Wednesday, March 31, 2010


So I debated blogging about this because it is not often that I get very personal on this blog. I write this blog as more of a journal as to what is going on in Kenny and I's lives to look back upon and just look at pictures and things. Nothing too serious.

But the truth is I have been struggling personally and inwardly with something the past few months. Nothing serious health wise, or family or relationships or friendships. In the grand scheme of things nothing very big at all. NOTHING BIG AT ALL. (I seriously know this in my heart) It mostly boils down to patience and faith and my lack there of at this point in time. I am a lucky girl who has an amazing husband and girlfriends who will listen to me when I am sad. But most of the time I feel kind of lonely because I don't like to talk about what I am going through. I consider myself to be a optimistic person, you know "Pull yourself up by the bootstraps and get over it."

But this past Friday I had a good cry during lunch to a listening ear of a good friend of mine. And for that I am so thankful but at the same time I still felt alone in my situation.

Jump to Friday night and I am boarding a plane for Atlanta and it was time for God to give me a message and I believe that 110%. As I go to my assigned seat my "rowmate" is a girl my age. We get settled in and we start to chat. She is also from Memphis and she is wearing a Tennessee sweatshirt so talk is easy because we both share a love for the SEC. Then all of a sudden she brings up something and starts talking of her own personal struggle. One that is exactly like mine only hers has required a great deal more patience. Immediately we both start pouring our hearts to each other. Laughing and joking about the ups and downs of what we are going through. We talked the ENTIRE plane ride about it all, among many other things like our husbands, our professions, Mississippi State being better in football this year. You get the picture.

But my heart was soothed. I felt God had placed this girl on this plane sitting next to me to tell me to that my plan is not always God's plan and that I just need to calm down and be patient. I need to trust in him and know that I am not alone. On this earth there are people who are going through much much worse things than me and for much longer. And I am not alone because I have God to turn to. Its funny. My heart raced through that entire flight because I felt like God was talking to me so directly. It really was such an experience. One that I felt that I had to share.

And I know this post has been somewhat ambiguous. But I hope that one day I can look back on it and know that I was not alone in my past struggles or my future ones.

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SouthernBelleJM said...

I'm so glad that happened!!!!! God works in mysterious ways:)

And you know what, it may not be that big of a deal, but when it's happening to you, it is a BIG deal. Hope it all works itself out soon!