Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Just over a week ago we said goodbye to our oldest friend Lena.  The last day that Kenny was in Tampa, Lena's back legs were giving her trouble and she was unable to walk on her own and was also refusing to eat or drink. Kenny got home that night and I took her to vet the next morning to see what the doctor would say. He told us that it was just inflammation from old age and that she would not get any better but that we could make her more comfortable. He nicely let us know it was time but told us it was our decision. I brought her home after she was given a shot and some pain medicine so we could love on her for a little while before Kenny and I went back to the doctor.

Kenny and I got Lena the first summer we dated. I can remember the exact moment that I carried her in to a pool here in Starkville the first time Kenny saw her. She was our first baby and we loved her so dearly. After children she took a sideline position but was always the sweetest dog to our kids and was so incredibly loyal to us. She really was an incredible dog and we did not know it would be so hard to have her gone. The house feels so different without her and we get sad when we come home and she's not here. She was definitely part of our family. We miss her so much.
Elle and Kenny loving on her as we said goodbye.

Hugs from Walker and Daddy.

Going kayaking on the Buffalo River with Lena years before we had kids.
We used to love taking Lena to a pond down on Mud Island and throwing a ball for her to fetch.

Kenny took this picture of Lena on the day we said goodbye 
and it is my favorite picture of my old girl.

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