thrilled to have a pool to go to!  It is getting so hot.  So I am ready to turn Elle into a water baby.  We aren't doing swim lessons this summer but I want her to get more comfortable with the water.  I got her a puddle jumper and am trying to pick up pool toys as I see them. We are going to take full advantage!
Elle enjoying some lunch at the pool.  


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