Tuesday, July 2, 2013


The morning of Day 2 I go ahead and make my bed and straighten up upstairs so I have all of that done before I go in and get Elle.  I also go ahead and walk and feed the dog so she won't be a crazed maniac like she usually is.

When I go in to get Elle we do our normal morning greetings and I remind her that today is Potty Day.  She is still excited.  We go into the bathroom and remove her diaper ( the last one she will EVER WEAR! Excuse me while I cry) and her zip up pajamas.

I have her sit on the potty while I show her our timer and make it ring a few times.  I explain to her that when we hear that noise we will stop what we are doing and come and try to use the potty.  She likes the noise.  She didn't go at all so I get her all excited and let her choose a pair of her new underpants to put on.  She of course chose a pair with Ariel on them.  Then I put on new pajamas on her.  A two piece set so we can pull the pants down easily.  I chose to keep clothes on her because if and when she has an accident she will have more of a sensation of being wet and I am hoping it will sink in a little more. Not to mention it soaks up the accident a little more leaving less to clean up.  That was a tip from a friend.

From there it is morning as usual.  Except she looks so much smaller without her big poofy diaper butt and still more grown up at the same time.
Some morning reading.
The time goes off every 30 minutes and for the first three times we sit on the potty.  Nothing.  In between I am pushing some new drinks on her.  I bought some Capri Sun pouches and I am giving her undiluted juice to get some liquids in her.

Good morning for Potty Training Bootcamp!

Finally mid morning! Sucess!  She went and I clapped and cheered and made a big deal of her flushing.  Then wash our hands which she loves to do and she gets her M&Ms.  She goes again the next time we try. During this time I am not up and doing things around the house.  I am sitting with her the whole time and playing.  We call Kenny and tell him the good news!
Giving her baby a bath in the new little bath set I got her.

During lunch we have an accident.  A small one.  I explain to her that she had an accident and doesn't feel yucky to be all wet but I don't get onto her or anything.  Just talk to her about it.   30 minutes later we try again on the potty and she doesn't go.  We resume playing and immediately she has another accident.  Not sure what that was all about.

I put her down for a nap and when she wakes up we hit our stride.  All afternoon she gets excited with the timer goes off.  Runs to the potty and goes.  At one point she gets off the potty and then tells me she wants to go again right away so I let her get back on and she goes again.  She is learning how to control her bladder. (to get more M&Ms) I found that once she sat down that if I pulled out the drawer so she could see the M&M cannister and the reward was in sight she did a lot better.  I mean who doesn't love a little incentive.

She really really wants a sucker (Dum Dum) but I tell her repeatedly she has to do the other thing to get that.  She accepts that but she still has not gotten a sucker at the end of this day.

In the evening we do our normal routine and I give her a bath and put a night time pull up on her and then some zip up pajamas.  I am convince she will probably go #2 in the pull up over night but we will see.  We read books and we read Princess Potty in the rotation that night too.  Elle is still enthusiastic about it all.

I put her down for the night and I am exhausted!! I started to get discouraged in the morning with no action and then some actions and I questioned if this was a good time to do this.  But we stuck with it and I am glad we did because the afternoon went great!

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