Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Kenny and I were so excited to have a laid back weekend this weekend. Friday night we had ourselves a little date night. We went to Boscos because I was craving their Californian Pizza in a major way and then went to see Shutter Island.

I have been wanting to see Shutter Island for a really long time. The previews reminded me of Gothika. Have you seen that?? Anyway this movie was a little different that I expected it to be. It was very long and had lots of twists and turns. While I would say that its a psychological thriller its not necessarily very thrilling in a scary way. It holds your attention and by the end of it you end up liking it because you have finally figured out what is going on. Ha! I give it a good solid B.

On Saturday I ran errands and Kenny did some work. When I cam home I made Pesto Tortellini soup and put into individual servings so I can just grab them for lunch. This soup is really good and filling.

Saturday night we went over to Joe and Tracy's where Tracy (yes Tracy!!!) cooked a delicious meal! Tracy is learning to cook and she did a great job!! There were several couples over that night and we ended up splitting up boys and girls in different rooms for the entire night. Does that ever happen with yall. It was a fun night.

On Sunday Kenny and I enjoyed a little lunch out and then ran errands before I came home to nap on the couch with Lena. It was glorious. Sunday night I watched the closing ceremonies and I'm a little bummed the Olympics are over. As I get older I get so attached to the games.

And here is what we are having to eat this week.

MENU MONDAY (ahem...Tuesday)
Sunday- Weight Watchers Pinto Bean Chili (6pts for 1 1/4 cups) served with mexican cornbread muffins. This was really really good. And very easy.

Monday - Chicken and macaroni with mushrooms So I made this last night and it was TERRIBLE!!! The time it said to let it cook totally burned it and it was a charred mess. Boo. This never happens to me. So we had Holiday Ham. Ha!!

Tuesday- Honey baked chicken with brown rice and broccoli. Yall! Seriously this chicken glaze is sooooo good. I made it last week and I am making it again this week. I loved it. This time I am going to add a little more curry and do much less butter. There is no need for that. It is so easy.

Wednesday - Chili leftovers for Kenny and dinner and a movie with some girlfriends for me.

Thursday- Spud Night. I have decided that every Thursday is going to be spud night because its easy and I don't like to cook on Thursday nights. This Thursday it will be a BBQ themed Spud Night.

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The Pink Cheeseburger said...

I am so jealous that you got to go to Bosco's! I miss it so much. I love the salad with pear and gorgonzola cheese. From your tweets a few days back it sounded like you were kind of having a bummer day...I hope this week is a good one!