Wednesday, July 12, 2017


We had another fantastic Fourth of July. Seriously so much fun. Fourth of July was on a Tuesday this year. So on Tuesday morning Kenny and his friends all rode out to Old Waverly for a tee time in a tournament they were having. I rode out with the kids and met Margaret and Bailey at the pool and my friend Missy came with her crew shortly after. Elle was happy two of her besties were there Audrey and Ella! We swam and ate lunch and then headed back to Margarets parents house so I could shower and get ready for the party later and the kids played!
Having some lunch by the pool.

So after we showered and got ready, we also got ready for the party. Lots of our friends were coming over to eat, play, hang out and then of course watch the fireworks. I love this party because the kids have so much fun playing outside and get so rosy cheeked because they are so hot and we are able to visit with everyone. Then the Dads load up all the kids and the them over to the club to play and do jumpies and other stuff. I gather this went a little crazier than it did last year so not sure they will do it again but the kids still had fun! While the kids are gone to the club all the girls get to sit down to eat and talk which is nice and then the guys eat when they come back. Then we all pile outside onto the green and sit on blankets for the fireworks! The kids are so tired but it is such a fun night! We got so many great pictures too which always makes me happy!
Fourth of July 2017

These cuties posing with some flags! So patriotic!

Elle with her friends. She had so many sweet friends at the party! She was in heaven!
Walker hanging with Daddy.
Margaret with sweet Bailey.
Walker had friends there like Grace!His future wife!
My friends took this precious picture of Walker.

Getting some Fourth of July love from my baby boy!

All the kids there minus a couple tiny babies and a few others!
Jack and Kenny leading the dad charge to head to the club.
Loading up in the cars.
Walker was pretty wiped and wanted to stay behind with me. 
He told my friend Sarah that right before I took this picture.
The club has so much loot that the kids grab up! They came back with so much stuff!
Walking with friends. Dads in the lead.

Hot and sweaty but ready for fireworks!
Waiting for the fireworks to start!

Walking back from fireworks!
Abigail and Elle after a fun party!
Two happy kids in their pajamas after a super fun day and ready for the ride home.

Elle and Catherine getting one last hug in!

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