Monday, July 17, 2017


On Saturday morning we woke up and had a quick breakfast before hopping in the car to head to the Fox Theatre to see Paw Patrol Live. Kenny and I have laughed because he saw many bands like Widespread Panic play at the Fox and now he was here to see Paw Patrol Live with our kids. Quite a change but we would not have it any other way of course! Once we parked we headed inside where there were lots and lots of people! And lots of kids! We hit up the bathrooms, the souvenir and concession stands before making our way to our seats. 
Elle and I before the show started. Shaking the pom pom they gave everyone.
Walker really is always thrilled to be places he just doesn't enjoy pictures to much.
Elle and Daddy with popcorn and her new Everest!
Elle loves Everest and Skye the most from the show.
Family picture before the show started.

The show was really very cute and well done. The quality was good and the show was pretty much like two episodes with a short intermission in the middle. Both Elle and Walker enjoyed it and have talked about how fun it was since we got home. So I would consider it total success and I am so glad we went since Walker loves Paw Patrol so much.
During intermission Daddy came back with cotton candy for the kids and a fire hat for Walker.
The Paw Patrol gang is all here.
Walker actually smiled for the camera! He had such a good time

The Fox theatre sign for memories sake.

The week before we went to Atlanta I shot a text to my aunt, uncle and cousin to see if they would be in town. We were in luck! My Uncle Mike and Aunt Pam happened to be in town and had a wide open afternoon. So we made plans to go over to their house to let the kids play and they picked up some lunch for us. It was so nice to visit and just hang out. After we spent some time there we went back to the hotel to rest and let the kids have some down time. We turned on a movie on the iPad and gave them a snack and they were very content to just veg out for a little bit since we had been going non stop. This was a big sign to me that we are finally reaching a point where we can travel and enjoy ourselves. In the past we couldn't really be in a hotel room much except to go to sleep or everyone would lose their mind!
The kids played with some toys I brought while we ate lunch and caught up.

Aunt Pam and Elle.
Aunt Pam, Elle and Walker.
Down time at the hotel. It was so nice for them and for Kenny and me too.
Please notice the phones nearby. They love a hotel phone.

A sweet moment between brother and sister.

After some good rest Pam and Mike met up with us at the hotel and we went out to their club for dinner and to see it and to let the kids swim. Kenny was in heaven because the club is really beautiful. The kids were in heaven because the pools were amazing and I was happy to just hang out because everyone else was happy! We had some dinner and just relaxed. It started to rain which the kids were loving swimming in the rain! When we were ready to leave we changed the kids into their pajamas and drove back to the hotel for a good night sleep after a super fun day!
Family picture with Aunt Pam and Uncle Mike at Capitol City Club. 

This might easily be my favorite picture from the trip. We were loading to go back to Starkville and this trip just symbolizes to me that my kids are getting enough to where we can travel and be away from home and all have fun together. It is all getting a little easier! Hooray!

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