Thursday, July 13, 2017


A couple of months ago I just happened to see something on Facebook about a Paw Patrol Live show coming to Mobile and we started talking about taking Walker because he loves Paw Patrol like crazy! Then we realized it was also coming to Atlanta and it was on a better day so we decided to go there instead. We went ahead and planned an entire weekend trip around the show and even ended up tacking another day on by stopping in Birmingham so we could break up the drive and relax a little out by their pool. The kids love it there!

So Thursday morning we hit the road early and stopped at my favorite place in the entire world for lunch. O Carr's. They have a chicken salad and fruit plate that I absolutely die for. I can't go to Birmingham and not eat there. I love it! So I dragged the family there before we went to Ross Bridge. Luckily Kenny likes the fruit plate too and Elle enjoyed it too!
Enjoying O Carr's.


After lunch we headed to Ross Bridge to check in and then went straight to the pool where we spent the day. It did thunder and storm for a little bit so we had a early dinner before we went back out to swim some more until bedtime! The kids had so much fun and it was a relaxing day together.
 Snacking by the pool.

Enjoying some milkshakes for dessert.

The next morning we had breakfast at the restaurant downstairs which the kids always go nuts for and then headed for Atlanta. We went straight to the Georgia Aquarium. Elle has been to the aquarium several times but this was the first time for Walker and he just loved it. His eyes were so big for the whales and sharks and the big tank in the ocean section. It made us all so happy!
Checking out the fish with Daddy.
Look at that face. Totally in awe.

Watching the whale pass over.
Family picture with the fishes. 

Walker and Elle playing some seal race game. 
Walker was beating Elle just by banging on the thing but we didn't let Elle know.
Family picture in one of the viewing rooms where you can sit and just watch and watch.

Jelly fish.
We went up to see if we wanted to see the Dolphin show which is actually really neat but with the summer crowd we were worried it would result in meltdowns so we settled for just watching the dolphins in their tanks for a little while and of course another family picture!
We got to touch lots of things in this tank and then felt the stingrays in another tank.
Walker and Elle checking out with their souvenirs from the gift shop!
Cheesing with the penguin on the way back to the car.

The kids were worn out so we checked into our hotel really quick and then walked across the street to a pizza place my Uncle Mike had recommended. It was really good and since we walked Kenny and I were able to enjoy a cocktail which we needed after our busy day. It was a fun low key dinner and then we went home to crash!
Walker and I enjoying some beignets for dessert! Love this boy!

Daddy and his girl!

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