Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Elle wakes up early! I am still tired.  I get up pretty fast because I am worried she is stinky in her pull up because she is kind of fussing.  But when I go in Ariel has just fallen out of the crib.  Surprisingly she is only wet in her pull up.

The first thing she says is that she wants to go the potty!  So we go into her bathroom and take off her zip up pajamas and her pull up and go potty.  She does and we both get really excited.  Then we put on a new pair of big girl underpants and I put a little dress on her for easy access.  Wash hands, M&Ms and set the timer.  It is a routine that she is really enjoying. Time for breakfast.

Today I am hoping to master her telling me that she NEEDS to potty instead of just making her go every 30 minutes but it might be too soon.  We will see.
Playing outside before it gets too hot.

Our morning goes great! She goes every time we try and is excited to do it. Then around mid day we hit a major hang up.  She really needed to know in the other way.  And couldn't and her stomach was really hurting her.  She didn't want to go on the potty.  She would go to do it in her underpants and I would tell her no and not to have an accident.  I pulled out the small potty to see if she would feel more comfortable sitting on that one and she just didn't want to do it either way.  So for a few hours she was fighting me on all of it.  She would cry if I even mentioned going to the potty.  I was beyond frusrated.
Having M&Ms in the house is not a good thing for me.

I just tried my best to distract her from her tummy troubles.  We played with bubbles and did puzzles and went outside and drew with chalk.  Anything to keep us busy.  A little after lunch I did get her back on the potty to go pee and she did and I offered her several incentives to do the other on the potty but it was a no go.

I put her pull up on for nap time and prayed she would make her tummy feel better with that on after her nap. She did.  Which I was okay with.  I wanted her to feel better and I had googled a lot at this point and read that doing #2 is a lot harder for children to master.  I accepted this side of it might take more time than a weekend.

Once I changed her and we put big girl underpants on again, she went pee in the potty and the rest of the afternoon went great.

So today, we had zero accidents.  I am very happy with that. Man, the middle of the day was rough and I am about to go crazy I am so ready to be out of the house.  After her nap we baked and decorated cookies to pass the time and she had a lot of fun doing that.  I told her it was a special treat because she has been doing so well.
 Using her Elmo spatula to cook.  
 Waiting on the cookies to bake.
Not the most beautiful cookies but we had fun making them and they taste great!

 I am constantly telling her how proud of her I am.  Despite my exhaustion I am really proud of our progress!

On to tomorrow.  Our third and final day of Potty Training Bootcamp!

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