Monday, March 29, 2010


So starting this month Kenny and I are going to have a whirlwind next few months. Crazy busy and lots of traveling. We kicked all of this off last weekend with my cousin Lindsay's wedding in Atlanta. We got into town on Thursday night and enjoyed all the festivities throughout the weekend. Her wedding was beautiful and unfortunately I was having such a good time I forgot to take my camera out. So I only have this one picture of the bride of groom that I totally stole off my other cousin Pamela's blog (the maid of honor and sister of the bride)
Lindsay was a gorgeous bride and we love her now husband Preston. We are so happy for them!

After getting home and trying to recuperate I flew BACK to Atlanta this weekend to host a bridal shower and girls night out for my friend Susan who is getting married in May in New Orleans.

When I got in late Friday night Susan picked me up to the airport and we went to her sisters house to get silverware rolled (my job) and to tie ribbons and do flower arrangements. Then we all crashed.

On Saturday we were so lucky the weather was gorgeous and we were having the shower(Linens and Lace) at this old historical home that was perfect for the party.

Susan was so happy her Mimi got to come and a lot of her family that lives in Atlanta.

After the shower we all packed up and headed Downtown to check into the W Hotel. This was on the ceiling in the lobby and it was so neat. It looked like birds in person.

We celebrated in the room before we head to the restaurant FAB for dinner.

Dinner at F.A.B was sooooo good. And for those of you that watch RHOA this is where the fight went down and the weave got pulled off. However, I gather that this is not really the kind of place where they are used to that behavior and are not proud AT ALL of that happening in their very very nice restaurant.

After dinner we went to the Drink Shop to have a few cocktails and this bar had some of the best specialty cocktails. They were yummy!!I decided this summer I am going to be really into muddled strawberry in my drinks. Ha!!

On Sunday we spent our morning in the airport before boarding a flight that made me feel yucky the rest of the day. Lots of turbulence and a few moments that felt like the plane was going to fall out of the sky which terrified me and made me feel naseous. But when I came home I found that my wonderful husband had done all the laundry, cooked an amazing meal that he had saved some for me to taste, cleaned the house, organized closets, all kinds of stuff. I am so lucky.

It has been a fun last couple of weeks and we still have so much to look forward to. Just will need lots of sleep inbetween!

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