Monday, March 8, 2010


So Kenny and I decided kind of last minute to take a little weekend trip to Starkville, MS this weekend. Mississippi State had a basketball game against Tennessee and it was Senior night and we just thought it would be fun. Not to mention the weather was gorgeous so a road trip was perfect.

We headed to Starkville around noon on Saturday not thinking that it would be hard to get a ticket to the basketball game. We were sadly mistaken. There were people EVERYWHERE looking for tickets and the scalpers were asking $150 for 1 ticket. Which there was no way we were going to pay that much. Not even for two. Luckily we managed to stand in line at the box office and Tennessee re-released some of their tickets and we got in. Unfortunately the Bulldogs head was nowhere near the game. SO we lost big time. But it was still fun to be back in the Hump!

After the game Kenny and I went to eat at Restaurant Tyler. I had read about this new restaurant (new as in it sure wasn't around when I was in school) in Southern Living and had been wanting to try it. It did not disappoint. Our meals were delicious. And for dessert I had the sweet potato creme brulee that was TO-DIE-FOR!

After dinner, we had planned on seeing what some of the new bars in the Cotton District had going on, but since we had a few cocktails at dinner we came back to the condo we were staying at and went to bed. It was positively blissful.

Sunday morning we took a nice little stroll to my favorite establishment in Starkville...City Bagel! Words cannot express how much I love this place and how many times I ate here in college. I was so happy to eat there for breakfast that I ordered us some lunch to eat when we got home. Kenny on his crackberry waiting on his City Bagel breakfast sand which.

On the walk home we did some landmark picture taking.

Here is the apartment I lived in the last year or two of college. It was in the Cotton District. Loved my little one bedroom (except for that summer I shared it with my sister. We even shared a bed and we hated each other the whole time)

And here is Kenny's apartment that he lived in most of the time we were dating, also in the Cotton District. So many memories in this apartment. One being when he proposed to me the day before he moved out.

Starkville and the campus have changed so much in the few years that we had been gone. In my opinion all for the better. The campus looks amazing with all the new entrance signs and landscaping and new buildings. It really is so pretty. And then Starkville the city has so many new cute bars and restaurants.

It really was such a fun overnight visit. I want to do it every weekend! Ha! Football season isn't too far away right.....?

On Sunday afternoon Kenny went to play golf and I watched the Red Carpet for the Oscars and then the award show. My favorite by far was Rachel McAdams. And I thought Kate Winslet looked really pretty.

Such a great weekend. And the weather this week is supposed to be great. Snaps!